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2008/2009 Accomplishments PowerPoint Presentation
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2008/2009 Accomplishments

2008/2009 Accomplishments

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2008/2009 Accomplishments

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  1. Métis Nation British ColumbiaMinistry of Economic DevelopmentMinister: Dan PopeMinistry Support: Malonie Langthorne

  2. 2008/2009 Accomplishments • Secured funding for Draft Economic Development Strategy through OFI/INAC 35k • Secured funding and hired 2010 Winter Games Coordinator 75k • Multiple Tripartite Meetings in preparation for Strategic Plan Development • Secured funding to host Economic Development Forum in Vancouver BC in which attendees participated in from all over the province. The outcome was linking participants with potential 2010 Winter Games procurement opportunities and sharing of information.

  3. Cont.. • Submitted request for funds via Expansion Proposal to Federal and Provincial Partners. • Secured funding in the amount of $2.2 million dollars for Simpson Traditional Middle School through the Royal Bank. Estimated value at time of purchase $4.8 Million. Land value alone over 3 million dollars. • Acquired land and building for new training centre in Abbotsford. • Secured line of credit in the amount of $800,000 to renovate building • Completed draft business plan for school. • Submitted proposal under the Federal Infrastructure Stimulus in the amount of $3.5 Million to renovate building. • Secured funding through ITA for Carpentry Level 2 programs at Abbotsford Way Campus.

  4. What will the Strategic Plan include? • Future plans include a Venture Capital Corporation • Métis owned construction/ renovation company • Meet-so Catering Company that will employ graduates of the CHOP Culinary Program. • Expansion of the Métis Skills and Employment Centre programs and services • Targeted Industry and Private Sector Partnerships • Yearly cultural event first year starting 2010

  5. Métis Skills and Employment Centre Business Plan Draft

  6. Métis Nation British Columbia is proud to provide the following information regarding our intent to expand the Métis Skills and Employment Centre in Abbotsford, British Columbia The Métis Skills and Employment Centre Expansion Proposal will include: • Introduction • Métis Skills and Employment Centre- History & Success • Funding/ Partnerships • Expansion Plans Moving Forward • Investments/Sustainability • Renovations and more…

  7. Métis Skills and Employment Centre • On May 12, 2006 the Métis Nation British Columbia opened the doors to the Métis Skills and Employment Centre (MSEC) located at 2020 Abbotsford Way in Abbotsford. MSEC was opened in response to the identified need to fill BC’s labour shortage in regards to trades people and skilled workers. Initially MSEC offered programs such as CORE (Construction Orientation Retention for Employment) Training, a trades exploration program, and Carpentry Level 1; however it did not take long for MNBC to recognize the need for expansion. • Currently MSEC is offering Essential Skills & TOWES Testing, Math tutoring, Carpentry Level 1 & 2, Safety Certification, Flagging, and CORE Training. MSEC is supported through the Métis Human Resource Development Agreement (MHRDA) Program through Service Canada by way of a $50,000 contribution per each of the seven (7) MNBC Regions’ individual allocations as well as funds accessed through Corrections Canada, and the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA).

  8. Current Success Over the past three years over 180 students have accessed training through MSEC. Many have been apprentices, inmates from various correctional facilities, students referred through partners and Métis communities, as well as First Nations from the Sto:lo Nation, and members of various unions.

  9. Partnerships(Corrections Canada) • MSEC in partnership with Corrections Canada has been delivering training on-site at various correctional facilities in the Fraser Valley. Corrections Canada contributes to a portion of the cost of our MNBC Director of Justice Position (36k per year) to support inmates and help to provide links to available services, including training opportunities at MSEC. Most of the staff at MSEC currently have Corrections Services Canada (CSC) Clearance and can escort inmates to and from various programs. • It has been stated that MNBC has been a significant resource for inmates and has been an integral part of reintegration into the community. MSEC will continue to work with Corrections Canada to deliver programs going forward.

  10. Industry Partnerships Through meaningful partnerships, MNBC has been able to expand programs and services significantly over the past three years. MNBC partners include the following: • BC Ferries • BC Housing • Canada Safeway • CN Rail • CORCAN (Corrections Canada) • CP Rail • Enbridge • EnCana • Trinidad Drilling

  11. Expansion The overall focus has been on trades thus far but plans for Program expansion include: • Residential Care Aid • Red Seal Chef Training (Instructed By Chef Andrew George) • All levels of Carpentry Apprenticeship, Levels 1-4 • Early Childcare Education • Essential Skills Enhancement Learning Centre • Oil and Gas Training • Pipefitting • Catering Services (Meet-so Catering) MNBC’s current facility does not the meet the demands of students looking to access training through our centre. With limited space it became a need to look at a larger facility to deliver trades training.

  12. Moving Forward • In June of 2009 Métis Nation BC purchased a new training Centre in Abbotsford with the support of the Province of BC. The new MNBC training centre sits on 13.52 Acres (588,971s.f.) and boasts a 25,000 sq ft building (formerly a middle school). MNBC is looking to reduce the size of the current office in Vancouver by half and house many of the MNBC staff, and directors in this new facility thus cutting administrative expenses, as our need for high-priced Vancouver office space will be reduced significantly. • The new facility will house trades programs (8 classrooms), administration staff and instructors offices, and full industrial kitchen for teaching and catering. Full gymnasium with capacity to hold up to 500 people. Board room, small library, and Essential Skills Enhancement Centre.

  13. Investment Purchase price $2.2 Million Dollars Value 2007 $4.8 Million Dollars Replacement Value 2009 BC Assessment $5.9 Million Dollars Current equity of facility Estimated $3.7 Million Dollars

  14. Renovations The current building is in need of specific renovations. With the purchase of the school MNBC secured a line of credit in the amount of 800k to renovate the school. Renovations will include: • Replacement of exterior windows (approx 30k) • New HVAC system for heating and cooling (approx 200k) • Exterior Paint and New Doors (Approx 15k) • New commercial kitchen and ventilation system including all appliances (approx 300k) • Electrical upgrades and equipment for Essential Skills Centre (approx 40k)

  15. Renovations (cont) • New flooring and interior paint (approx 30k) • 4 new offices (approx 50k) This is the need to be operational, however MNBC has submitted a proposal under the Federal Infrastructure Stimulus Fund to renovate the entire building in the amount of 3.4 million dollars. In order to be eligible MNBC must have had a “shovel-ready” project, and thus the urgency to purchase the school.

  16. Renovations (Cont) If stimulus submission is approved, future renovations plans to be completed by March 31st 2011 include: • 5000 sq ft Carpentry shop with covered area and storage • Expanded parking and new driveways • New playground and portables for classroom expansion • New administration and entrance • Gym renovation, new equipment, stage, etc • New energy efficient lighting • New roof as well as Green Roof • Exterior façade • Complete classroom renovations

  17. Renovations (Cont) • New library • Board meeting rooms • Senate quarters • Remote entry • Elders Lounge/Student Lounge • More offices • New washroom facilities • Landscaping • Ball fields improvements • Interior design/Cultural Display Units

  18. Why is this so exciting? • Our own facility to host AGM, MNGA, Cultural Events, Training Sessions, Youth Camps, Elders Retreats….The sky is the limit. (Huge savings annually: approx 500k a year alone with holding the AGM and MNGA at our own facility) • Any events we host can now be catered by our own catering dept thus reinvesting money into our nation. • Creating equity and the ability to invest into future Economic Opportunities

  19. Cont • First real Economic Development opportunity for the Métis Nation in British Columbia. • More opportunities for funding through Training Centre (Proposals, partnerships, Industry Funding, Service Canada, Province) • Land to expand (future Student Housing, Meeting Space, Cultural Venue • Investing $ funds $ back into our Métis Communities • Enhanced Partnership Opportunities

  20. Sustainability (Where do our funds come from?) • Tuition (Centre will be open to the public) • Ongoing funding from Industry Trades Authority to support Trades Training • Catering revenue (Currently 500k per year in small kitchen will triple over next two years). • Meeting space rentals/hosting venues • Office rentals • Proposals • Industry partnerships/training development

  21. Aboriginal Strategic Training Investment Fund In May 2009 a call for proposals went out for the AHRDA’s in Canada to apply for funds for the Aboriginal Strategic Training Investment Fund (ASTIF). • A proposal was developed for a program called the “Beyond the Barriers” and the Essential Skills Enhancement Centre” • This proposal was approved September 18th, 2009 in the amount of $1.2 Million Dollars and will expire March 31st, 2011

  22. What does this new money mean for our communities? • It means that there will be funds available to all Métis across the province to access training at the new centre that does not come out of your regional MHRDA funds. • This includes travel down, accommodations, books, tuition, and expenses to support you throughout the duration of your training. • This means Métis in BC will have access to Essential Skills Training, access to CORE training, Culinary, as well as tutors, job coaches and counselors.

  23. As an organization how is MNBC being fiscally responsible • Minimizing office rent (recently signed sublease agreement to rent out half of Vancouver Office. • Staffing positions that have funding to support them • Reducing overhead costs, reducing travel, and prioritizing meetings • Investing back into the nation and increasing Economic Development Opportunities • Investing savings back into communities to help maintain offices, meetings, advancement

  24. Cont… • It mean additional funds for administration expenses that support the Métis Skills and Employment Centre. • It means rent payable to our school to host these programs. • It means further learning opportunities for our youth. • It means including culture into our training and developing our own curriculum, to teach our people, of our nation, in our Centre. • It means Pride and another step closer to self sustainability.

  25. What are MNBC’s long term plans with the Property ? • Long term plans include a 40 unit student housing facility • Housing for Métis in BC seeking medical care in the lower mainland with transportation to medical appointments. • Yearly cultural events with outdoor Amphitheatre • Banquet facilities for weddings, cultural gatherings, elders events, large meetings (creating further revenue streams). • Onsite daycare for students • Expansion of programs across province • Online courses

  26. What can we expect over the next year • An OFFICIAL announcement • Creating jobs for Métis Business owners, tradesmen, through improvement project • Curriculum development specific to trades, oil and gas sector, and essential skills • Some minor improvements have been made and at this time we are awaiting permits to begin renovations. • If the stimulus is approved renovations will take place over the next 12-16 months. If not renovations targeted with the 800k should take 6-8 months • The Essential Skills Enhancement Centre will open in October 2009. Applications will go to Employment & Training offices within the next month. • Monthly updates and pictures with progress • MNBC staff continuing to write proposals to support programs and opportunities • A more in depth plan once confirmation of all funds from Government Partners in received • A request for input from the communities into future plans for programs and services

  27. A big step • This is a big step for us a nation, however necessary to start to build on economic opportunities and working towards self sustainability. No man acquires property without acquiring with it a little arithmetic also.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson