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A holiday on the farm PowerPoint Presentation
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A holiday on the farm

A holiday on the farm

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A holiday on the farm

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  1. A holiday on the farm

  2. Hello! I’m Peter and this is my sister Jane. Last week we went on a holiday to Uncle Fred’s farm.

  3. Uncle Fred invited us to spend a week at his farm. We gladly accepted his invitation. We took with us some old clothes and our wellington boots.

  4. Would you like to know how we spent our holidays at the farm?

  5. At nine o’ clock we drove away from the busy town roads into the countryside.

  6. After a two hour drive we were at our Uncle Fred’s farmhouse.

  7. Uncle Fred came out to meet us. He was very glad to see us.

  8. I hope you will enjoy your holiday. Would you like to come with me round the farm?

  9. Yes uncle, we are coming!

  10. Early in the morning we visited the fields to see the crops.

  11. In the next field there were farmers gathering pumpkins on their truck.

  12. Jane looked after the hens. She fed them and went to the coop to collect the eggs in a basket.

  13. Uncle Fred also kept some ducks in a pond near the farm.

  14. After dinner, Peter used to help uncle Fred with his work in the fields.

  15. He raked the hay into small piles so that it could be easily gathered. Uncle Fred threw little bundles of cut dry grass up on the cart. He did so with a hay fork.

  16. When the cart was full, we had a jolly ride home on top of the hay.

  17. Then we played in the farmyard. Uncle warned us to stay away from the tractor because farm machinery tends to be very dangerous.

  18. In the afternoon Peter used to have a ride on the back of old Tom, the farm horse...

  19. … while my sister Jane, went with Uncle Fred to see if the sheep and lambs were safe and well.

  20. Uncle used to put his fingers in his mouth and give a whistle. His black and white dog used to round up the sheep and steer them into the farmyard. It used to keep the sheep together when they were moving from one place to another.

  21. Peter, Jane, come and help me to plant these seeds.

  22. Here we saw the greenhouses where vegetables and fruits are grown out of season.

  23. We also fed the goats. The goats were very friendly!

  24. Next Peter and Jane went with their aunt to watch her milk the cows.

  25. Look at the bull, how fierce it looks!

  26. Another job was to feed the little piglets. Their food was made up of all the scraps which had been left over from meals.

  27. On the last day we had a lovely picnic lunch in the field. Auntie Doris prepared some delicious food and also some drinks. It was a great day!

  28. In the countryside we could hear the chirping of the birds.

  29. All too soon, the holiday came to an end, and next morning we waved good-bye to our animal friends and set off on the return journey.

  30. Now try these ...

  31. What's this? tomato pumpkin potato

  32. What's this? wheel barrow cart spade

  33. What's this? watering can tractor hay fork

  34. What's this? wheel barrow greenhouse hay fork

  35. drove At nine o’ clock they away from the busy town.

  36. looked Jane after the hens.

  37. went Jane with Uncle Fred to see if the sheep and lambs were safe and well.

  38. saw The children the greenhouses.

  39. Choose the correct answer ...

  40. Who rode the horse? Jane Peter uncle Fred

  41. Who planted the seeds? the children auntie Doris uncle Fred

  42. The End