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  2. Beginnings of Scouting in Romania • Scouting appeared in Romania just a few years after the beginning of the World Scout Movement, initiated by Lord Baden Powell. • In 1912, the first groups of Romanian Scouts appeared in a few cities of Romania, like Brasov, Blaj and Bucharest. • In 1913, due to the increasing number of scouts, the Romanian Scouts Association is born and officially recognized. • In 1922, the Romanian Scouts Association becomes a founding member of the World Scout Movement

  3. Beginnings of Scouting in Romania • In 1937 the Romanian Scouts Association is abolished through an order given by Carol II, then king of Romania • During the Communist Era that followed, the Romanian Scouts Association was forbidden to function, the image and some of the principals of scouting being used for the so called “communist pioneers” • The Romanian Revolution on the 22nd of December 1989 put an end to communism in Romania, and therefore for the ban that stopped the scouts from being organized in a national association

  4. Scouting in Romania Now • Reborn in 1990, under the name of “National Organization of Romanian Scouts” , it becomes fast the largest youth organization in Romania • In 1993, the National Organization of Romanian Scouts becomes a full member of WOSM • The National Organization of Romanian Scouts presently counts over 2600 members in 42 local centers • The current president of the National Organization of Romanian Scouts is Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag • Our national website

  5. Scouting in Romania Now • The scouts in Romania are divided in 4 age groups: • Cubs (6-10 years)- yellow scarf with white band • Scouts (11-14 years)- dark green scarf with white band • Venture Scouts (15-18 years)- blue scarf with white band • Rovers (19-21 years) • Leaders (18+) dark red scarf with white band • The national scarf is navy with white band

  6. Scouting in Romania Now • The magazine of the National Organization of Romanian Scouts is called “InfoScout” and is delivered monthly as an on-line magazine to all the scouts in Romania • A Romanian scout created the biggest on-line scout community: Scoutface. • The yearly program of our organization includes camps, contests and festivals that already have a tradition, like “Springs Cup”, “Unity and Friendship Festival”, “Festival of Light” etc.

  7. Our Most Important Scout Projects • RoJAM- the 5th National Romanian Jamboree • The biggest event of non-formal education from Romania in 2011 • It involved more than 1200 people (1000 participants, over 200 staff) • Had participants from 6 countries (Romania, Moldavia Republic, France, Israel, Spain, Czech Republick) • Offered 10 full days of interesting activities to all the participants in the spirit of world-wide scouting: Creating a better world. Leadership for life.

  8. Our Most Important Scout Projects • InfoScout- • The national scout magazine of the Romanian Scouts, dedicated to every person in Romania (and not only) • The first number appeared in May 2007. • It is usually published in an on-line edition, but it had one printed number in November 2009, and a number translated in English in January 2009

  9. Our Most Important Scout Projects • Scoutface Project- • The biggest international on-line scout community was created by a Romanian scout: Vasile Varzariu • The project brings together scouts from all over the world on an on-line platform where they can communicate directly to one-another. • You can become a member at • The project was distinguished with the great award of the Communication Category from the 4th International Gathering for Scouting and Intellectual Initiatives held in The United Emirates of Arabia

  10. Our Most Important Scout Projects • Festival of Light- • The largest synchronized scout festival in Romania, in which the scouts prepare activities that include light , games and scoutish entertaining for their community • The festival was initiated by the Local Scout Center from Cluj Napoca, and fastly became a National Festival • The festival has a “mascot” called “gulgutza”, which is a paper candle holder • This year the festival was held on May 2011 in 22 cities of Romania

  11. Our Most Important Scout Projects • Nocrich Scout Centre - www. • The first Romanian Scout center, located in the heart of Transylvania, in the village of Nocrich, 30 km from the city of Sibiu. • It is composed of a parochial saxon house, built in 1797, and 2 Ha of land. • The house is on the list of national monument, and will become a permanent training center, and the courtyard will be transformed into a camping space.

  12. Our Most Important Scout Projects • Another kind of school- • It was a national project developed by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. • The project’s purpose was to introduce students, for a week, in the non-formal education. • It involved in scouting activities, both students and teachers. • This project, in scouting way, was made to underline the fact that scouting is education for life!

  13. Future Scout Project • Romanian Scout Centenary – • In 2013 scouting in Romania wil turn 100 years • The project will have a 4-step structure : • - local projects ( February-June 2013) • - regional events ( August 2013) • - national event ( August 2013) • - local projects ( September – December 2013) • The local projects will have to concentrate on the community needs ( cultural needs, social needs, ecological needs etc.)

  14. WE, an organization of creative young people, who want to make the world a better place, thank you for your attention, and hope to meet you soon in common projects! NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF ROMANIAN SCOUTS