5 fun exercises for your furry friend n.
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5 Fun Exercises for your Furry Friend PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Fun Exercises for your Furry Friend

5 Fun Exercises for your Furry Friend

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5 Fun Exercises for your Furry Friend

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  1. 5 Fun exercises for your furry friend

  2. Exercise Dogs love routine and continuity, but introducing new exercise excites them and increases their interest in going about it. Taking your dog for a daily walk is not a bad idea but some new ways to work out is always good and it gives new opportunities to expand their skills and makes the activity fun for you as well.

  3. Cycling The biggest problem in dogs is that they are not getting enough exercise. Cycling with your dog is not only good for your pet but is good for you as well. Cycling with your dog(Dog is either running or is sitting on the cycle basket) also helps in any behavioral issues if they had. It also induces serotonin hormone which helps dog to relax especially those who are anxious or aggressive.

  4. 2. Running Dogs are creatures of habit. Once your dog gets into a routine of any kind of exercise (running, walking or other activities), they won’t let you back out no matter any weather conditions occur. They also ensure that you do not get lazy. They are so habituated to the routine that during the time of exercise they wait near your sneakers, wag their tails and their excitement changes your attitude.

  5. 3. Swimming Swimming is an excellent cardio workout for everyone, humans as well as for dogs. Old dogs usually suffer from arthritis and other joint problems so it is recommended that they should have low impact workout and swimming is the best workout for them. It also helps dogs to recover from any injury or surgery

  6. 4. Stair Climbing If your dog is a high energy breed, stair climbing will calm their high energy level immediately. Certain times we are unable to take our dog for exercise so stair climbing is an alternative exercise which can be done anywhere, inside or outside. Stair climbing is an intense cardio exercise which strengthens your dog’s calves and leg muscles while also toning their glutes.

  7. 5. Get your Dog on treadmill Running outside gives an element of freedom and stimulation but there are times when it just isn’t possible to get outside. So a treadmill can be your dog’s other best friend. However, it cannot replace the outside adventure but can fill the void of it. Rewarding your pup with a healthy treat will enhance your pups interest in exercise. Exercise plays a major role when it is portrayed to be fun.

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