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[PDF] Free Download Take Me Down By Julie Kriss PowerPoint Presentation
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[PDF] Free Download Take Me Down By Julie Kriss

[PDF] Free Download Take Me Down By Julie Kriss

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[PDF] Free Download Take Me Down By Julie Kriss

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  1. TAKE ME DOWN Author: Julie Kriss Genre: New Adult Release: 2018-04-05 File Size: 378.54 KB

  2. Synopsis A buttoned-up counsellor. A hot ex-con with secrets. One session that changes everything. It was supposed to be simple: Let Jace Riggs walk into my counseling office, tell me how he's adjusting to post-prison life, and let him walk out again. But the first thing I've learned is that nothing is simple with Jace. He's tall, muscled, bearded and tatted. He's smarter than anyone else in the room and ten times more guarded. He's hiding things that would break any other man to pieces. He's a loner, a bad boy, and an infamous Riggs brother from the wrong side of the tracks. He's a hundred kinds of wrong for me. And even when I'm not his counsellor anymore, I still want to break down his defenses. Jace has never trusted anyone - until me. He says I'm the only woman he wants close to him. The only woman he's wanted in his bed - ever. And when he looks at me with that look of white-hot fire, I believe everything he says. My own secrets could get Jace sent back to prison - or get him killed. And he doesn't care. We had so little time. We might not have until morning. But with the fire ignited between Jace and me, forever wouldn't be long enough… IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK CLICK LINK IN THE LAST PAGE