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Finding Funding

Finding Funding

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Finding Funding

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  1. Finding Funding Presented by: Garrett Steed OSP e-commerce

  2. Goals • In this course we will • Review research funding • Look at terminology • Look at resources • Demonstrate Online resources

  3. Looking for funding • Funding Searches • Alert Services • News Services • Associations • Agencies • Foundation Center • Atlanta Library • Publications (Brochures)

  4. Beginning the Research • Target attributes • Culture: Who have they funded in the past • Style: What types of funds do they disperse • Interest: Are they interested in the same thing • Grants or Gifts: What strings are attached? • Public or Private: Funding? • Warning! This takes a lot of time!

  5. Obtaining Funding Develop Idea Select Funding Agency Write Proposal Obtain Institution Approval Submit Proposal to Agency Follow Through with Agency

  6. Research: Culture, Style, Interest • Websites • OSP Classes • Contact the PO!

  7. Research: Terminology Gifts vs. Grants • Gifts: Tend to be funds from outside sources are for unrestricted use and are free of the constraints or obligations of sponsored projects • Grants: Sponsored Programs are established when funds are awarded to the University by external sources in support of research, instruction, training or services under an agreement that include: • T&C • Scholarly Plan • Detailed budget • Fiscal accountability • Legal accountability

  8. Research: Terminology Public vs. Private • Federal: numerous regulations but funded long-term. • Private: less regulations but funded can be shorter-term • The Development Office helps coordinates efforts to foundation boards. • Industry: based on contractual work with explicit verbiage regarding • the project • issues of intellectual property rights need to be dealt • Allow more time for negotiations • Contracting Officers are here to protect you and your rights!

  9. Association of American Universities

  10. Resources • OSP Web Site • Association of American Universities • COS • Chronicle of Higher Ed • Conferences • Program Officers • Connections [within your field] •

  11. Information Sources • Primary Sources • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance • Federal Register • FedBiz Opps • Agency/Organization Websites • Program Announcements • Funding Opportunity Announcements • Agency Policy Manuals • • Foundation Reports

  12. Federal Funding SourcesNational Institutes of Health (NIH) • Under DHHS • 27 Institutes and Centers – 24 awarding • Supports: basic & clinical biomedical behavioral and bioengineering research • PHS 398 & 2590 (all but NRSA); PHS 416-1 & 416-9 (NRSA) • NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts • NIH Grants Policy Statement

  13. Federal Funding SourcesNational Science Foundation (NSF) • Independent agency • 7 Directorates and 3 Offices awarding • Supports: basic & applied research in social, behavioral, biological, physical, math, computer, polar, geological sciences, engineering & science education • FastLane SF424 (R&R) • Grant Proposal Guide & Grant Policy Manual • Guide to Programs and

  14. Federal Funding SourceOffice of Naval Research (ONR) • Under Department of Defense (DOD) • Supports: basic & applied research in math, computer science & electronics; ocean & atmospheric sciences; engineering, physical & materials science; cognitive and medial human systems • No specific proposal submitted format • Annual and Specialized Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) • ONR Basic Research Grant

  15. Federal Funding SourcesAir Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) • Within Air Force Research Laboratory (DOD) • Supports: mission-relevant research in chemistry & life sciences; aerospace & material sciences; physical & electronics; mathematics & space science • Proposer’s Guide to AFOSR Research Programs • Annual and Specialize BAA • AFRL Terms and Conditions

  16. Federal Funding SourcesArmy Research Office (ARO) • Within the Army Research Lab (DOD) • Supports: mission-relevant research in engineering, math and information science, electronics, physics, life sciences, environmental sciences, chemistry and material sciences • Annual and Specialized BAA • ARO General Terms and Conditions

  17. Federal Funding SourcesDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) • Central R&D organization for DOD • Supports: mission-relevant revolutionary, high-payoff research that bridges the gap between fundamental discoveries and their military use • Key to work through Program Manager • Annual and Specialized BAA • Most research funded via contracts

  18. Federal Funding SourcesDepartment of Energy (DOE) • In the Office of Science • Supports: basic energy sciences (materials, chemistry, engineering & geosciences) research; high energy & nuclear physics; advanced scientific computing; fusion energy; biological & environmental research; energy research analyses • Submission through • Grant Application Guide • DOE Guide to Financial Assistance

  19. Federal Funding SourcesNational Aeronautics and Spaces Administration (NASA) • Independent agecy • Supports: space science research, biological & physical sciences, aerospace technology • Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Research Announcements; The Preparation and Submission of Unsolicited Proposals • Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook

  20. Federal Funding SourcesNational Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) • Independent agency • Support: individuals & institutions for research, educational programs & other activities in history, literature, philosophy & other areas of the humanities; state programs, text preservation, museum exhibitions, TV & radio programs • Program-specific application materials; must apply through • General Grant Provisions for Organizations

  21. Federal Funding SourcesDepartment of Education (DoED) • Multiple Offices Support: broad range of research, program and training support in education • Federal Register publishes new discretionary grant competitions • Submissions through • Education Department General Administration Regulations (EDGAR)

  22. Federal Funding SourcesSmall Business Programs • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) & Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) programs • Three Phase Program: first two funded • Eligibility Criteria • American-owned, independently operated • For-profit • Company size limited to 500 employees

  23. Federal Funding SourcesSmall Business Programs • Federal departments & agencies required annually to reserve a portion of their R&D funds for small businesses • SBIR Funding Agencies: • Department of Agriculture • Department of Commerce • Department of Defense • Department of Education • Department of Energy • Department of Health and Human Services • Department of Homeland Security • Department of Transportation • Environmental Protection Agency • National Aeronautics and Space Administration • National Science Foundation • STTR Funding Agencies: • Department of Defense • Department of Energy • Department of Health and Human Services • National Aeronautics and Space Administration • National Science Foundation

  24. Federal Funding SourcesVeterans Affairs Research Programs • Multiple research programs to support medial and rehabilitation research • VA/University affiliation operate under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) • Temporary assignment of non-VA personnel through-Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA) • Non-personnel cost through simplified contact/purchase order mechanism

  25. Private Funding SourcesNon-Profits • Disease-based: (American Heart Association, American Caner Society, March of Dimes Association) • Society-based: American Chemical Society

  26. OSP Website •

  27. Tools and websites

  28. Adobe 9 Search “Google” Style

  29. FED Biz Opps

  30. Searching Fed Biz Opps

  31. COS • URL: • • Searchable • Funding Database • Expertise Database • Commerce Business Daily • Funding News & Funding Alert

  32. Contents • A COS Funding Opportunities Record • Using COS Funding Opportunities Search Interfaces • COS Search Results • Special Features of COS Funding Opportunities

  33. Sample Record Information in the record includes the date the record was last revised, sponsor, award amount, deadline, and activity location and professional requirements…

  34. Sample Record …as well as an abstract, eligibility information, the COS Keywords assigned to the record, the type of funding, as well as sponsor contact information.

  35. Contents • A COS Funding Opportunities Record • Using COS Funding Opportunities Search Interfaces • Advanced Search • Simple Search • Search Wizard • View by Sponsor • View Opportunities With Deadlines in the Next Six Weeks • COS Funding Opportunities Results • Special Features of COS Funding Opportunities

  36. Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use this option for creating custom searches with a variety of search fields from which to choose.

  37. Advanced Search This search will look for records that contain the terms “brain” or “cancer” in any field, records with a deadline on or after 9/1/08, and for which research conducted in the District of Columbia is eligible.

  38. Search Methods You can use the `Match Any Field’ or `Match All Fields’ options at the top of the Advanced Search screen. • `Match Any Fields’ will act as an “OR” operator –e.g.: selecting “match any fields” and typing “brain” in the top field and “cancer” right beneath it, will find records containing the words “brain” or “cancer” somewhere in the field(s) you are searching • `Match All Fields’ will act as an “AND” operator – e.g.: selecting “match all fields” and typing “brain” in the top field and “cancer” right beneath it, will find records containing the words “brain” and the word “cancer” somewhere in the field(s) you are searching

  39. More Search Methods Within the rows are “or” operators that function within the broader “match all” or “match any” options. You can add any number of exclusion fields. Instead of using the “NOT” operator, you can choose specific fields where you don’t want a term to appear.

  40. Advanced Search You can also limit your search results by using the Exclusion Fields. You can filter out information in which you are not interested. You can add subtract search fields necessary to your search.

  41. Advanced Search Choosing the “explode” option will include all terms in the hierarchy underneath your keyword. Click the hyperlinked keyword name of the keyword to add it to your search. Browse the COS Keyword hierarchy or search for a specific term

  42. Advanced Search Tip: hold the `control’ (PC) or `open apple’ (Mac) key to select more than one item from a picklist. You can also choose which requirements you meet, your citizenship, and the type of funding for which you’re looking.

  43. Advanced Search Note that you can switch back to “Classic View” at any time.

  44. Records with Deadlines in the Next 6 Weeks You can view a current list of all COS Funding Opportunities with deadlines in the next six weeks.

  45. View by Sponsor Search the Funding Opportunities database by sponsor.

  46. View by Sponsor Search for a sponsor using the text box, or browse for one by clicking on a letter.

  47. View by Sponsor This brings you to a list of all sponsors starting with ‘N’. Click a sponsor name to find all current opportunities from that sponsor, e.g., National 4-H Council.

  48. Let’s try

  49. Contents • A COS Funding Opportunities Record • Using COS Funding Opportunities Search Interfaces • COS Search Results • Special Features of COS Funding Opportunities

  50. Search Results This search returned 498 results. Click “Hide query” to hide your search criteria. Then show them again by clicking “Show Query.” This search returned 635 results.