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Performance Objectives for Applying Pesticides in Residentia

Worried of pests? Don’t know what to do? Hire professionals or do it yourself by getting pesticides. Using pesticides is not so easy; it needs few considerations to prevent environmental impact and health issues.

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Performance Objectives for Applying Pesticides in Residentia

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  1. Performance Objectives for Applying Pesticides in Residential Areas

  2. Oh No, Cockroach!!

  3. Pest Management • Identify common pests and potential control methods. • Understand how to use monitoring and inspection technique to make pest management decisions. • Know how to use non-chemical control options if available. • Seek ideas to combine several pest control options into an integrated pest management program.

  4. Planning pesticide Applications Select appropriate pesticides and additives, suitable formulations, application equipment and application procedures. Read the label instructions and regulations before beginning an application. Identify hazards and residues associated with the pesticide used.

  5. Protecting The Environment Look for potential sensitive areas and consider environmental consequences of the pesticide application. Adjusting or delaying outdoor applications or choosing alternate methods minimize environmental impact, including preventing drift, runoff, or loss to unintended areas. Follow procedures that prevent residue accumulation.

  6. Preparing For Applications Calculate the size of application areas. Understand label specified application rates. Choose appropriate application equipment and recognize the impact of equipment components on accurate calibration. Calibrate and maintain application equipment. Determine the amount of concentrated pesticide and diluent to use.

  7. Pesticide Considerations Use appropriate drift-reduction practices for outdoor applications. Monitor applications to ensure proper baiting techniques, application rate, and know that pesticide is reaching the target pest. Avoid contaminants of non-target surfaces or sensitive areas.

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