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Know all about Android Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Know all about Android Development

Know all about Android Development

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Know all about Android Development

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  1. Android Application Development Know all about Android Development

  2. Agenda • Overview • Features available on this Operating System • Application Framework • Services included • Fundamentals of the Android application development • Application Components in the Operating System • conclusion

  3. Overview Android is an operating system based on Linux. It was initially developed as a deployment for the mobile phone market as well as smart phones and the low cost flip-phones. However, given that this operating system (OS) has a wide range of computing services and a fully functional rich support system, the potential for the operating system extends far beyond mobile phones only. The OS can be successfully implemented on other platforms as well as applications.

  4. Overview Conti…. This revolutionary operating platform was first developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a network of organizations who were trying to develop smart mobile phones. This operating system is at the center of the open source world and provides a viable marketing edge. The first handset enabled with it was GI manufactured by HTC. It was provisioned on T-Mobile and became available after an entire year filled with speculation.

  5. Features available on this Operating System • The software stack includes middleware, key applications and an OS. All application developments on the Operating System are made by using Java. The key features of this OS are: • Reusable and replaceable components in the application framework • Mobile device optimization on the virtual machine Dalvik • Open source WebKit engine having an integrated browser based on it • Enhanced graphics using a customized 2D graphics library and also OpenGL ES 1.0 specified hardware providing 3D graphics. The acceleration of hardware is optional

  6. Features conti… • SQLite to enable structured storage of data • All available media support for common image, video and audio formats including GIF, MP3, H.264, AMR, JPG, PNG, MPEG4, AAC • Hardware dependent GSM telephony • Hardware dependent EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled • Hardware dependent GPS, compass, accelerometer and camera Thus, an application which misbehaves is unable to cause damage to any other running application.

  7. Application Framework Because of the open development platform provided by the OS, companies inIndia that have Android developers on board have the freedom to build innovative and rich applications. Android programmers in India can take advantage of the numerous features such as location information access, background service runs, alarm settings, notifiers, hardware etc.

  8. Conti.. Android application programmers in India have complete access to the framework APIs that is used by the core applications. The architecture of the applications is designed in a manner that simplifies the reuse of any component. Applications can publish their capabilities, which can then be used by other applications as long as they fall under security constraints that the framework enforces. Working on the same basis, the mechanism allows the user to replace components.

  9. The set of systems and services which underlies all applications include: • A set of rich, extensible Views that can be applied to build applications including grids, text boxes, embeddable web browsers, lists and buttons • There are Content Providers which allow one application to use data from another application or enable data sharing. • Non-code resources like graphics, layout files and localized strings are given access through a Resource Manager • User can customize the display alerts in the status bar using a notification manager • The lifecycle of applications is managed through an activity manager which also provides a joint navigation backstack

  10. Fundamentals of the Android application development The applications created by the developers are written in Java. Once they are installed on a device, each individual application stays within a security sandbox of its own. The multi-user Linux operating system in this OS makes sure that each application is a different user. The default settings ensure that each application under the Operating System is assigned a unique user Id.

  11. Conti… Every process has a Virtual Machine or VM of its own, which makes sure that all the application codes run in isolation from each other. Shutdown is also initiated if the system has to extract memory for some other applications. This system makes use of the principle of minimum privilege and gives an application access to only those components that are needed to carry out its work. Thus, a very secure environment is created and an application is unable to access those files for which it does not have permission.

  12. Application Components in the Operating System The application components are basically the building blocks of any Android application. Every component is allowed a different point to access your application. The four distinctively different components of this OS are: • Activities: It is represented through a single screen having a user interface. • Services: It is a component that is used to perform operations that run for a long time or for remote processes. It usually runs in the background. • Content Providers: It is used to manage data from shared applications • Broadcast Receivers: It responds to broadcast announcements on a system-wide basis.

  13. Conclusion Since the entire process of development and deployment of these applications need expertise, hiring Android developers in India who are qualified and trained to develop compatible applications can help you get quality service at affordable cost. So, the next time you need developers for your Android applications, you know where to outsource your needs.