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    1. UNION MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Helipad Project

    2. Union Memorial Hospital Panel Presenters: Brad Chambers Chief Operating Officer Union Memorial Hospital Ray Syms Aeronautical Consultant Raymond A. Syms & Associates Norman R. Dotti, P.E., P.P. Acoustical Engineer Russell Acoustics, LLC In Attendance: Harrison Rider III President Union Memorial Hospital Mark Jensen Chairman of the Board Union Memorial Hospital John Wang, M.D. Chief, Cardiac Cath Lab Union Memorial Hospital

    3. Why the need for the Helipad? Union Memorial Hospital has experienced tremendous growth in its specialty services over the last 5 years. Site of the Congressionally designated Curtis National Hand Center and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Heart Institute. Union Memorial is the only Heart Center in the Baltimore Metropolitan area without a helipad; University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Sinai and St. Joseph Medical Center are the other facilities. Union Memorial is the only Heart Center in Maryland to receive national recognition for its quality of care rated as a Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospital. Union Memorial Hospital is the Baltimore Metropolitan Heart Center for MedStar.

    4. Union Memorial Hospital Provides: 20,000 Admissions 56,000 Emergency Room visits $30 million of uncompensated care

    5. Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Institute Top 100 Heart Program 4,200 Diagnostic Catheterizations Emergency Catheterizations 2,400 Angioplasties 1,000 Open Heart Surgeries Does more beating heart operations than any other Maryland heart center

    6. Why the need for the Helipad? Increased demand to provide cardiac surgical cases across the state. Immediate access is critical. Delay of minutes could result in the loss of life or limb. Time differential: hospital landing vs. remote landing. Combination of the travel time, powering down of the helicopter, unloading of the patient to/from ambulance. Added time for transporting first to Lake Montebello then Union Memorial Hospital is approximately 20 minutes.

    7. Usage of the Helipad Support cardiovascular and hand trauma cases only. Estimate 1-5 cardiovascular cases per week; 3 hand trauma cases per month. Union Memorial will not be changing its emergency room designation with the State; Remain at a Level 1 ER. WE WILL NOT PURSUE A TRAUMA CENTER DISTINCTION.

    8. MedStar Transport Helicopter dispatch coordinated out of the Washington Hospital Center. Utilize the Eurocopter (EC135) helicopter; twin engine aircraft considered to be one of the safest helicopters ever built. Geometric design of the main rotor blades makes it one of the quietest helicopters in its class.

    9. Issues Sound Flight Path Determination Safety Guidelines weather conditions twin engines and professional crew required safety record of the helicopters

    10. Sound Entire sound event lasts approximately 45-60 seconds, during landing and take-off. At any one point along the flight route, providing the observer is close enough to hear, the helicopter will typically only be heard for 20 seconds or less. The sound level of the EC135 Helicopter is far below that of any accepted noise producers in our environment. The following components factor in the way sound is perceived: Distance Nature and intensity of the noise generated Height above the ground Type and vintage of the aircraft Terrain

    11. 3 Day Ambient Sound Test 302 33rd Street

    12. 3 Day Ambient Sound Test 3405 Greenway

    13. Sound Level During Helicopter Test Flight

    14. Typical Sound Levels

    15. Typical Sound Levels

    16. Typical Sound Levels

    17. Flight Path Determination & Safety Guidelines Approach and departure paths set by FAA regulations. Compiled with all regulations and guidelines. Specific obstacle and slope criteria that are used to determine routes.

    18. Union Memorial Hospital Helicopter Flight Path

    19. Safety Guidelines Compliance with safety standards: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Baltimore City and State of Maryland Information provided by the NTSB and FAA, indicate that helipads, as the one considered for Union Memorial, have had a PERFECT safety record as it relates to physical risk to any member of the general public or anyone in the surrounding community.

    20. Safety Guidelines If weather conditions are such to pose a safety or comfort issue, flights are canceled. Prevailing winds, cloud cover and visibility significantly effect the operation.

    21. Skyview of Helipad

    22. Next Steps Awaiting a hearing date with the Planning Commission. Once the project is approved, 11-12 month period before the facility is operational. Construction period is approximately 9 months.