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Understanding and using your Online Analytics

Understanding and using your Online Analytics. Debra Askanase, Community Organizer 2.0 Scott Hertz, URJ Youth & College Programs. Jcamp180 Conference, 2013 # j campanalyze. What you need to know to be a better communicator. IS WAITING TO BE FOUND. Your burning metrics questions.

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Understanding and using your Online Analytics

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  1. Understanding and using your Online Analytics

    Debra Askanase, Community Organizer 2.0 Scott Hertz, URJ Youth & College Programs Jcamp180 Conference, 2013 #jcampanalyze
  2. What you need to know to be a better communicator IS WAITING TO BE FOUND
  3. Your burning metrics questions
  4. Every site has its own data finder
  5. Twitter https://analytics.twitter.com/accounts Reach, Engagement, Mentions, Followers
  6. Facebook Facebook Insights
  7. Facebook Reach, Engagement, Location, Demographics
  8. Pinterest (business) Reach, Repins, Clicks, Website visits
  9. LinkedIn (company page) Reach, Engagement, Clicks, Demographics
  10. Website analytics.google.com Reach, Segmentation, Referrals, Demographics, Site Behavior, Content interest, & more
  11. measure correctly
  12. Build everything towards your goals
  13. Your goals might be… Registration & Reenrollment Alumni involvement Awareness/Share of voice Donations
  14. Analytics Case study
  16. Give parents a sense of what is going on at camp before they ask Regular Blog Posts (share on Social Media) Daily Updates on Facebook Introduce Twitter as Communications Tool
  17. Take your measurements
  18. How many people are visiting our blog? How are people getting there? 41 Blogs in 52 Days 4,380 unique visitors to our blog 11,248 visits to our blog with 19,000page views all summer 40% of blog views came from Facebook 20% from Bunk1 11% from the website
  19. Opening Day SlideShow Why I am the Luckiest Adult on the Planet What Does a Director Do the Day Before Camp Opens? The Good Fortune of URJ Camp Harlam Shabbat Shalom from Aaron: 6/28 What’s Going On in Your Child’s Unit… Carmel Campers Fly Like Birds Shabbat Shalom from Aaron: 7/5 What are the most popular blog posts?
  20. How many people are we talking to on Facebook? Have we been able to increase our‘likes’ and reach? Went from 3,332 likes to 4,000 over year (Up 20%) Went from 3,392 likes to 3,915 over the summer (Up 15.4%) 309 Posts in 52 days Expanded reach to over 3K per post on average with our most viral post reaching 5.6K people.
  21. What are our most “viral” posts? When is the best time of day to post? 6.26/13 10:00 pm (Opening Day) 5.6K reached 6/28/13 8:33 pm (Shabbat Shalom) 4.3K reached 7/20/13 8:05 pm (Banquet Song Session) 4.1K reached 7/3/13 10:22 pm (Blog) 3.1K reached 6/25/13 6:27 pm (Night Before Closing Day) 3K reached When are fans online: Highest point: 8-10 PM Noon-10 pm is an ideal posting time
  22. Did we reach more families on Facebook? 80% (Up 27%)of families knew Camp Harlam used Facebook and 57% (Up 24%) used it themselves
  23. How many people are we talkingto on Twitter?* What were our most popular tweets? Goal for end of summer (followers): 1,400 Original: 1,113 Current total followers: 1,425* Followers increased: 28.03% Sheer # of tweets: 296 Most popular links: 1st Day Welcome 6/26/13 27 clicks, 6 favorites, 4 retweets Chavurah Blue Man Group 7/9/13 19 clicks 2nd Session Opening Day 7.24.13 4 favorites, 7 retweets Zimriah Tweet 8/15 8 clicks 4th July Fireworks 5 favorites, 2 retweets
  24. Did we reach more families on Twitter? While we increased 28% more followers,only have 20% of our camper families using Twitter.
  25. Your turn What are the questions that you need social or website data to answer?
  26. Your knowledge Our knowledge
  27. Sharing is caring Internal discussions: Who needs to be aware of this information immediately, to act on it? Who else should be aware of this information? How will you make it available to both sets of colleagues internally? When will you regularly discuss this? What intentional knowledge-sharing structure needs to be put in place?
  28. Information sharing
  29. Come on in! The water’s just right… Try it,
  30. …and unexpected surprises abound!
  31. Questions? No problem! Debra Askanase debra@communityorganizer20.com Twitter: @askdebra (617) 682-2977 Scott Hertz shertz@urj.org Twitter:@sghertz (212) 650-4079
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