esources can give a tremendous boost to your n.
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Esources Can Give a Tremendous Boost to Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Esources Can Give a Tremendous Boost to Your Business

Esources Can Give a Tremendous Boost to Your Business

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Esources Can Give a Tremendous Boost to Your Business

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  1. Esources Can Give a Tremendous Boost to Your Business

  2. B2B refers to business-to-business selling. Known as e-biz, B2B indicates exchange of services, products, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and individuals. • The sale of business to consumers is referred to as business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. Reports and studies suggest that in not too a distant future, the sale generated from B2B is going to exceed the sale made by B2C by a fair margin. • Presently, the revenue generated by B2B sales exceeds that of B2C by a ratio of 10.1. The total revenue generated by B2B sales is around 10 trillion dollars and it is estimated that in the coming years, B2B revenue will grow at an annual compound rate of over 40 percent.

  3. Esources is UK’s biggest and most reputable B2B portal. A perfect meeting point for trade buyers and wholesale suppliers, this largest wholesale directory of UK gives you a chance to give a big boost to your business. • In the following section, we shall look at how this B2B portal can help a buyer or a trader fulfill each other’s need and why registering at this portal could prove immensely beneficial for your business. • for Buyers • You can visit this website to find quality and well-established wholesale suppliers. This site could connect you to legitimate suppliers who have the expertise to fully comprehend your needs and professionalism to process your order according to the agreement.

  4. All you need to do is to register for a free buyer account and you will be given a chance to list your buy requests without you having to pay a single penny. • You can choose and contact companies from dozens of categories listed on this portal. There are wholesale suppliers from UK as well as there are international suppliers. • Whether its apparel and clothing, computer and software, home supplies, health and beauty, foods and beverages, telecom and mobiles, textiles and fabrics, toys and games, construction, and DIY, among others, you can be assured of all your needs being met here. • What’s more? This B2B portal, which is UK’s largest wholesale directory, also gives you the option of subscribing to premium buyer membership.

  5. This could prove to be highly advantageous for your business, as it gives you access to thousands of exclusive wholesale sources and websites that you can contact and do business with. • 2. for Suppliers • You are a trade supplier and you are looking for verified and trusted buyers with whom you can be comfortable doing business with. • You can register at Esources and request a free listing as well as discover the latest UK wholesale offers. This website also provides the option of registering for premium supplier membership. This could provide a solid boost to your business by enhancing your visibility.

  6. 3. Other Advantages that this Website Offers to Suppliers • You can subscribe to free e-training courses and receive free email updates about new and exciting offers on a real-time basis. You can view the latest prices and wholesale offers. • You can also contact suppliers directly or in bulk using buyers' requests. You will also be provided with advanced market reports and researches to help you in better decision making. You will know what sells in the market and in the process make more informed choices.

  7. You can view and reply to buy leads and display your address and contact and fax number live. You can also edit and manage your company and product listing, and track clicks and links back to your websites. • There are hosts of other advantages that this portal offers, apart from the few mentioned above. There are hundreds of suppliers and buyers who have benefited from Esources, and their opinions and reviews will confirm that this portal can be of immense help to your business.

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