getting it right developing a workable club drug and alcohol policy croke park 27 th march 2010 n.
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Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer PowerPoint Presentation
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Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer

Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer

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Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer

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  1. Getting it Right – Developing a Workable Club Drug and Alcohol Policy(Croke Park)27th March 2010 Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer

  2. Apathy / indifference • “ Not a problem in our area” • Down the list of our immediate priorities. • Perceived extra work load. • Perceived difficulty in completing the task • “ Opening a can of worms” Initial difficulties in adopting an A.S.A.P. Club Policy

  3. What is a club Policy • Club intention of addressing the substance abuse issue. • Cornerstone • Beginning • Guidance • List of recommended actions A.S.A.P. Club/County Policy

  4. The Policy should include sections on:- • Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse • Education about drugs and alcohol • Planned responses to likely drug and • alcohol incidents What should Club Drug & Alcohol policies include….

  5. Contents – Page 1 • Introduction • Definition of drugs • Aim & objectives • List of recommended actions A.S.A.P. Sample Policy

  6. Contents – Page 2 • Various roles • What is expected of the various stakeholders • Education programmes • Protocol for dealing with drug misuse. • Outline of restrictions A.S.A.P. Sample Policy

  7. Contents – Page 3 • Reporting and recording • Confidentiality • How to inform parents/guardians • Involvement of Garda/PSNI. • Powers of Search of club property and individuals • Policy on storing solvents/gases used by the club • Signature of Chairman, Secretary & ASAP Officer A.S.A.P. Sample Policy

  8. These steps are based around how the GAA normally tackles tasks and projects within its organisation. • The GAA Committee Structure • This process can be followed strictly or used as a guideline. • Seven suggested steps Introduction to the Process

  9. The committee for developing the policy must involve all stakeholders ie parents, players, management and coaches etc. • Young people must be involved in a • meaningful way. • Keep the committee to a maximum of 8. • Clubs can form clusters to do this. Form a committee to develop the policy.

  10. Basic requirements to implementing a • Club Drug & Alcohol Policy • Explore the GAA ASAP website at • Watch the DVD “Club Matters” • Read the ASAP Manual • Use the Sample Club Policy and follow the Seven Step Guideline 2. Look up relevant resources

  11. GAA Task Force Report on Alcohol • (Refer to Official Reports on the GAA Website) • • Contact your local Health Promotion or • Drug & Alcohol service Other Relevant Reading

  12. A.S.A.P. Programme Resources

  13. Every club has different needs. • Spend some time discussing the types • of problems that have happened before. • Think about the type of difficulties that • you are likely to encounter in your area • and base your policy on these. 3. Review the situation in your area regarding drugs/alcohol.

  14. Keep it to 2- 3 (max.) pages in length • The least a policy should include is… • Reason for having a policy • Definition of the word “drug” • Rules on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medicine • Roles and responsibilities • Education about alcohol and drug use • Sanctions & confidentiality • Procedures for monitoring and evaluation 4. Prepare a draft copy of the Club Drug & Alcohol Policy.

  15. SEND OUT COPIES TO EVERYONE • Invite people to give feedback on the • draft policy. • Amend it to include relevant feedback. • Get club management to ratify the policy • and formally adopt its recommendations. • Make sure all groups involved in the club • get a copy and not just the people who are • seen to be dealing directly with the issue. 5. Amend and finalise the Club Drug & Alcohol Policy

  16. Officially launch of the policy to; • 1. signify its start date • 2. get some positive media coverage • 3. let everyone know of its existence • Make sure EVERYONE in the club gets • a copy. • Display it in the club. • Move quickly to arrange an education or • training event to capitalise on momentum. 6. Circulate, launch and start implementing the policy.

  17. The types of drugs being used changes • so get annual updates. • The policy should be reviewed annually • and always after an incident to see if it • was effective or it needs to be amended. 7. Monitor, review and evaluate the policy.

  18. Club Drug & Alcohol Policy If you :- Use the Manual sample policy 7 Step process Use the DVD Utilise the Website Distribute the brochure This will be more than adequate in assisting you in implementing a club policy.

  19. GAA ASAP Website

  20. Remember The sample policy was created specifically to provide guidance and to reduce the onus of responsibility on individuals of having to lay down guidelines for the club on this difficult subject. Consider the Club’s Policy Document as a “work-in-progress”. There is no obligation to cover every area in minute detail. Let it evolve. It is not a legal document and it is for guidance only. (eg. A Code of Conduct). Its purpose is to help prevent substance abuse incidents to assist the club when confronted with an incident to help the club deal with it in a consistent manner to inform the club of what help and support is available to them

  21. Your contacts in the A.S.A.P. Programme Diarmuid Gowen Munster ASAP Provincial Officer (086) 8243356