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Girl friends

Girl friends

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Girl friends

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  1. I ichkinskay secondary school Girl friends Project Is made by glebova Kate The Student of the 7 TH FORM English Teacher Il’inykh T.V. 2011

  2. friendship Friendship Is An Avaluable Gift, Given To A Man. Not Everyone Has It, But It Helps To Survive.

  3. My conception: • 1. To Make Friends With The Girl Friends. • To Show Myself. • To Get New Friends. • To Learn Something New.

  4. My album: • Hobbies • School • Activities • Classmates • advices

  5. -Hi ! I Am Kate!. I Would Like To Tell Everybody About My New Friends. They Are Super ! I Advise To My New Friends To Read About Them . You Don’ T Regret About It !

  6. Girl Friends Girl friend is a brand project, specially for russian girls teenagers. There are the books where you can read the stories of 4 girls: Nastya, Zhenya,Yarik and Varya.They are the ordinary girls from Moscow. They go to school, fall in love, have personal and ,of course, family problems. Nastya dreams about the job of perfumer,the cleverest girl friend Zhenya –the future game designer, sportsman and pet lover Yarik, and Varya- a fortune teller. 4 different characters and 4 different social medias. In any girls you can learn youself, your sister or your friend. You may communicate on- line or read books about the girl friends, watch cartoons or buy badges with photoes & names.

  7. ALBUM Hi! I am Nastya. And this is my album. You can learn many interesting things about me & my friends. I’ll tell you how to be fashionable , how to make a perfect make up, prepare a hand made soap, find a boy friend & make him crazy about you & many other things! And I hope you’ ll tell me about you! For sure ,we ’ll make friends!

  8. album Hi! I am Varya and this is my album. If it’s interesting to learn more about me and my friends, about fortune – telling at school and at home , how to make mascot and to be a lit bit witch – welcome! You can find many useful in my album! Else, we can talk about your favouritecolours & how to choose the right skirt!

  9. album Hello! I am Yarik and this is my album. To be original & be different from others, learn phrases in Japanese & make sculptures from paper – we’ ll be friends with you! Else, I’ ll tell you about my friends, show you yoga, share the recipes of sushi & open the secret of inordinary shoes!

  10. album Hello ! I am Zhenya and this is my album. It’ s all about me , my friends, my school, parents, & my activities. My advices -how to read the fastest in the class, tidy up the room in 15 minutes, invent the desigh post- cards for friends, & how to bind ties originally !

  11. …. From my diary A friend is a person who ’ll clean the dishes after the party. A friend is a person who divides his lunch with you. ….when he never forgets about your birthday. ….is a person who always helps you when you need it. ….is a person who never betrays . Friend will stand by you.

  12. …. From my diary A friend like roses may be old, may be new. Friends may be true and false. A friend is a person who will call you every hour when you out of school. Friendship may be for girls, may be for boys. Friends may be different, even the aquarium fishes -always understand, support & never condemn.

  13. youth is an excellent period in the life of every young man. The only thing is successfully overcome it.

  14. They are so different!

  15. 30 Years Ago All Teenagers Fell In Love ,Went To The Disco, Listened To The ’’ Reality’’, Quarrelled With Their Parents, Forgave & Forgot. Nothing Has Changed !

  16. Love is a miracle ! Love is a girl’s secret & it’s a very private thing !

  17. My classmate’s interests: • Fashion • Boy friends • Gossips • Dancing • Music • Internet • sport

  18. Kate ’’- I ’ve done this project as animated one, because it was interesting for me & I devote it to all teenagers. I believe it’ll be amusing for you. Please write your comments! I’ll be glad. Thank you! Kate.”

  19. Don’t worry about the friends ! Let • be pen-friends ! • I ’m a very sporty girl like Yarik. I’ll certainly read books about the girl friends ! • -The music is sentimental, catchy, • Fascinating! Thank you for ”BOUM”. • It’s funny to watch animated presentation. By the way, very unusual. • Well done! Be on –line! I suggest you the • joint project!

  20. Bye-bye !

  21. Literature: Kuzovlev V.P. Student’s book, the 7 th form. Kuzovlev V.P. Activity book, the 7 th form. 3. http: Sanderson "Reality"  4. 5. 6. http://best 7. http :// 8. http ://english 4