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Ecosan Services Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra, India

J.Heeb. E.Menger-Krug. K. Conradin. M.Wafler. Sustainable Sanitation Initiative in India. K. Conradin. J. Heeb. K. Conradin. K. Conradin. J. Heeb. Regional Workshop on Sustainable Sanitation in South Asia. (1). Ecosan Services Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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Ecosan Services Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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  1. J.Heeb E.Menger-Krug K. Conradin M.Wafler Sustainable Sanitation Initiative in India K. Conradin J. Heeb K. Conradin K. Conradin J. Heeb Regional Workshop on Sustainable Sanitation in South Asia (1) Ecosan Services Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra, India Pradnya Thakur, Project Coordinator Date: 28/04/09

  2. Introduction • Ecosan Services Foundation has been founded in 2006 jointly with seecon international gmbh, Switzerland and with the support from GTZ, Germany • Small core team, but flexible network structure with experts and partners from all over India and the world

  3. Implementation Knowledge Communication

  4. Introduction • Lead organization in IESNI network • Capacity Building in Ecological Sanitation supported by gtz • Training Programs and pilot projects supported by European Union under Asia Pro eco program • Capacity building training programs for Total Sanitation Campaign Coordinators of all states in India supported by Government of India • Capacity building in Ecological Sanitation for Representative from Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bhutan • Organized Workshops and conferences with Ministry of Rural Development and Indian Water Works Association

  5. Presenting Ecosan Services Foundation Conferences & Workshops

  6. AwarenessRaising • National Workshop on Sustainable Sanitation, Delhi 19th&20th May 2008

  7. Awareness Generation South Asian Conference on Sanitation Delhi 18th-21th November 2008

  8. Awareness Generation • Agricultural Exhibition, Dapoli

  9. Awareness Generation • Exposure & Dialogue Programme 17-26.10.2008

  10. Awareness Generation • CBO Meeting, Badlapur

  11. Awareness Generation Adressing… • Stakeholders • PolicyMakers • Beneficiaries • Scientists • NGOs & Edu.Institutes • Financial Institutions

  12. Presenting Ecosan Services Foundation Trainings & Education Material

  13. Training & Education Material PPP Courses by Asia ProEco

  14. Training & Education Material Total Sanitation Campaign Officials

  15. AwarenessRaising PPP course supported by gtz

  16. Training & Education Material • E-learning courses • School Sanitation Exchange Program

  17. Training & Education Material

  18. Training & Education Material Many successful ecosan projects raised awareness and acceptance for innovative ecological sanitation solutions worldwide. • But >> Significant lack of qualified local personnel to implement projects at the grassroots level. • Solution: Training on Ecosan! • E-learning Courses • Face-to-Face Courses Ecosan Basic Course Ecosan Expert Course Training of Trainers Programme Ecosan Introductory Workshop Ecosan Introductory E-learning Course open 2 Weeks 1 Week 1 Week 3 Days

  19. Training & Education Material Tailor made lectures for the local context based on the ecosan curriculum 2.3 CD.

  20. Training & Educational Material

  21. Presenting Ecosan Services Foundation Implementations

  22. Implementations: Theragaon

  23. Implementations: Theragaon

  24. Implementation: Badlapur • Thane, Housing Project

  25. Implementation: Adarsh College, Badlapur

  26. Implementation: Tribal School, SarolePathar

  27. Pandharpur Project:

  28. Thank You

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