neelakurinji the flower of munnar n.
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Neelakurinji. the flower of munnar || resorts in munnar PowerPoint Presentation
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Neelakurinji. the flower of munnar || resorts in munnar

Neelakurinji. the flower of munnar || resorts in munnar

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Neelakurinji. the flower of munnar || resorts in munnar

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  2. You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for , every  season of Neelakurunji is such a worth waiting for 12 years to decorate the nature with Munnar special blue flower blankets.

  3. While Munnar is considered to be a spice hub and tourist paradise with a cool climate, Neelakurunji is an extra package for this year 2018 because world tourists have to revolve another 12 voyages around the sun to see the next blooming in 2030.

  4. Why Neelakurunji is Special for Kerala and Munnar? In world none other than Munnar hills the charming lady of western ghats produces this special purplish blue flower NeelaKurinji. And the famous Nilgiri Hills gets its name from  NeelaKurinji blooming around 3000 hectares of sloppy hills.

  5. Welcome flower of Munnar. The old people in Munnar claims that, tribes used to calculate their age by season of NeelaKurunji.Another traditional belief associated with the nearby Tamilians is that, Kurunji is the symbol of self awakening of a women because a girl is considered to attain sexual maturity at the age of 12. Any way welcome flower of Munnar is the symbol of longing for love and happiness in the language of poets,singers,writers, photographers, painters and many other creative artists.

  6. Flower grows at a height of 30 to 60 cm  on the hilly altitude 1300 to 2400 meters. Each shrub reproduces once in its lifetime and dies after flowering. NeelaKurinji flower has no smell or any medicinal value except the spectacular happiness flower provides to each new visitors. Another advantage is that large amount of honey become available during  this season, honey is special and believed to have medicinal properties that can last about 15 years without get spoiled.

  7. Flood and Flowering : Tourists Never miss the chance After 2018 Kerala floods, there was a short term suspension to all tourist places due to security reasons and landslides. But within weeks ,every nooks and corners where reconstructed and infrastructure has been re created to welcome the world tourists with all the same glory of beautiful Munnar .

  8. Every Tourist markets are in its full swing with more tourist packages and offers. Many spice stores started more online outlets as per the demand for Kerala products around the globe is another good news for each one who wish to buy spices in Kerala.So never miss Munnar while planning your family vacation,it’s the rare chance to see the NeelaKurunji which will end by November.

  9. Have a Selfie with NeelaKurinji God’s own country have many unique visitors like this NeelaKurunji which blooms once in 12 years ,so come and let’s meet with your family and have a golden collection of photographic and happiness memories taken back free of cost.

  10. Presented by Resort in Munnar