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  2. NOTE GUIDE • What are some advantages of an open design kitchen? • Where should a kitchen be located in the home? • What are the three basic work centers? • What equipment is commonly found in the food preparation and storage center? • On the latch side of the refrigerator, how wide does the counter space need to be for setting out supplies and preparing food? • A small mixing center is usually located beside the food storage center. How wide should this space be? • What equipment is commonly found in the cleanup center? • How far from the front of the counter should the sink be place?

  3. How much space is needed to the right of the sink for stacking dirty dishes? • To the left of the sink, how much space is needed for draining and stacking clean dishes? • What equipment is commonly found in the cooking and serving center? • How much heat-resistant counter space is required on each side of the range? • What three points make up the work triangle? • What should the minimum measurement be from the middle of the refrigerator, to the middle of the sink, to the middle of the range top? • What is the standard height and depth of base cabinets?

  4. What are the standard height and depth measurements for counter tops? • What are the standard height and depth measurements for wall cabinets? • How much cabinet space is recommended for storage? • What materials are countertops usually made from? • Sketch the shapes of the following kitchen layouts. Make the wall lines thicker and darker than the other lines. U-shaped kitchen L-shaped kitchen Island kitchen Corridor kitchen Peninsula kitchen One-wall kitchen • List three possible locations for laundry areas. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each • How much space is needed to park one car?

  5. How much space is needed to park two cars? • What room does the service entrance usually lead to? • What are some special-purpose rooms that can be included in a house? • What percentage of space in a house should be allocated for storage? • Find a picture of a kitchen in a magazine where you can see the work triangle. • Is there adequate storage? • What “shape” is the kitchen? • Is the work triangle arranged correctly? • What is the length of the work triangle? • Is there traffic through the work triangle? • Is the corner area well used? • Is there an open space for mixing? • Is there sufficient natural lighting? • Is there anything specific you like or dislike about the kitchen?