men have been wearing forged wire bracelets since n.
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Fall in Love with Unique Handmade Men’s Bracelets at Helix Cuffs PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall in Love with Unique Handmade Men’s Bracelets at Helix Cuffs

Fall in Love with Unique Handmade Men’s Bracelets at Helix Cuffs

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Fall in Love with Unique Handmade Men’s Bracelets at Helix Cuffs

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  1. Men have been wearing forged wire bracelets since the time of the Vikings. In recent years, the evolution of these metal cuffs has entered into a renaissance. New styles have become possible through the creation of new hand powered machines (new old technology). These styles embody a ruggedness that complements the masculine while remaining understated and versatile. More and more men with awareness for visual aesthetics are using these modern interpretations of ancient Scandinavian pieces to punctuate their style. A Helix cuff is a pleasure for those who appreciate having a handmade object created one at a time by a single artist and designer. Why metal and why hand-crafted? Metal lasts. It has a timeless quality. We take it for granted, but it is more often ancient metal artifacts that are discovered intact, unlike something wooden or made of clay. Archaeology favors the rich; the ones who had it. Adorning a metal piece can be an expression of embodying the physical attributes of metal as a metaphor. Metal is a tough, durable material. An expression of strength. It is born in the fire of stars and supernovas and pulled from the earth. It facilitates grounding and incarnates the flexibility to take on many forms. The freedom to adapt, to evolve, to become more. Meaning is created, and one should consider their choice for which metal imbues the feel and meaning that is attractive to them. Handmade mens bracelets can be obtained in materials as precious as gold or as unique as niobium; a largely unknown dark gray metal (element #41). Like the Vikings before, the raw material of a Helix cuff is bare metal wire, twisted and skilfully manipulated, then brought to life between hammer and anvil. Unlike casting, which

  2. creates near perfect duplicates from a single wax statue, the Helix fabrication process creates infinite subtle variations from one bracelet cuff to the next. It is this inherent, organic property which is responsible for the natural forms perceived in these pieces. We have been told that our cuffs look like the double helix of DNA, tiger stripes, chromosomes, river rocks, and ancient writing. It is this subtle, natural feeling variation which draws the eye and invites conversation without being brash and UN tasteful or flashy. Metal combinations: We are thoughtful in our choices for combining metals and the type of aesthetics we create. You will not find us pushing together every possible combination between the available materials. Niobium is a rich, dark gray metallic element; an appealing component for a cuff accented with silver but an enticing and popular choice on its own. Niobium can also be torch blackened. Creating a durable, rugged looking finish. This darkness yields a deeper contrast in our black niobium and silver pieces. Some of our work pairs this torched finish with the accent of a single gold wire. The strategy for such an aesthetic is to create a gold cuff that is sophisticated and understated. Solidity and fluidity bonded in design.

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