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Sources. http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/gmdhtml/rrhtml/rrhome.html http://www.bts.gov/publications/north_american_transportation_atlas_data/ http://ntl.bts.gov/ http://www.aar.org/AboutTheIndustry/StateInformation.asp. Sources. http://transweb.sjsu.edu/publications/terrorism/Protect.htm

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  1. Sources • http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/gmdhtml/rrhtml/rrhome.html • http://www.bts.gov/publications/north_american_transportation_atlas_data/ • http://ntl.bts.gov/ • http://www.aar.org/AboutTheIndustry/StateInformation.asp

  2. Sources • http://transweb.sjsu.edu/publications/terrorism/Protect.htm • http://www.transweb.sjsu.edu/press/JenkinsSenateTestimony.htm • http://www.transweb.sjsu.edu/ Intemodal: Those issues or activities which involve or affect more than one mode of transportation, including transportation connections, choices, cooperation and coordination of various modes. Also known as "multimodal". (transweb.sjsu.edu/comglos2.htm)

  3. Houston Stats • Houston City – 1,953,631 • Houston County – 23,185 • Houston TX PMSA – 4,177,646 • Houston Galveston Brazoria – 4,669,571 • South Houston – 15,833 US Census Bureau, 2002 Primary Metropolitan Statistics Area

  4. Houston Stats • Land Area of Houston MSA: 5995 sq miles • Population Density (2000) 679 peo/sq mi • Counties • Chambers • Fort Bend • Harris • Liberty • Montgomery • Walker Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University http://recenter.tamu.edu/mreports01/houston.html

  5. Highways

  6. Dow: Largest petro chemical in western hemisphere Shell: Largest refinery in us and strategic petroleum reserve Exxon Mobile: Largest refinery in world

  7. Vehicle Stats • there are more than 735 non-local trucking firms serving Houston KET Enterprises Incorporated http://www.ketent.com/TRANSPORTATION.htm

  8. Other Highway Vehicle Stats National Safety Council (NSC) Estimating the Costs of Unintentional Injuries, 2003

  9. Other Highway Vehicle Stats National Safety Council (NSC) Estimating the Costs of Unintentional Injuries, 2003

  10. Other Highway Vehicle Stats • The costs are a measure of the dollars spent and income not received due to accidents, injuries, and fatalities. National Safety Council (NSC) Estimating the Costs of Unintentional Injuries, 2003

  11. Railways • BNSF - west • Norfolk Southern • Union Pacific – west • KCS: http://www.kcsi.com/pdf/system_map.pdf • Pennsylvania RR • Conrail • Canadian National - CN • Canadian Pacific • CSX Transportation – Connects the west with east • Amtrak • Association of American Railroads

  12. Railways • BNSF The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway • CN Canadian National Railway (CN) • CP Canadian Pacific Railway • CSX CSX Transportation • FXE Ferrocarril Mexicano (Ferromex) • KCS Kansas City Southern Railway • NS Norfolk Southern • TFM TFM (a subsidiary of Grupo Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana) • UP Union Pacific Railroad

  13. BNSF, September 2003

  14. BNSF, September 2003

  15. BNSF, September 2003

  16. BNSF, September 2003

  17. Norfolk Southern, 2004

  18. Norfolk Southern, 2004

  19. Norfolk Southern, 2004

  20. Union Pacific, November 2002

  21. Union Pacific, November 2002

  22. Union Pacific, November 2002

  23. UP - USA One of the Largest in the U.S.A. Union Pacific Railroad is an operating subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE:UNP). It is one of the largest railroads in North America, operating in the western two-thirds of the United States. The system serves 23 states, linking every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port. It also serves four major gateways to the east: Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans. UP is the primary rail connection between the U.S. and Mexico. It interchanges traffic with the Canadian rail system. The railroad has one of the most diversified commodity mixes in the industry, including chemicals, coal, food and food products, forest products, grain and grain products, intermodal, metals and minerals, and automobiles and parts. Union Pacific's largest single customer is APL Limited, a steamship company that operates in the Pacific. Second is General Motors, followed by an assortment of chemical companies and utilities. The railroad is the nation's largest hauler of chemicals, much of which originates along the Gulf Coast near Houston, Texas. Union Pacific is also one of the largest intermodal carriers--that is the transport of truck trailers and marine containers. Union Pacific, November 2002

  24. Dependable Transportation Having access to the coal-rich Powder River Basin in Wyoming and coal fields in Illinois, Colorado and Utah, the railroad moves more than 200 million tons of coal annually. It's one of Union Pacific's fastest-growing business areas. The company is investing millions of dollars annually to add capacity to handle coal traffic, including new locomotives, and new double and triple track main lines. Although Union Pacific Railroad's primary role is transporting freight, it also runs a substantial commuter train operation in Chicago and California. Union Pacific Fast Facts in the USA Miles of Track 32,832 Employees 49,316 Annual Payroll $3.3 billion Purchases Made $3.1 billion Locomotives 7,861 Freight Cars 87,497 Union Pacific, November 2002

  25. Union Pacific, November 2002

  26. Union Pacific - TX • Union Pacific is Texas' biggest railroad, serving all of its major cities and its gulf ports. With lines to the international gateways at El Paso, Eagle Pass, Laredo and Brownsville, Union Pacific is the primary U.S. rail link to Mexico. • Major commodities hauled by UP in the state include chemicals, export grain, gravel and aggregates, automobiles and automobile parts, paper, glass, coal and general merchandise. Union Pacific's top customers in the state include Chrysler de Mexico, the Lower Colorado River Authority electrical generating plant at Halstead, and City Public Service. Other important UP customers in Texas include the General Motors auto assembly plant at Arlington and the Dow Chemical complex in Freeport. • El Paso, Fort Worth and Houston are hubs of UP's operations in the state. Centennial Yard, one of the railroad's largest freight classification facilities, is located in Fort Worth. Of special interest in Fort Worth is Tower 55, the busiest railroad intersection in the United States, where several railroads share the crossing with Union Pacific. Settegast and Englewood Yards in Houston are major classification yards for the southern part of the state, serving the petrochemical industry along the Texas Gulf Coast. Union Pacific runs a freight car repair shop in Palestine, also the location of the system's national freight claims office. Diesel locomotive repair shops are located in Fort Worth and El Paso. • Amtrak operates passenger service over UP linking Texas to St. Louis through Texarkana, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio and transcontinental service across southern Texas via Houston and San Antonio. Union Pacific, November 2002

  27. Union Pacific, November 2002

  28. Union Pacific - LA • Union Pacific serves a variety of industries in Louisiana, ranging from the important chemical and petrochemical business to paper manufacturing, lumber production, and destination traffic for Chrysler and Ford assembly plants. Some of UP's major customers in Louisiana include Dow North America, Central Louisiana Electric and North America Truck Platform. • The railroad serves three Gulf Coast ports: Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Important rail connections are also made at New Orleans with eastern carriers. Union Pacific uses the five-mile Huey P. Long Bridge, the longest railroad bridge in the United States, to cross the Mississippi River at New Orleans. • Union Pacific operates an intermodal facility west of New Orleans at Westwego. In addition, there are freight classification yards in Alexandria and Avondale, and a major classification yard at Livonia. Union Pacific, November 2002

  29. CSX Transportation • When it comes to the business of shipping, CSX can move you in the right direction. In fact, you don't even have to be located on railroad track for us to help you. With 23,000 miles of track, access to 70 ports and the largest intermodal network in the U.S., and nationwide transloading and distribution services, we've got what it takes to move your business. CSX Transportation, 2002

  30. CSX Transportation, 2002

  31. CSX Transportation, 2002

  32. CSX Transportation, 2002

  33. Legend CSTX Shortline New Orleans Public Belt RR CSX Transportation, 2002

  34. NOPB • NOPB Interchanges with six Class I Railroads: • Burlington Northern Santa Fe • CSX Transportation • Canadian National/Illinois Central • Kansas City Southern • Norfolk Southern • Union Pacific

  35. KCS • Kansas City Southern is a Class I rail system which operates over 3,130 track miles in 10 central and southeastern states. Founded in 1887 with the vision of providing the most direct salt water access from the Midwest, KCS today has the shortest route between Kansas City and the Gulf of Mexico, serving the ports of Port Arthur, Texas, New Orleans and West Lake Charles, La. and Gulfport, Miss. • KCS transports a diverse mix of commodities with no one commodity group exceeding 25% of total carloads. With connections to all the other Class I rail carriers and coordinated operations with the other entities that comprise the NAFTA Railway, KCS is strategically positioned to serve the growing number of North American shippers requiring reliable, efficient rail transportation.

  36. KCS

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