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  1. Manufacturing User GroupTelecon DiscussionTuesday Apr 13 2010“What metrics do you use to measure success?”

  2. Present • Mary Bunzel, IBM • Dave Reiber, GM • Jason Verly, Davisco Foods • Dave Gabriel, GM • Rich Lee, Cummins • Alan Feder, International • Seichi Oka, Mitsubishi • Simon, Mitsubishi

  3. Metrics What metrics do you use for measuring the effectiveness of your Maximo implementation? • OEE is the hot topic at GM • Data is elusive, wrench time, actual start time when machine starts up • Who is going to put in, who does strategic analysis afterwards • Have to be careful about what is measured, • Data collected is used in many different places • Someone needs to be assigned to collect the information up front • what and who • ROI • See it as a cost burden, can you show me ROI • How to collect data? How to find ROI • Inventory category is a narrow category but is also one of high focus • Productivity against the line must be measured based on contribution of materials • E.g. what parts do you absolutely need to keep the line running

  4. Metrics • Best practices are not well defined, there are at least 6 in place in GM, • Decided to change the culture to focus around team structure • Continuous improvement as a culture • The norm in the past has been just to follow a process, now the team is empowered to make decisions • They can already see the difference, people are seeing they are having an effect and are getting more involved. • Demands for data are varied, can only analyze the data you have. • OEE data is collected in MES alongside Maximo to get all the information needed for the calculation. • The question is, can collect in Maximo, if not why? And if paying for another software then why? • Our experience shows that the data necessary for OEE is sourced from many different sources • Downtime info can come from Maximo but other sources must come from MES and Quality systems • GM has seen people enter work orders by asset to store the production and quality • Suggestions from the group are that if you don’t have a system to put OEE together, its possible to create work orders for each reporting period (daily, weekly, etc) to store the OEE data elements. Then modify the report to capture and report from single source. One person has to manage this anyway so single source is effective in this case. • Reports can only reflect on data which is available • Without certain process improvements in place it is not possible to capture the data, e.g. using Maximo to Dispatch work

  5. Metrics • It is possible to capture macro view of plant performance through use of MTBF and MTTR figures. • If you create the work order in dispatch at the time someone is sent to the repair, you begin the process of collecting time. Closing the work ends the work time. Trying to capture this info after the fact is impossible. • Time collected in this fashion is used as the basis of the MTBF and MTTR calculations. While recognized that the data is not perfect, there may be error at each end, nonetheless it still gives you a high level view of where the problems are in the plant so you can begin to work on correcting them. • The question was asked about calculations that are used for the work. Typically, as projects to implement Maximo rely on a justification, which are based on assessments of opportunities to save money. IBM have some examples of guided questionnaires we use to extract value from process improvements – I have volunteered to show some examples so please watch the publications list for the attachment. • Another suggestion was made to arrange for other users to share specifics about the reports they are using via a web cast. I agreed to work on finding customers who could participate in this event. • The Maximo Advisory Council was discussed. The Advisory Group comes together with IBM product strategy groups to advise on the direction of the market so that we can guide the product to be ahead of where the industry is going. There is the potential for a meeting in LaGaude France in either May or September of this year. I’ll advise. • The next meeting on May 13 will be moved earlier in the day to accommodate schedules better.

  6. Next Steps • Next meeting: Leveraging a greater use of Maximo - Best Practices. Meeting date: May 13th, 20108:00 – 9:30 Eastern Standard Time