wedding limo service in chicago little extras that mean a lot n.
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Hire Chicago Limo Service for Your Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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Hire Chicago Limo Service for Your Wedding

Hire Chicago Limo Service for Your Wedding

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Hire Chicago Limo Service for Your Wedding

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  1. Wedding Limo Service in Chicago – Little Extras That Mean a Lot

  2. Limo, one of the little extras that adds the most to a wedding day. The ride in a limo can leave an impression that lasts far beyond the actual wedding day.

  3. Limousine As Your Wedding Day Transportation Limos are sleek, stylish, and elegant. If a limousine fits into your budget, you will find it a perfect way to get to the church on time.

  4. Limousine Amenities • A professional chauffeur • TV, DVD play and/or a Stereo • Lighted Bar • Leather Seating • Hot Tubs • Sun Roofs and more

  5. Limousine Rentals • Rentals can be from $50 to several hundred dollars per hour depending on your needs and types. • The vehicle and driver make up the cost. • The more luxurious the model, the more expensive the price. • The rental time also covers the chauffer’s time and demeanor as well.

  6. Find a Reliable Limo Service in Chicago • Ask for referrals from family and friends who have recently been married. • Check online to find the right limo service provider. • Seek the help of yellow pages.

  7. Questions To Ask After Finding The Limousine Service • What limo types and sizes are available? How many people can comfortably fit into each type and size? • Do you offer a wedding discount package? • What amenities are included with the price, and which costs extra? • Does the fee come with a set amount of miles and gas, or is that an extra fee? • What will the chauffeur wear? Unless your wedding is ultra-casual, you don’t want the chauffer showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. • Will you be in time? And most importantly, ask references?

  8. Hiring limo may be a small portion of your wedding day, but with limos your day will be filled with magical moments. If you want to have a limo ride during your wedding day, seek help of Exclusive Limo Service. Get to know us better at Call Us today: 773-552-5777