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!Cell Jeopardy! PowerPoint Presentation
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!Cell Jeopardy!

!Cell Jeopardy!

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!Cell Jeopardy!

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  1. !Cell Jeopardy!

  2. Tough rigid outer coverings that protect the cell and give it shape.

  3. The organelle that produces food in plant cells (photosynthesis), contains chlorophyll.

  4. What part of the plant cell is this?

  5. What part of the plant cell is this?

  6. What part of the plant cell is this?

  7. Contains digestive chemicals that help break down food molecules, cell wastes, and worn out cell parts.

  8. What part of the animal cell is this?

  9. What part of the animal call is this?

  10. What part of the animal cell is this?

  11. What part of the animal cell is this?

  12. The organelle found in the cytoplasm that produces proteins needed by the cell.

  13. The protective layer around all cells, it controls interactions between the cell and its environment. It allows materials to enter and exit the cell.

  14. Directs all cell activities and is separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane.

  15. Membrane bound spaces for the temporary storage of materials. Can store water, waste products, food and other cellular materials.

  16. Series of folded membranes in which materials can be processed and moved around in the cell. Can be thought of as a transportation network.

  17. A devise that uses a lens or a system of lenses to produce a greatly magnified image. Used to see objects that are invisible to the naked eye, such as cells, bacteria, protists, etc.

  18. The smallest unit capable of performing life functions.

  19. Is the amount of detail that you can see in an image.

  20. What type of cell is this?

  21. What type of cell is this?

  22. Structures found inside the cell that carry out the cellular processes.

  23. Organelles that package cellular materials and transport them inside the cell or out of the cell.

  24. A structure in the nucleus of the cell that contains the hereditary material.

  25. A gelatin like substance that fills the cell and constantly flows inside the cell membrane.

  26. The place where food is broken down and energy is released.