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  2. The Institute of Physics’ website,, has a wealth of information for both young people interested in physics and renowned physicists alike.

  3. The Explore section allows users to search from handpicked, fact-checked sites, giving users access to quick, accurate answers. A few popular links are accessible, to information about a subject that people know about, but may want to explore in greater scientific detail.

  4. At the bottom of the page, one finds links to various videos and articles, about a particular topic (here its South Pole science, followed by the highest rated videos and articles on the site at the time.

  5. The discover section is for visitors to learn something new. A few hot fields of study that people may be interested in, a Commonly Asked Questions section, and a link to Marvin & Milo for the younger audience.

  6. Marvin and Milo is a comic strip directed at youth. There are many funny comics, all of which are accompanied by instructions on how to perform the simple experiment at home.

  7. The Try It For Yourself part of Explore contains links to allow the user to do exactly that. Underneath is Did You Know?, where interesting and entertaining presentations help teach a concept that the average person does not understand.

  8. The Study section is designed for students in school. There is advice for middle and high school students interested in studying physics, and for college students to help decide which physics program is right for them.

  9. The Careers section provides links to how one can apply physics towards a career in various fields of interest, from sports, games, airplanes, the environment, to medicine and more. It’s a great way to see how physicists participate in so many various interesting fields.

  10. The Physics News tab is the portal to the latest and biggest news all throughout the world of physics, from Nobel prizes to astronomical discoveries!