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Party Supplies Now - Get Amazing Party Supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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Party Supplies Now - Get Amazing Party Supplies

Party Supplies Now - Get Amazing Party Supplies

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Party Supplies Now - Get Amazing Party Supplies

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  1. “Drink, and dance and laugh and lie, Love the reeling midnight through, For tomorrow we shall die!” ~Dorothy Parker

  2. The best parties reflect your own unique style, taste and reveal your generosity of spirit as a host. To achieve this, you must follow few crucial elements. These elements can take your party to a full swing.

  3. Lighting Lighting is the single most important design element. If the lighting goes wrong, the most dramatic design can be lost. If you’ve created six-foot centerpieces of champagne roses, lavender delphinium and pale pink lilies, and they’re not lit by candlelight or a spotlight; the eye will ignore the flowers.

  4. Color Color can emphasize the theme of a party and help create the mood. Red symbolizes that you’re throwing a party for wedding, love etc… whereas pink denotes a girly party.

  5. Texture Texture is another important element that sets the style and tone of a party. Texture, whether it’s in the tablecloth, the napkin, or the centerpiece, makes you feel extremely sensuous. A copper metallic tablecloth is not only a departure from the linen tablecloth, but it also has a silky gauzy touch and above all, reflects light.

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