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Principles of Internet Marketing

Principles of Internet Marketing. Chapter 9 Traffic and Brand Building. Chapter 9 Traffic and Brand Building. 指導:任立中教授 學員:柯松仁 88751205(資管班) 戴銘洲 88751227(國企班) 胡文華 88751228(資管班) 陳芸華 88751231(資管班) 張文進 88751249(資管班). Topics. Smart browsing

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Principles of Internet Marketing

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  1. Principles ofInternet Marketing Chapter 9 Traffic and Brand Building

  2. Chapter 9 Traffic and Brand Building 指導:任立中教授 學員:柯松仁 88751205(資管班) 戴銘洲 88751227(國企班) 胡文華 88751228(資管班) 陳芸華 88751231(資管班) 張文進 88751249(資管班)

  3. Topics • Smart browsing • Traffic as value • Traffic through visibility • Domain branding • Managing your portal presence • Publicity and word of mouth • Paying for traffic • Alliance and co-branding • Online ads • Evaluating traffic sources

  4. Smart Browsing • Surf Engines – • Using personalization techniques to help to solve the question of where to go next. • Aimed at making Web navigation easier. • No engine can provide guidance to a newly created page. • Surf Engine Pioneer – • Alexa Internet Services (www.alexa.com), • Founded in April 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat • Located in San Francisco. • Alexa works along with your browser to provide information about the Web page being viewed and insight about the additional places to visit.

  5. Features of Alexa Software System Real Time Information provider. • Using technologies of parallel computing – send new page address back to Alexa system, then send new information to users’ computer. • Keeping a database of Web-surfing behavior. • Using data mining techniques – recognize usage patterns, help to guide users to their desired information. • Interactive – Click trails are combined with user rankings of web-page quality. Behavior and Rankings.

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  13. Value and Scarcity Traffic as Value • Value is based on scarcity of supply, not necessarily benefits 價值係因供給不足而產生 • The supply of web content is growing faster than the number of users 提供網頁內容者成長迅速多過於瀏覽者 • While the volume of online material provides ever-increasing value to network users, the battle for attention is severe • 當線上內容量的增加供給其價值給網路 適用者,則此戰役將更激烈而引人注意

  14. Building Web Traffic • Any Web site must attract visitors. The best designed and implemented Web site is useless if no one shows up! 網站必須吸引客戶,假如沒有客戶的光臨,則再好的設計和執行均是沒用的 • The biggest challenge facing Web marketer is getting visitors to their site. 面對網路市場最大的挑戰就是吸引客戶造訪 • Traffic building tools : • Advertising廣告 • Links連結 • User habits喜好 • Word of mouth口碑 • Surf engines搜尋引擎

  15. Search & Directory Domain Name/Brand Destination Site External Links Publicity Paid Advertising Fig. 9.3: Sources of Traffic Traffic as Value Elements of a Web Traffic Plan • Acquiring traffic is expensive • And critical to Web marketing success • Make the site easy to find by new users • - Domain name • - Search & Directory • - Publicity • - External Links • - Advertising

  16. Table 9.2 Traffic as Value Elements of a Web Traffic Plan • Retaining traffic is profitable 維持流量是有利的 • Site loyalty dramatically lowers the cost of maintaining • web site traffic降低網址維護成本與提高客戶忠誠度是有利的 • Fewer new users must be attracted to maintain a • profitable user base少數新使用者必定被吸引到一有利於客戶 • 之管理網站上

  17. Traffic as Value Elements of a Web Traffic Plan • Developing Traffic Requires Value • Visit duration is the online equivalent to time in a store • Long visit duration allows: • - More time to communicate the message of the site • - Additional opportunities to engage in commerce • - More chances to build commitment and loyalty • - Exposure to more advertising or alliance partner • impression

  18. Figure 9.4 – Length of Time Visitors Spend on the Xerox Company Web Site Traffic as Value Elements of a Web Traffic Plan • 網站到訪者瀏覽的時間是顧客價值的指標 • 網站的價值越高,顧客願意逗留的時間越長

  19. Traffic Through Visibility Traffic Builders: Domain Names • A domain name is the address a customer uses to find • your site • Poorly chosen names can hinder success • Once chosen, domain names can be difficult to change • without significant expense • A domain name strategy should • - Reinforce branding • - Build traffic • - Anticipate consumer behavior and mistakes

  20. Figure 9.6: Three Different Ways of Getting to the Coca-Cola Homepage Traffic Through Visibility Traffic Builders: Domain Names

  21. Table 9.4 Traffic Through Visibility Guidelines for Effective Domain Names

  22. Laws Of Internet Branding 1.互斥法則 (1)網路—媒體或生意,只能選定其中一種 (2)網路世界跟現實世界共用同一個名稱,是錯 誤的決定 2.互動法則 少了互動性,你的網站跟品牌寸步難行 3.泛稱法則 (1)選擇一個普通的網站名稱—網路的死亡之旅 (2)就算是把頭髮想白了,你都要替你的網站取 個天下無敵的好名字

  23. Laws Of Internet Branding (cont) 4.專有名稱法則 網站命名採專有名詞命名,避免取普通名詞名稱 Ex: Amazon.comvs.Books.com Yahoo.comvs.Searchengine.com 5.獨占法則 不計任何代價,爭取第一 網上只有第一,沒有第二 6.廣告法則 不要將 Revenue 全部寄放在廣告收入上,廣告市場沒有想像中那麼大

  24. Laws Of Internet Branding (cont) 7.全球法則 (1) .com與.com.tw (2) 中文與英文 (3) Local 與 International 的關係 8.時間法則 去做,動作要快!你一定要拼第一名 網上不變法則—只有第一,沒有第二 所以,最好現在馬上就衝出去…… 9.虛榮法則 吃你的〝那一份〞,不要想吃〝全份〞

  25. Laws Of Internet Branding (cont) 10.分散法則 科技不會整合,只會分化—真的! 11.轉型法則 (1)分類廣告將搬至網路上 (2)郵政業務將不僅於送信—如為EC收款或配送物流 (3)各種金融服務漸漸移至網路 (4)貨運業前途看好 (5)網路零售業會變為價格遊戲 (6)網路外的零售業,將轉為服務競爭 (7)網路搜尋引擎的重要性將逐年遞減 (8)網路將會減弱電話事業、印刷業、傳統目錄業 (9)網路泡沫化危機將持續

  26. WEB’S Domain Name Building 1.網站名稱 越短越好 Amazon 要比 Barnesandnoble 好記,AOL.com 也不錯 2.網站名稱越簡單越好 Ex: Hinet、Yahoo、eBay、Icq、Kimo 朗朗上口 Yahoo vs. Altavista (較差) 3.網站名稱在行業中要富有聯想力 Ex: Pchome.com、 GM.com 、 Microsoft.com 4.站名要特別 Ex:Niyeiyei.com 、 3Com.com From:網路品牌法則-Ch.4

  27. WEB’S Domain Name Building 5.站名最好押頭韻 Ex: Coca-Cola 、 Volvo 6.站名唸起來要好聽 Ex: Hinet、 Yahoo 、 Kimo 7.名稱要有震撼力 Ex: Amazom 、 Monster.com 、 Diehard.com 8.名稱最好個人化 Ex: Dell.com 、 Ford.com From:網路品牌法則-Ch.4

  28. 網路品牌命名法則 WEB’S Domain Building --為什麼給網站取個好名字這麼重要? 1.全球有數不清的網站,為在茫茫網海中,為讓消費者簡單容易上你的網站,一定要取個易記、簡單的網站名稱,讓人印象深刻。 2.網路摧毀了一切疆域、障礙跟界線上網,靠的是輸入網站名稱進入電腦,“它”沒有顏色、沒有商標,故要取個偉大的網站名稱,如:Yahoo、AOL、Hinet、eBay、Kimo…… (大部分在5個英文字母以內) From:網路品牌法則

  29. Traffic Through Visibility Traffic Builders: Portal Presence • Search engines and directories are common ways • to find a company’s web site • Problems • - A single search often produces thousands • of results • - Less than 1 percent of Web pages show up in • all four of the most popular search engines

  30. Traffic Through Visibility Traffic Builders: Portal Presence • 搜尋引擎通常是以Keywords,Meta-tages,PageTitles或其他為搜尋重點 • 維持高排行榜 • -選擇適當的關鍵字,詳細註記及分類 • - 在主要的搜尋引擎網站做登記 • 網站的曝光率很重要 • 設法排列在清單裡前面的位置 • - 確定在目錄網站的分類 (Ex:Yahoo!)

  31. Example – www.pikenet.com (real estate) Traffic Through Visibility The Emergence of Specialized Portals • A specialized portal focuses on a specific industry • Special directories provide editorial control by industry experts, categorization schemes and the ability to reflect rapid change in a particular industry

  32. 好口碑和使用者正面的鼓勵將是網站成功的重要因素好口碑和使用者正面的鼓勵將是網站成功的重要因素 忠誠的用戶是網站最佳的代言人 網站無人瀏覽,或使用者不削一顧,都會為網站帶來負面的影響 Figure 9.9 Influences on Trial Traffic Through Visibility Electronic Word of Mouth and Diffusion

  33. Traffic Through Visibility Net Word-of-Mouth Technologies • E-mail among friends and biz acquaintances • Usenet groups • E-mail listservs • AOL and other online forums • Industry portal discussion areas • Online and traditional media coverage of the Net The Net amplifies the power and accelerates the speed of user feedback

  34. Traffic Through Visibility Opinion Leaders Online • Opinion leaders are well-respected industry participants journalists, or lead users known for expertise • Reaching opinion leaders is a key success factor of an e-commerce strategy • Opinion leaders can be reached via e-mail and social networks

  35. Traffic Through Visibility URL Placement • Integrate your domain name wherever possible • - Manuals, warranties, software programs • - Familiar advertising settings • Billboards, buses, bills, company brochures, radio • advertisements, public speeches, menus in • restaurants, park benches, shopping bags • To track which medium is driving traffic • - Use unique identifiers • - Use different Web addresses with different media • messages

  36. Paying for Traffic Interactive Advertising • Banner ads are the dominant form of online advertising - Clickable graphic images that take a user to another Web location • Pricing is usually based on the number of impressions - Negotiated prices, volume discounts, and barter arrangements are common - Each banner also carries a unique identifier • This allows a business to track the effectiveness of each placement in generating traffic

  37. 0.05 Pool of Visitors From Impressions to Clicks 0.95 0.02 Pool of Impressions 0.98 Fig. 9.13 – The Declining Number of Viewers at Each Step of an Advertising Chain Paying for Traffic Online Advertising Effectiveness From Visits to Purchases

  38. Paying for Traffic Online Advertising Effectiveness • Online ad banners are simple to create and • implement • - Experimentation is cheap and easy • Click-through rates are fairly low • Higher click-through rates associated with: • - Bold colors • - Top-of-page placement • - Animation • - Call to action • - Limited frequency of exposure

  39. Paying for Traffic Brand Building with Banner Ads • Banner click-through rates are often as low as 2 percent • This reduces the effect of online brand building • Many feel that branding still requires the power and imagery of television and radio until users have better technology

  40. Paying for Traffic Brand Building with Banner Ads • Paid advertising may be necessary to create the initial visibility to search engines • Several of the search engines use external links to traffic to determine a site’s indexing frequency and placement in result lists • Advertising reinforces the effectiveness of free media • Initial studies indicate that banner ads can help build brand awareness • Even with no click-through, banners can trigger post-exposure visits to sites

  41. Paying for Traffic Online Advertising May Not Fit All Companies • Some sites generate sufficient traffic with other measures • If a business has a regional market, it’s best to avoid online advertising on sites with national or international scope • Regional sites, however, may be a great opportunity for online advertising • CitySearch, SideWalk, JustGo, Yahoo!

  42. Evaluating Traffic Sources Measuring the Returns • Measurable sources of traffic include: - Search engines and directories - E-mail promotions - Publicity campaigns aimed at building awareness and trial - Links from newspaper articles and press releases - Dedicated software updates and links - Paid advertising expenditures to steer traffic to the site - Alliances and co-branding to generate traffic from affiliate sites • Web-log and commerce server data enable marketers to measure these sources

  43. Evaluating Traffic Sources Tracking Search Terms • Important to monitor the top-ranked keywords visitors use to find a site • Provides useful snapshot of the ways visitors remember and categorize a site

  44. Figure 9.18 Traffic Value Evaluating Traffic Sources Measuring the Returns Revenues per Visit and per Page View are quite high

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