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Easy and economical Laptop Rental PowerPoint Presentation
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Easy and economical Laptop Rental

Easy and economical Laptop Rental

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Easy and economical Laptop Rental

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  1. Easy and Economical Laptop Rentals

  2. What is a Laptop? • Laptop is a small portable computer which is easy to carry around. • They can be used in a smaller space than an ordinary desk computer.

  3. Best time to go for Laptop Rental • Have you ever felt the need for a laptop for a couple of days’ usage?  • Maybe you are traveling and forgot to carry your personal laptop with you, or maybe your office is hosting a conference which requires you to set up a couple of extra laptops or maybe a training program where a huge quantity of portable devices like laptops are required urgently.

  4. Maybe your laptop could be damaged and take a few days to get repaired, but you can’t just put your work on hold. • Or you could have a case where a few contract employees had to be put up in your office and they required laptops for their use. • Or maybe a training program where a huge quantity of portable devices like laptops are required urgently.

  5. Importance of Laptop Rental: • The need for Laptop Rental is increasing in recent days with the evolution of corporate companies in large scale. • There can be various reasons for why laptop rentals are becoming popular, however, the core motive is cost cut.

  6. Renting is the flexible option, as you can rent any number of machines for a defined period or cancel it any time without any penalty. • Laptop Rental also offers you the advantage of avoiding the damages occurred to the laptops while traveling.

  7. Renting vs. Buying • You can rent a laptop if it is for a short term use. • You can choose laptop rental while travelling. • Flexible Rental options. • Best for temporary offices. • Buying a laptop for short term use is pointless. • You just can’t put your work on hold if your laptop gets repaired. RENTING BUYING

  8. About Dubai Laptop Rental: • Dubai Laptop Rental  offers laptop rental in Dubai to suit your every need.  •  We offer laptops according to your requirement on short-term rental or long-term leasing plans at an affordable cost . • We undertake bulk orders for events, business etc.

  9. Our Portfolio: Laptops for Business Laptops for Home Laptops for Events

  10. Brands we offer on RENT: • We are pleased to bring you the laptops of your favorite brands like DELL, ACER, APPLE, HP, LENOVO, TOSHIBA, ASUS and SAMSUNG. • We are ready to offer you any laptop of any brand/ configuration for rent in Dubai.

  11. Services offered: • Laptop Rental • Laptop Hire and Leasing • Notebook Rental. • Computer Rentals • Laptop Repair • Macbook Repair

  12. Contact us: Dubai Laptop Rental, Bur Dubai, Dubai. P.O No: 7072 Call us: +971-50-7559892