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SMS Chat Application

Wireless Application Development - CA. SMS Chat Application. Team 10 (Saturday) KRISHNAMOORTHY Kannan Joyson Bensam Joyson VEERAPPAN Senthil Kumar. Agenda. Introduction System Architecture Object Model and UI Na Record Schema Lessons Learnt Project Distribution Q & A.

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SMS Chat Application

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  1. Wireless Application Development - CA SMS Chat Application Team 10 (Saturday) KRISHNAMOORTHY Kannan Joyson Bensam Joyson VEERAPPAN Senthil Kumar

  2. Agenda • Introduction • System Architecture • Object Model and UI Na • Record Schema • Lessons Learnt • Project Distribution • Q & A

  3. SMS Chat is a mobile wireless application • Users can initiate/create a chat room • and invite other users. • Any mobile device with SMS feature can install this application. Introduction

  4. User need not install or subscribe to • any other services to chat • with multiple users • Application is developed in JME and .NETCF Introduction (cont’d)

  5. Chat log history: • The sent and received chat messages can be saved locally for future reference. • For JME, it is done using RMS API • For NETCF, it is done using Sybase ASA database. Application Features

  6. Search Chat history: • Option to search the chat log by received date time, send date time, sender, etc. • Sorting Chat history: • Option to sort the chat log by date time and sender nicknames, etc. Features (cont’d)

  7. Save history to file: • The chat message can be saved to a text file locally for feature reference. • Clear history: • Clear the chat history permanently from the device to save space. Features (cont’d)

  8. System Architecture

  9. JME – Client

  10. Object Model - Screens JME

  11. Object Model – Send JME

  12. Object Model – Receive JME

  13. JME Object Model – Record Store

  14. User Interface – Startup JME Chat Screen Application Startup

  15. User Interface – Add Contact JME Add Contact Menu Selection Key in Nickname and Phone No.

  16. User Interface – Add contact JME Alert Screen for mandatory field validation Invitee Screen – Prompt for Acceptance

  17. User Interface – Send Message JME Recipient receive the msg. SMS in action Type the msg. and click send

  18. User Interface – Search JME Chat History Search Result Chat Log Search Options

  19. User Interface – View Chat room JME Clear chat history View Chat Room

  20. User Interface – Save to file JME Personal Settings Save to file

  21. S.No Field Name Field type Mandatory Description 1 ReceiverName String No Optional field for additional info 2 ReceiverPhone String No Optional field for additional info 3 Sender Name String Yes Sender nick name 4 Sender Phone String No Sender phone no 5 Datetime String Yes Date & time of the message is logged into the history; Format: yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mm:ss 6 ChatMessage String Yes Free text message Record Schema JME

  22. <<tag1>> <<tag2>> <<chat message>> Tag1 Tag2 Description <I> <initiator nickname> Inviting the contact to join. <List of contacts separated by |> First contact => initiator Last contact =>invitee nick name <J> <acceptor nickname> Response from contact for invitation (joining response) <D> <declined nickname> Declined nickname <S> <sender> SMS messaging <F> <actual sender nickname> Forwarding message <A> <Initiator nickname> Contacts added message to be displayed on to the clients chat history. <R> <nickname> Contact removed message <X> <nickname> The contact is busy already in another chat session and can’t be included. System Message Format JME

  23. .NETCF – Client

  24. Object Model NETCF DB Access Utility classes

  25. User Interface - 1 NETCF

  26. User Interface - 2 NETCF

  27. User Interface - 3 NETCF

  28. User Interface - 4 NETCF

  29. Lessons Learnt • General concept on MIDP program and CDLC • How to create Thread and how java threading works in JME • Record management Store API package • How to create Forms, Items, custom items, canvas, images, text fields and other controls in JME • Connection framework in JME

  30. Lessons Learnt - NETCF • Familiarised with SMS programming using message interceptor • Used all common UI controls • Learnt to use ASA db in the application

  31. S.No Name Scope 1. Joyson Bensam Joyson • Design and development of SMS Chat app – .NETCF • portion complete; • Preparing design document for NETCF; • Reviewing of documents; 2. Krishnamoorthy Kannan • Design and development of JME portion – RMS, • Send msg, Chat setting option, Chat history store, add • contacts; • Preparing design document for JME and proposal • documentation. 3. Veerappan Senthil Kumar • Design and development of JME portion – • Send message thread, receiver listener controller, threading, • session management, • System message handshaking ; • Reviewing of documents and preparing slides Project Distribution

  32. Q & A

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