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Accenture and Amazon Web Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Accenture and Amazon Web Services

Accenture and Amazon Web Services

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Accenture and Amazon Web Services

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  1. Accenture and Amazon Web Services Capabilities and Experiences February 2014

  2. Agenda Discussion Topics • Accenture and AWS • Cloud Assets • Accenture Cloud Platform • Client Experiences

  3. Accenture has helped many organizations sort through the complex choices presented by the multitude of vendors, services and technologies for cloud computing. As the IT industry begins to navigate a hybrid world in which legacy systems and cloud computing coexist, Accenture brings our deep industry and business process knowledge, in combination with our technology expertise, to help clients our clients use the cloud. “…Accenture will thrive, in part, because it is adept at harnessing the uncertainties and complexities around IT on behalf of its clients' interests in growth.” IDC Accenture Cloud Expertise Key Highlights: • We have worked on more than 3,200 cloud projects, in 44 countries around the globe. • Accenture teams have worked with 58 of the Fortune 100 on cloud initiatives. • Currently, we have agreements with 25 cloud providers and this number is growing. • Accenture is an premier consulting partner for Amazon Web Services and has a competency in Big Data Accenture's leadership in the emerging cloud market has been recognized by IDC:

  4. Accenture has a strategic partnership with Amazon web services. Accenture and Amazon work closely serving our clients and developing architecture patterns and best practices. Accenture and AWS Partnership Accenture has over 50 certified AWS architects and 500 technologists experienced/trained in AWS technologies. Accenture has delivered large-scale AWS-based solutions for large organizations around the globe. Examples of these solutions include: • Multiple large consumer facing web properties leveraging next generation web architectures such as NoSQL and dynamic scaling • Data analytics using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce • Hybrid cloud solutions spanning on-premise and AWS-based clouds • Integrating AWS into enterprise IT management processes • Cloud architecture, strategy, and QA Along with our AWS experience and partnership, we have a number of assets that we use to deliver solutions:

  5. Cloud Assets and Accelerators Accenture Cloud Platform Cloud Third Party Provider Ecosystem Provides cloud integration with consistent end-to-end service management and governance over a mixed vendor infrastructure of cloud and traditional services. The offering is available either as a managed service where we provide all capabilities through our centralized storefront and catalog, or we can deploy a private solution within the client’s own environment. Private deployments can also include Accenture remote managed services to manage the infrastructure and provide service on-boarding and integration services. The Cloud Reference Model describes This living document provides details about the products/solutions and type of agreements Accenture has with its ecosystem. Cloud Strategy Methodology Accenture’s global framework for developing a Cloud Computing Strategy as part of a client engagement, based on the IT Value Strategy Framework.  It helps anticipate how companies should prepare to compete in the new market dynamics and shape the journey into cloud computing. Cloud Computing Application Architecture The purpose of this site is to provide guidance to Technology Architects who are creating new cloud applications or migrating existing applications to the cloud. Cloud Readiness Assessment Outlines a basis to develop the capabilities required to adopt cloud services.

  6. Cloud Assets and Accelerators Smart DR with AWS Cloud Computing Reference Model Describes the ideal cloud-enabled IT architecture stack. This model specifies the necessary functionality that should be considered when creating a cloud-based application. Point of View and Reference Architecture for moving traditional physical disaster recovery instances to the Amazon cloud – provides cost savings and the ability to quickly scale while reducing the burden on IT to maintain physical assets Cloud Application Factory Extending the data center to AWS The Accenture Cloud Application Factory enables IT organizations to reduce cloud migration costs by using repeatable delivery processes, scalable delivery resources, and proven development tools. Reference architecture for extending the on-premise data center to amazon. Provides best practices and patterns for network extension, security, and data replication Agile Data Center On Premise Private Cloud Assets & Workbench Capability Where to Deploy Hadoop Clusters Accenture Technology Labs whitepaperon the usage of Hadoop on-premise and inthe cloud. The paper finds that AWSElastic MapReduce provides the bestprice-performance ratio. Replay of session covering Accenture’s ability to design and build an infrastructure cloud within the client’s environment, with run by Accenture or transitioned to client.

  7. Accenture Cloud Platform Overview and AWS ACP accelerates cloud adoption with the integration and orchestration of cloud services • Aggregate: Comprehensive catalog of services are offered through a centralized, online storefront • Integrate:Cloud provider and value-added services are pre-integrated and available via self-service to users • Automate:Services are automated and orchestrated for on-demand request and fulfillment • Manage:Services are monitored and managed with online dashboards, and metered and charged-back centrally • Optimize:Reduce spending through Accenture’s buying power

  8. Service DescriptionEnvironment Provisioning Service Environment Provisioning Service (EPS) provides a self-service capability for the requesting, provisioning, and deployment of virtual infrastructure including virtual servers, networks and storage from the cloud Environment Provisioning Service • Server Provisioning: Provides provisioning and monitoring of virtual servers with the ability to deploy standard configurations. Includes the ability to stop, re-start, delete virtual servers and modify their attributes. • Storage Provisioning: Provides provisioning for storage including local attached storage for virtual machines. Includes the ability to easily alter storage levels. • Network Provisioning: Provides provisioning for virtual networks (VLAN) to enable virtual servers to communicate. Includes the ability to modify ACL rules and provision/manage IP addresses. • Service Desk: Integrated support services provide 24X7 end to end support for cloud services including escalation of tickets to appropriate resolver groups and hosting providers. • Cloud Hosting & Storage : Provides hosting and storage for cloud base infrastructure and cloud environments through pre-integrated cloud providers. Accenture Cloud Platform

  9. Service DescriptionCloud Management Services Cloud Management Services (CMS) provides support services for managing and monitoring the deployed virtual infrastructure Cloud Management Services • Systems Management: Provides support services for the servers once the servers are deployed including managing and patching the OS, monitoring the servers and managing antivirus. Service components include: • OS Administration, • OS Patch Management, • Server Antivirus Management, and • Server Event Management & Availability Monitoring. • Backup and Recovery: Provides backup and recovery services for data and files (Windows and Linux servers). Data backup and recovery services restores data files to the appropriate environment. • Application Monitoring: Provides monitoring for a predefined set of common off the shelf (COTS) applications using available monitoring templates. • Services are provided leveraging our fully integrated, Global Delivery Network. Accenture Cloud Platform

  10. Agenda Appendix Client Experiences

  11. Client Experience: Large Multinational Telecom • Accenture helps a large multinational telecom provider create a new big data business unit to analyze customer’s mobile data and reveal hidden insights. AWS was chosen for the big-data platform due to the low cost, ability to scale, and quick ramp-up. Business challenge: Customer needed to launch a new big data business within 150 days. The goal of the new business is to help customers make better decisions by collecting, analyzing and packaging real-world insights based on the large volumes of mobile data. Facing major declines in the penetration and profitability of their traditional voice and data services, large telecom started looking to data monetization as a key source for new revenue opportunities. Launch of the new business unit would give them a first-mover advantage in this space. Accenture’s role: Accenture was chosen to assist telecom in every workstream of the initiative, from strategy and finance to solution architecture and operations. Accenture team members played a key role in the design and development of the analytics platform. Results: • A scalable architecture capable of supporting business growth and rapid creation of new products was a critical requirement, so the solution was deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure that was both readily available and fit-for-purpose. • AWS and Accenture increased the speed-to-market and reduced cost. The architecture was also designed to allow and enforce reuse by componentization at every level, ensuring the extensibility of the solution for future rapid introduction of new operating business, data flows and products. • Apache Hadoop was used to produce quality insights from massive, disparate data sources, and Web 2.0 technologies were leveraged for the creation of sleek user interfaces and industrial strength visualizations

  12. Client Experience: UK Media Client • This UK Media Client currently operates a number of customer-facing web sites, supporting their well established brand and commercial activities globally, with the exception of North America. UK Media Client uses a custom developed web publishing platform (J2EE-based, leveraging open source components) to support these sites. Results: • Cost: During the initial phase of the project Accenture analyzed UK Media Clients current hosting utilization and costs and estimated that UK Media Client could reduce their monthly operational hosting bill by 73%. Following the migration UK Media Client are on track to meet these projections from month 1 • Agility: A cloud based architecture has given UK Media Client the ability to launch new, value added services without the latency that infrastructure management & provisioning • Granular Scaling: When analyzing traffic patterns within the existing architecture, it was clear that there was a large fluctuation in traffic within any 24 hour period. Accenture implemented a fully elastic cloud architecture allowing UK Media Clients infrastructure to grow as demand increases throughout any given 24 hour period Business challenge: UK Media Client previously leveraged Savvis for all of their infrastructure hosting and storage needs and wanted to reduce their infrastructure costs. Accenture’s Role: UK Media Client engaged Accenture to carry out an analysis of their online architecture to assess the suitability of migrating their entire portfolio to Amazon’s cloud platform. The analysis highlighted a number of key benefits and so UK Media Client engaged Accenture to manage the application migration, AWS environment configuration and production deployments based on Accenture’s proposed to-be cloud architecture.

  13. Client Experience: Multinational Oil and Gas company • Multinational Oil and Gas company wanted to isolate their public facing sites from their corporate network and utilize next generation web platforms at a fraction of their current costs. • Business challenge: • Develop a next generation web publishing platform for all external communication sites • Use best of breed web technologies making use of (S/P/I)aaS where possible • Isolate the public facing sites from the corporate network • Accenture’s role: • Accenture was asked to design a next generation web platform, migrate the existing web presences to a low cost cloud provider, provide a secure architecture, and integrate the existing client service delivery models with the cloud. Results: • A completely automated build process and scaling to meet website demand • Multi-Availability Zone architecture with cold failover into a separate Amazon region within hours • Use of a broad range of AWS technologies (EC2, EBS, ASGs, ELBs, VPC, IAM Cloudformation, RDS, S3, SNS etc. etc.) • Approx. 80 instances running across 4 environments • Highly available and hardened architecture based on the goal: “It is possible any instance to fail at any time with no noticeable impact on end users or editorial staff, any failed instance should be re-provisioned as quickly as possible with no manual intervention”

  14. Client Experience: Multinational Media Content Provider • Accenture migrates media content provider’s web presence to AWS, providing higher availability, easier maintenance, and a 80% cost reduction of infrastructure and hosting • Business challenge: • Lower the cost of hosting dozens of high traffic international TV channel websites based on an open source Java stack. • Expand the estate to meet the growing demands of more sites, with more demanding dynamic features • Increase operational efficiency • Improve disaster recovery and security • Accenture’s role: • Accenture helped media provider migrate and test many legacy applications and design an architecture based on cloud best practices and minimum migration effort. Results: • Saved a $20k per month on hosting and infrastructure costs (80% cost reduction) • Self service APIs empower tech team to manage the infrastructure internally without a lengthy change request process • Built, deployed, and managed an autoscaling solution using: EC2, EBS, ELB, RDS, SNS and CloudWatch • Highly available solution, across Availability Zones. Survived 2 major Amazon outages and countless smaller ones • Solid proven and tested DR approach when ‘anonymous’ threatened to target media client

  15. Client Experience: US Public Service Organization • Accenture leverages Amazon EC2 to provide a low cost, quick start application development environment for solution development for new solutions at US Public Service Client. Business challenge: US Public Service Client needed to move quickly to set up a development environment to ramp up the development of new applications at this outsourcing client. Accenture’s role: Accenture was asked to help the client migrate to a new web platform. Accenture provided the architecture design, development, testing, and migration to the new platform. Results: • Initially the project was not able to find a hosting solution for the environment given the short duration of the project and also the requirement of various OSs and types of servers. Other possible solutions for hosting were rejected because of the cost to purchase the physical servers or the inability to support the virtual servers OSs. • Moving to EC2 was a natural fit. EC2 allowed the team to quickly set up POC servers, which on this project were needed often because of new technologies being adopted. • AWS EC2 provided an ease of setting up and maintaining a development environment that was ultimately transitioned to the client’s production environment on premise.