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Nurse Leaders of Idaho Annual Leadership Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Nurse Leaders of Idaho Annual Leadership Conference

Nurse Leaders of Idaho Annual Leadership Conference

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Nurse Leaders of Idaho Annual Leadership Conference

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  1. Nurse Leaders of Idaho Annual Leadership Conference “Preparing Today for the Workforce of Tomorrow” June 14, 2013 Patricia A. Polansky, RN, M.S. Co-Director Center to Champion Nursing in America

  2. Health Care Transformation 2012 Presidential Elections New Congress Supreme Court Decision Super Committee

  3. A New Era in Health & Health Care 3

  4. Campaign Vision All Americans have access to high-quality, patient-centered care in a health care system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success.

  5. Areas of Focus Education Practice & Care Leadership Interprofessional Collaboration Diversity

  6. Increase Education Level of Nurses Prepare nurses to meet new challenges in health & health care. Increase the proportion of nurses with BSN and higher degrees. Increase the number of nurses with doctorates. Implement nurse residency programs.

  7. Education Evidence • Some studies show that higher proportions of BSN-prepared nurses are associated with lower rates of medication errors, mortality, and failure to rescue. • Research also shows that BSN-prepared nurses have stronger diagnostic skills and are better at evaluating interventions. • A growing body of research shows a connection between baccalaureate education and lower mortality rates. Studies show association between higher nurse education level and improved health care outcomes.

  8. Education Transformation Our focus is to help states: • Adopt, enroll, and scale up one of the four models of education progression • RN-to-BSN Degree Awarded from a Community College • State or Regionally Shared Competency or Outcomes-Based Curriculum • Accelerated Options: RN-to-MSN • Shared Statewide or Regional Curriculum • Develop partnerships with community colleges and four year universities 8

  9. Future of Nursing Scholars • RWJF Initiative to double the number of nurses with doctorates • The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing will serve as the national program office • Schools of nursing will apply to join the program • Program will support up to 100 PhD nursing candidates over the first two years • Scholars will receive scholarships, stipends, mentoring, leadership development, and research support!

  10. Academic Progression in Nursing (APIN) The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded APIN program will support and accelerate educational transformation • Specific to the goal of 80% BSN by 2020 • Available only to Action Coalitions • Provides resources to implement and evaluate one or more of the four models 9 states awarded APIN grants: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington

  11. APIN Initiatives- Montana • Collaborating with hospitals to offer RNs incentives • Creating standardized seamless pathways • Establishing common admission standards • Developing statewide mentoring program

  12. APIN Initiatives- Washington Develop a streamlined pathway to BSN • Shared curricula • Reduction in curricular variation • Supportive systems for minority students • Direct transfer agreements between community colleges and universities

  13. National Progress

  14. Campaign for Action Website Visit us on the web at