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What are needed camping equipments ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are needed camping equipments ?

What are needed camping equipments ?

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What are needed camping equipments ?

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  1. What areneeded campingequipments ? Set up a tent?

  2. How many equipments do you know aboutcamping? • Before going out for camping, you must imagine the situations outside as much as possible, in order to prepare the appropriate skills and equipments. How many equipments do you know about camping? • 1. Tent: You may choose structural stability, wind-proof, rain-proof . lightweight and double layers tent.

  3. 2, Sleeping bags: down or goose down sleeping bag is lightweight, warm, but the most important is that you need one . It should be kept dry. But in humid conditions, sleeping bags which are made of artificial vacuum cotton may be a better choice.

  4. 3. Backpack: The framework of the backpack should be consistent with the body structure, and should also be with comfortable belt. • 4. A fire appliance: lighters, matches, candles, a magnifying glass. The candle can be used not only as a light source, but also as an excellent oxidizer.

  5. 5. Picnic utensils: water bottle, multi-functional picnic pot and a sharp multi-function pocket knife. • 6. Special tools: a compass, maps, ropes, a folding shovel, a flashlight, a needle, line, hooks, fishing line, machetes and cameras.

  6. You know set up a tent? • After choosing a good campground,you should build the camp. The first thing is to set up the tent; you may remember the following matters: • 1. Flat ground. Before set up the tent, you should first make the ground clean: clear stones, shrubs, and barbed with sharp objects or something like that.

  7. 2. When you choose the tent area, you should pay attention to: All the tent doors should toward one direction, and be arranged side by side; the tent should be maintained between the spacing of not less than one meter. • 3. Make sure that there are two water areas -up and down areas of the streams and rivers. The up area is the drinking district and the down area is for

  8. 4. The dining area should be close to the cooking area, which can make cooking and dining much more convenient. But you should keep this area some distance away from the tent area to prevent fire. • 5. Activities and entertainment area should be away of the dining area to prevent dust and other things from the utensils. It should be away from the tent area about 15 to 20 meters, in order to reduce the impact on the sleeping companions.

  9. Thank you!