incorporating the symposium on student writing in your spring 2014 course n.
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Incorporating the Symposium on Student Writing in Your Spring 2014 Course PowerPoint Presentation
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Incorporating the Symposium on Student Writing in Your Spring 2014 Course

Incorporating the Symposium on Student Writing in Your Spring 2014 Course

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Incorporating the Symposium on Student Writing in Your Spring 2014 Course

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  1. Incorporating the Symposium on Student Writing in Your Spring 2014 Course Write. Search. Discover. Wednesday March 26, 2014

  2. 2014 Theme Write. Search. Discover. All writers search and discover as they uncover what it is they want to say. In the 2014 Symposium, we want to showcase all of the ways in which students use writing as a tool to search and discover. Thus, in our new and expanded format, we invite students to participate in showcasing their work through poster presentations, oral presentations, and a creative writing reading. Through these multiple formats, we will display the important place that searching and discovering plays in rhetorically effective writing.

  3. A few exciting changes: • We are partnering with the Ekstrom Library Learning Commons • The SoSW will be held in the library • 3 ways for students to participate • Encouraging all Composition classes to join in—101, 102, 105, 303, 306, 309

  4. 3 Ways to Participate • Poster Session • Oral Presentation • Creative Writing Reading

  5. Poster Session • Traditional poster projects • Students are highly encourage to be present and answer questions about their posters • Tri-fold or foam posters are strong encouraged • Flexibility!!! Any assignment can be transformed into a poster presentation • Digital Posters/Presentations—but these will only be displayed while the student is present

  6. Oral Presentation • Class, group or individual presentations • Conference like presentations in front of an audience • Perfect opportunity for business and technical writing • Flexibility in length of presentations

  7. Creative Writing Reading • Creative writers will have the opportunity to read their work • Undergraduate and Graduate students are welcome • More information coming soon!!!

  8. A few sample assignments: • Audio Essay • Translation Project • Poster Project • Visual I-Search • 3MT • Business Proposal

  9. Audio Essay

  10. Translation Project • The Translation Project & Presentation asks students to translate their research project into a “public” forum. For me, the most irksome aspect of taking courses in the academy is the reality that your work rarely makes it beyond the instructor’s desk. Hopefully, this assignment will allow students to see their work in a new way, functioning in a world that doesn’t always have access to what we do here at the university. This project may take the form of an editorial, radio transcript, flyer, brochure, etc. Students may also present this project in a 5-8 minute presentation.

  11. Poster Project • A Poster Session advertises your research. It combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation. Typically, a professional poster involves showing your work to numerous researchers at a conference or seminar. This can take place in one large room, several smaller rooms, or even on a balcony. Then, as viewers walk by, your poster should quickly and efficiently communicate your research. Unlike the fast pace of a slide show or verbal presentation, a Poster Session allows viewers to study and restudy your information and discuss it with you one on one. You may also be required to give short presentations on your research every ten or fifteen minutes.

  12. Visual I-Search • Instead of having students write a narrative of their research experience, have them visually represent their research process in a poster format.

  13. 3 MT Presentation Overview: • Students have 3 minutes to present their argument, accompanied by one (1) PowerPoint Slide. This format is used Symposiums. Papers should be adapted so that they are easily accessible to audience members that have not been reading/researching your issue. Requirements: • A single PowerPoint slide (no transitions) • No additional electronic media (like sound or video files) • No additional props (like costumes, instruments) • Presentations are limited to three minutes maximum

  14. Business Proposal • Students work in teams of 3 or 4 to complete this project. This assignment requires the group to make an argument based on research. Each group should find a need, a problem, or a pre-existing request for proposal in which someone has defined a need. The proposal must persuade the person or organization to: accept the claim that a need or problem exists; accept that the organization can meet that need or solve that problem and agree to budget proposals and plan of action. This project has three components: Proposal, Evidence of Team Communication, and Presentation Materials.

  15. The 2014 Symposium on Student Writing Sponsored by the University of Louisville’s Composition Program and Ekstrom Library Learning Commons Write. Search. Discover. Wednesday March 26, 2014 Questions? Ask Hollye at