the functions of accounting software companies n.
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The Functions Of Accounting Software PowerPoint Presentation
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The Functions Of Accounting Software

The Functions Of Accounting Software

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The Functions Of Accounting Software

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  1. The Functions Of Accounting Software Companies that keep their own accounts must choose accounting software. You have to understand the company’s requirements and also the detailed fact sheet on accounting software: what is an accounting software? What is it used for? What are the advantages? An accounting software is an accounting and financial computer program which ensures the keeping of the accounting. It allows to transcribe all the transactions carried out by the company with its partners (customers, suppliers, employees, partners, bank). The Sage One solution is an example of software that allows you to keep your accounts. Accounting software in Tanzania can be developed internally by the company or purchased directly from a software publisher. When a company keeps its own accounts using its own software, it can ask a chartered accountant to carry out a mission to present the annual accounts. The professional accountant will prepare a certificate on the consistency and plausibility of the annual accounts.

  2. Usually, accounting software allows to keep general accounts. It is a matter of choosing its chart of accounts and possibly setting it up, creating and setting up logs and, above all, recording accounting entries in different logs. Some accounting software can efficiently manage subscription accounts. Business Details : Duxte Limited Josam House, Block B, 2nd Floor Mikocheni Light Industrial Area P.O.Box 35984, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Phone: +255 767 531 360 Email: Website :