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Votive candle making machine

Votive candle making machine. From: Xuguan www.xuguan.net xuguan@online.ln.cn. The candles you need, the machines I supply!. First of all, thank you for your interesting in my products.

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Votive candle making machine

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  1. Votive candle making machine From: Xuguan www.xuguan.net xuguan@online.ln.cn

  2. The candles you need, the machines I supply! • First of all, thank you for your interesting in my products. • The machine is simple in structure and small in size. The mould are made of seamless steel pipes. section steel and steel sheet to assure precision and easy operation. The pushrods are connected with seamless steel threads and can be moved up and down to vary the length of the candle. The machine is cooled through a circulating water system. • The various models of candle expect for specifications on the catalogue we make other models of machines according to the candle sizes and samples given by the customers. Besides, we have more than 280 kind of candle machines, welcome to order. We also produce pule Changeable candle machine and taillight pressing tally automatic candle machine. • I also can produce the machine based on your requirement, so if you have ideal shape of the candle please inform me and I will make the machine meet your request exactly. • Now, you can see some photo of the candles which produced from my machine

  3. Candles • Common shape candle • Taper shape candle • Pillar shape candle • Votive shape candle • Tea-light shape candle • Spiral shape candle • Birthday candle • Special shape candle

  4. All the candles you need!

  5. Which shape you need, tell me!

  6. Votive Shape Candle making machine • A brief of the candle making machine • My moulding machines are specially designed for making candles of various forms. • Structure and Performance of votive candle making machine • 2.1 Structure • The machine is composed of water tank, machine frame, hand wheel, spindle, bevel gear, lead screw, cross beam, pins and candle moulding tubes, etc. • 2.2 Performance • Water tank, candle moulding tube enable the fluid wax to solidify by means of circulating water in the tube. • Heads and push-off tubes are used for the forming of the candle tip and the push of the candle from the candle moulding tube.

  7. Installation and Test run • The machine is a movable design and need no fixed foundation just place the machine smooth and steady. • Check carefully if any spare parts are turning loose or tends to fall off, and clean the accumulated dirt on all parts of the machine. Fill oil on all lubrication points. Candle moulding tubes shall be smeared with small amount of lubricant or white Vaseline oil. Raise and lower the cross beam of the unloaded machine several times, if it’s very flexible to be started and in normal operation, then swing the crank handle to lower the cross beam to the stopping position.

  8. Operation of the machine • Correctly mount the guide rail support. • Level and string well the steel string bar. • More the water tank back and forth to see if it can move freely. • Run the unloaded machine. • Rotate the handwheel to raise the cross beam slowly. • Check if the lead heads can all enter the candle moulding tubes smoothly. If not, locating bolts may be adjusted

  9. Pouring the wax Rotate the handwheel, the cross beam rises till the step of the lead head contacts with bottom of the candle moulding tube completely. Pour the molten wax liquid into the slot of the water tank.

  10. Crush the balance wax away As the wax liquid half solidifies, dump the residual wax liquid.

  11. Rotate the wheel Pull the elevation handle of the second cross beam and let the second cross beam rise till steel wires emerge 10 ~ 15mm above the top of water tank. After the wax liquid solidifies completely, pull the second cross beam up-down handle, the second cross beam falls to the low stopping position.

  12. Get the candles Rotate the handwheel, the first cross beam falls to the low stopping position. If there are still candles remaining in the moulding tubes just press the candle with hands and make them fall on the cross beam

  13. The Final thing you do! Push back the water tank and let it rest lightly against the locating bolt. Rotate the handwheel, again raise the cross beam till the step of the lead head and the bottom of the candle moulding tubes contact completely Description for the votive mould The candle mould will be designed based on the specification of the candle supplied by my customers. There is a pin which will place a hole in the votive candle in the mould.

  14. Technology supported by Xuguan • It is a good thing for me to talk with you about candle making, if you have any question or problem, please do not hesitate to contact me. • Www.xuguan.net • xuguan@online.ln.cn • webmaster@xuguan.net • Tel: 86-1300 947 1870 Xuguan on Line

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