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Dog Boarding San Marcos PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog Boarding San Marcos

Dog Boarding San Marcos

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Dog Boarding San Marcos

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  1. Tips Tips For For Choosing Choosing The Boarding Boarding San Marcos San Marcos = === ==> >::< ::<= === The Right Dog Right Dog == If you are owner of a pet dog you will realize that your dog is an invaluable member of the family. It is very true that they are referred to as mans "best friend". Without a doubt they endow the owners with such love and loyalty. This is why they deserve the best care and protection when you go away on holiday. Dog boarding San Marcos at Dogspot is the ideal way to shower your love and affection of your pet when your dog can find this separation period difficult, even if it is just a week. Dogspot is launched to give you complete peace of mind and let you have fun and enjoy your holiday as well offer your dog the opportunity to have fun and enjoy its holiday too! However it is vital to look for the right dog boarding San Diego and keeping this in mind the owner at Dogspot researched and created amazing facility that offers a vast array of services. You can opt for doggie daycare if it's only the day you are going away for, while dog boarding provide a more upscale service offering cage free dog boarding and one on one attention from the experts.

  2. At Dogspot you can ensure that the facility is clean, tidy, safe and odor free. They have trained experts who will be looking after your dog; interact with your dog and make you feel happy that the person will take good care of your dog. You can check the outdoor areas to see that they are fully secure and that they are well designed so that your dog does escape. Dogspot is a premium dog boarding and dog care service, based in a North San Diego County providing a modern and preferred alternative to dog owners. Services they offer include Boarding - Cage Free, Dog Daycare, Canine Training, Self Serve Bathing and Doggie Cam. Carlene King, certified canine behavior and training specialist owner and founder of Dogspot is available for private training and behavior modification. About DogSpot About DogSpot: : DogSpot is owned and operated by a certified canine behavior and training specialist - Carlene King. They offer many suitable services such as; cage free boarding / kennel free boarding and dog daycare. DogSpot is place where your dog can run and play cage free in a safe, fun environment, interacting all day with other dogs as well as their passionate and knowledgeable staff.

  3. C C CO O ON N NT T TA A AC C CT T T & & & L L LO O OC C CA A AT T TI I IO O ON N N Our Address Our Address DogSpot: 4151 Avenida De La Plata, Oceanside, CA 92056 Phone number: 760-630-3647 (dogs) Fax number: 760-630-3630 Email: Website: Hours of Daycare Operation Hours of Daycare Operation M-F, 6:00 am-8:00 pm Sat, 8:00 am-5:00 pm Closed Sunday -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Follow Us Follow Us Reviews