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Ideal Farmer

Ideal Farmer

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Ideal Farmer

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  1. Ideal Farmer Aadharsha Rythu K Rajasekhar, NIC, APSC Hyderabad

  2. Huge Agriculture Crop Losses – Every Year. The country is losing agricultural production worth Rs 1.48 lakh crore annually due to damage from pests, weeds and plant diseases, according to the Crop Care Foundation of India (CCFI). The remedial measures are specific to crop,pests, weeds and plant diseases.The knowledge of which is available with agriculture experts located in ICAR labs and Agriculture Universities. How to bridge this knowledge gap between lab and field ? So as to minimise crop losses.

  3. Farmer Suicides –Epidemic in India • Suicide by Farmers: It's an epidemic in India, where farmers try to keep up with the latest pest-resistant seeds / inputs only to find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of pesticides that don't work, drought and debt. For example between 1997- 2009, more than 200,000 farmers have committed suicide. Highly expensive but ineffective inputs are major cause of farmers suicides. • How to alert farmers about spurious inputs in time ? So that they can avoid spurious inputs, return them back if purchased. Or stop further investment even if spurious seeds are sown some times and thus avoid huge losses and associated debt traps and save their lives.

  4. Solution Mobile Technology • Mobile Technology is a reliable and timely communication channel providing direct communication channel to Farmers. • Bridges the Lab and field knowledge gap and extends the impact of established rural media, such as rural radio. • makes locally relevant crop and agro-climatic zone specific content available • making services delivery more efficient (logistics, coordination, etc) and cost-effective. • advice, monitoring crop-health, timely alerts on spurious inputs, pests , diseases, right dosages of fertilizers etc., • offers multiple formats for information in one device • provides accessibility for illiterate users (i.e. voice and images) • gives speed of communication for time-sensitive information (e.g. disease outbreaks).

  5. Aadharsha Rythu Ideal Farmer – Technical Configuration Internet users NIC-APSC Datacenter Web App Server Firewalls RAC INTERNET RAC SAN Cellphone Net Mobile Gateway Data guard Standby Server SRO

  6. The Agriculture Dept officials in districts can choose any of the agriculture crops In local language.

  7. If Paddy crop is selected, automatically 20 major pests/diseases shall be displayed

  8. Remedial measure translated in English: In Cotton Crop For White Mosquito Pest, Use Trizophos 2.5 ml or Prophenophos 2ml in 1 liter water and spray. Neem based pestcide also Can be used to control this pest by farmers.

  9. For Paddy if Case Worm pest is selected then automatically the corresponding Remedial measure based on ICAR / Agriculture University experts advise from Database crops up. Which can be send as sms by clicking target farmer group(s) Recipient groups. The entire sms goes in local language to the target farmers, so Thus knowledge between Agri labs and field is being bridged through mobile phones.

  10. Alerts about misbranded inputs can be broadcasted with a single click to 1.Farmers of entire state Or set of districts /Plant protection officers/ Police / Retailers/Wholesalers/ stockists etc., Alert about spurious pesticide of a particular company’s product and its batch number can be broadcastedTo all farmers, Plant protection officers, Police, Stockists, Retailers, Legal Cell officials of Agriculture Dept.

  11. Any general message can be broadcasted to all the registered farmers, Agriculture Extension Workers belonging to any particular location(s) or entire state. MessageTyped in Roman script on big console of system gets transliterated automatically into Telugu. SMS goes in local language to end recipient.

  12. MMS to educate illiterate farmers People forget 80% of what they studied in just 24 hours. However retention rate of audio-visual content is much higher. All the content about important agriculture crops has been video-graphed with voice-over in local language. The content has been converted to appropriate format and being rendered as MMS to educate illiterate farmers to enhance productivity and reduce/ avoid wastage.

  13. Lab to Field Based on the inputs of ICAR and Agriculture University Scientists knowledgebase in local language has been created for solving pests and diseases and seed treatment related problems of all major crops. The content has been hosted on a state level data-centre. Through a mobile gateway, facility has been created to agriculture extension workers to effortlessly send alerts appropriate to their area to all the registered farmers at free of cost the essential remedial measures to tackle crop losses through sms and mms through mobiles

  14. No Language Barrier Facility has been developed to easily create messages in local language by typing text in roman script by the extension workers. This technology facility right now been used for Telugu, but it can be used to send messages in any local language.

  15. Low Cost and Open Source Technologies Available Data Centre Infrastructure of NIC Used. Open Source and Technologies harnessed. Ensured Scalability, Reliable, Security, Concurrency and no vendor locking.