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Some worthwhile information about coupon codes PowerPoint Presentation
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Some worthwhile information about coupon codes

Some worthwhile information about coupon codes

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Some worthwhile information about coupon codes

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  1. Don’t Pay All Some Worthwhile Information About Coupon Codes

  2. In the online retail space, coupons or coupon codes refer to a document that is redeemed by customers for a financial advantage or a bargain deal. • These are computer generated codes comprising letters and numbers that buyers enter into a promotional box on the retailers’ shopping cart or checkout page. • The deal may offer a financial discount, rebate, or any other enticement. • Such strategies are now very commonly adopted by merchants to attract customers.

  3. Origin of coupons • The Coca Cola Company is credited with the first use of coupons. • The company transformed itself into a profitable business by adopting innovative business techniques. • One of the strategies used was distributing complimentary coupons to the public. • It is said that between the years 1894 and 1913, 8,500,000 free drinks were consumed by the public via coupons. • Subsequently, coupons became a favorite tool to boost sales.

  4. • Some of the vehicles used by merchants to distribute coupons include: o Newspapers o In-store distribution o Magazines o Direct mail • With the emergence of the internet in 1990, downloadable coupons first made their appearance. Online coupon codes were also introduced. • In the year 2008, merchants began using mobile phones to deliver coupons to their customers. • More than 300 billion coupons were issued in the United States in 2013. • It is estimated that 90% of affluent shoppers use coupons.

  5. Offering discounts via coupons codes essentially offers merchants the following advantages. • It attracts buyers. Everyone likes to save money on a purchase. • It increases sales not only of the discounted item(s) but of other goods too. • It frees up space to accommodate new inventory. • It fulfills the monthly, half-yearly, or yearly sales goals. Merchants typically would not be keen to offer discounts because it eats way into their profits. But considering the intense competitive scenario in the market, they have no other option.

  6. With a plethora of Amazon discount coupon codes floating around, other e-retailers are compelled to fall in line. This is not to say that coupon codes are not without drawbacks. • Offering discounts as a long term strategy may not auger well for a merchant. It can be a bad precedent. Customers will always expect to see a product offered with a discount all the time. • It eats into sales that otherwise would been at full price.

  7. • Excessive use of discounts reduces consumer perception of a particular product. Most people value a product based on its price. As a salesperson, your job is also to sell a product based on its value. • Frequent use of freebies may give customers the impression that the products perhaps lack quality. • It cuts into a merchant’s bottom line. A merchant must hold on to profits as much as he/she can.

  8. So what is the way to go? • Focus on value. Educate your customers by telling them how the product is better than the competition. • For example, integrity botanicals coupon offers discounts on several skin care, body care, and hair care products made by the leading brand Integrity Botanicals. • But the maker of these products equally highlights some of its exceptional features like its safety, organic ingredients, absence of harmful ingredients, and more.

  9. The final say for a consumer is – always use a coupon if it is available • Coupons offer a potential to convert a good deal into an outstanding one. • New coupons make an appearance every now and then. • All that a customer needs to do is understand the basics of how they work. • Make sure to understand the exclusions and restrictions the coupon codes may have. • After all, you would not like to apply a coupon cod that is not functional.

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