there are types of pain want to learn about them n.
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Types of Body Pain PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Body Pain

Types of Body Pain

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Types of Body Pain

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  1. There Are Types Of Pain. Want To Learn AboutThem?

  2. There Are Types Of Pain. Want To Learn AboutThem? “Pain” is a word used very commonly in our day-to-day lives. But did you know that pain is classified into a number of categories based on various factors like their pace and source? Read more about ithere:

  3. What ispain? Pain is defined as a highlyunpleasant physical sensation caused by illness orinjury.

  4. There are 3 mostcommon types ofpain. • 1. Somatic vs Visceralpain • Somatic pain- It is the pain that your braincan pinpoint the location of in the muscles, joints, bones andskin. • Visceral pain- It is the pain that cannot exactly be located, except the “general area” of the pain.This is because it usually comes from a specific organ from the chest orabdomen.

  5. 2. Nociceptive, Naturopathic and Algopathicpain • Nociceptive pain- It is your usual pain where the nervous system signals the brain about the problem. It canchange if you move or change your position. For example- the pain experienced when you hit your pinky toe or when your appendix getsinflamed. • Neuropathic pain- It occurs when there is nothing actually wrong in the body, but the central orperipheral nervous systems are themselves damaged. It can be felt as an electric, burning, stabbing or similar sensation. Nerves can get damaged due to excess alcoholism, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis,etc.

  6. Continued… • Algopathic pain- This kind of pain doesn’thave • a specific cause, but it pain in itself is the disease. One of the most common examples is fibromyalgia. The reason might be too small to be seen or it can be a fault in the pain systemitself.

  7. 3. Fast vs Slowpain • Fast pain- This type of pain causes you to react immediately to the environmental danger. It is relayed via the fast A-type of nerves. For example- the burning sensation in your hand makes you move it away from the hot stoveinstantly. • Slow pain- This type of pain causes you to slow down, rest and recuperate, to preserve your energy. It builds up over time and intensifies. It is relayed by the slow C-typenerves.

  8. If you are experiencing pain or wantto know more about types of pain and their treatments, visit our website and book an appointmenttoday!

  9. There Are Types Of Pain. Want To Learn AboutThem?