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how to lose weight, diet, how to lose weight fast, low carb diet, lose weight, diet plans, how to lose weight fast, 2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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how to lose weight, diet, how to lose weight fast, low carb diet, lose weight, diet plans, how to lose weight fast, 2020

how to lose weight, diet, how to lose weight fast, low carb diet, lose weight, diet plans, how to lose weight fast, 2020

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how to lose weight, diet, how to lose weight fast, low carb diet, lose weight, diet plans, how to lose weight fast, 2020

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  1. HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR OWN WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION? Find out the definitive method that will allow you to lose weight, get your confidence back and change your life forever. Written by: Heather Johnson. @healthylife.weightloss All rights reserved Healthy Life Today Copyright 2019 Prohibited the total or partial reproduction of this guide. The exhibition of this guide is prohibited on any digital platform without author authorization.

  2. Do you have what it takes to lose weight? It has passed through your head many times before, but now is different, you have already made a decision, you will lose weight and transform your life from now on, nothing will stop you this time, nothing will go wrong. But suddenly you start to feel a strong fear that runs throughout your whole body, suddenly you start to feel a big weight on your shoulders. And then, all doubts invade you, "Can I really make it?" you ask yourself, and in search of answers you start looking at the past. Maybe you have tried to lose weight before and you have failed, maybe you have seen your friends or your family try again and again without reaching good results, maybe you think you need to be someone special or have incredible abilities to lose weight. But if at this moment you are thinking that it will be impossible to realize your own weight loss transformation, then, I am so happy to tell you that you are wrong, very very wrong. Yes, I don´t know you personally, but even so, I know you are able to lose weight and make the body you want come true, and I know something more, you only will succeed if you do it in the way I will tell you in this guide. With so much false information on the internet, miraculous products, and experts who only want all your money, it is necessary that you learn the truth about weight loss, and that is what I am going to tell you within this guide. I want to make it crystal clear for you, everyone can lose weight and change their lives… do you want proof? Then look at all the amazing success stories in our Instagram account @healthylife.weightloss, look at all those women who have reached their goal of having a healthy, beautiful and strong body… you can do it too!

  3. They are not super human or have extraordinary abilities, they are like you and me, but they all made a decision some time ago, and are enjoying the results of that decision today. The best part is that they all followed the same path that I will tell you in this short guide, the definitive path to a life full of health, self-esteem, confidence, self-love, energy and happiness, there is no other way that leads you to such a life. So, if you are ready to learn how to make your own weight loss transformation come true, just read on, as you will now know what path you have to follow from now on.

  4. What is the key to lose weight and keep it off forever? Really, what is the key to making the body you want come true? To get it and keep it forever? To say goodbye to all the negative feelings associated with your body that have made your life miserable? I was wondering the same thing a few years ago, when I decided that I wanted to change my reality at that time, I didn’t want to be a bad role model for my son, and I didn’t want to continue feeling bad because of my body, I was tired of all that! I wanted to get amazing health, endless energy to enjoy happy moments with my family, I wanted to stop worrying about what others (and myself) thought about my body. But the journey wasn’t easy at all, actually, before achieving my weight loss transformation and getting the body I wanted, I felt lost so many times, I tried to find the answer to my overweight problem in the form of hard diets, pills or magic potions that recommended my friends and family, but simply nothing seemed to work. Sometimes I managed to lose some weight, but after a while I ended up recovering all the weight lost and even more. It was so frustrating, in those moments I just wanted to give up, let things continue as they were before I started my journey. But then, I thought about my son, about my family, about my poor health and that I would still feel bad because of my body forever, I knew that if I gave up, I would regret the rest of my life. So I decided to continue with my journey, but this time, I said I would do it differently, I had hired a new personal trainer to help me get the result I wanted (yes, you can say that I was tired of failing over and over again.) This personal trainer achieved her own weight loss transformation, and now she was helping other women achieve the same results, so I thought she was the perfect person to help me, and I was right.

  5. She revealed to me the great secret, the key that allowed me to reach my final goal and change my life forever, and now I want to tell you what’s that key, after knowing this “secret” you will transform your body once and for all. Ok, the big key to make the body you want come true is not a diet, or a specific pill or tea, not even a extreme exercise routine, the key to losing weight is simpler than that… the real key for successful weight loss is to transform your current lifestyle, your daily choices, your habits, that’s all! When you start focusing in this way to losing weight, it all change (don’t worry, it is easier than you think, and you won’t have to follow impossible diets or make expensive treatments.) Think about it, it's useless to lose weight if you don’t attack the root of the problem, your habits, your nutrition, your day-to-day activities. If you don’t change that, it will always sabotage your progress no matter what, you will never get consistent progress. If you get any type of positive result, your lifestyle will take you back to the point you started, gaining all the weight you had already lost and even more (this is what happened to me every time.) Instead, by transforming your lifestyle you are attacking all the problem at once, allowing you to get results easily and keep them throughout your life. Be honest, would you prefer to follow a diet that guarantees results that will fade away quickly, or would you instead change your lifestyle to obtain results that last throughout your life, and by the way, in a much easier and painless way? The answer for me is very clear. Transforming my lifestyle is what allowed me to achieve the results I wanted and enjoy a life full of health, energy, and self-esteem. I certainly want that for you, and that's why now I want to show you what you have to do to begin to transform your lifestyle, lose weight without extreme diets, and enjoy a new body.

  6. Motivation as fuel to make changes happen. Having a high motivation will be a key part of your journey, it’s what will allow you to emerge victorious from the first stage of the road and to keep getting positive results consistently without falling back on your old lifestyle. In fact, the lack of motivation is one of the main obstacles that prevent people from achieving their goals, whether it’s losing weight or whatever they want. I know this for two reasons. First, from my own experience, because I didn’t know how to stay motivated and this one thing affected my results too much, there were days in which I felt motivated and ready to continue my journey, but other days I completely lost motivation and I stayed in the same place without any progress. The second reason why I know that lack of motivation is a huge problem for people trying to lose weight, it's because a lot of followers of our instagram account have written us asking for help about this subject. So, for those two reasons, I want to show you my two favorite ways to keep a high motivation always. 1- Create a positive environment around you. At the beginning of your weight loss journey, there will be so many people who won’t believe in you, who will tell you that you won’t get it, even some of your friends and family will tell you not to try, they will try to convince you that you are well in the way you are and that you don’t need to change, it’s important not to discourage yourself because of this. You know that you don’t feel comfortable in your body, that you want to feel healthier, with more confidence, more energy and proud of your beauty, you know that to live the life you really want you must do something about it, so what you are going to do is stop listening to people who fill your head with negative things, and

  7. start to surround yourself and listen to the advice of people who support you and motivate you. I'm not saying you should stop talking to your family or friends, many of them don’t do it to hurt you, in fact, they're trying to protect you, they're just afraid of you failing, but you know this time you will not fail, so this time you will not allow the negative thoughts of others people to harm you. Something I recommend you do to create a positive environment around you, is to find a partner who also wants to lose weight, and start your journey together. Or you also can join a group of people who are working together to achieve their weight loss goals, in either case, the benefit is the same, receive and give motivation, advice and support necessary to reach your goal. 2- Clarify why you really want to lose weight and remember those reasons every single day. This is something that really changed my life, so please do it, let me explain to you why… we all want to reach our goals right? Change or improve certain things throughout our lives, but the big difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is actually very simple. All those who achieve their goals, are totally clear about why they want to achieve their goals, and this allows them to work harder than anyone else, and do the things they know they should without excuses. I remenber this is something I read in books about personal development, when I was looking for ways to improve my self-esteem, but it was not until I decided to put it into practice that I realized how true it is! Since I discovered how powerful this is, I make a small exercise to find out and remember each day why I want to achieve any great goal that I have proposed in my life.

  8. So, let's do the exercise right now. Let's say that your biggest goal at this moment is to lose weight and transform your body, right? Well, look for a small sheet of paper and a pencil, and I want you to write: "I'm going to lose ____ pounds because I ________________________________" And now fill in the blanks with the specific amount of weight you want to lose and the reason why you want lose weight, these are some examples: •I’m going to lose 30 pounds because I want to regain confidence in myself and feel comfortable with whatever clothes I wear. •I’m going to lose 30 pounds because I want to enjoy a long healthy life with my son. Take any time you need to find out the biggest reason (or reasons) why you want to lose weight, these should be the number 1 reason without discussion for which you want to reach your goal. Now what you are going to do is read this piece of paper three times in a row every morning, and 3 times in a row before going to sleep, every day until you reach your final goal. Doing this, you will never lack motivation again, since you will be constantly reminding yourself why you are working hard every day, and your path will be much easier with this in mind.

  9. Creating your new lifestyle to start losing the weight. Great, you already know that the key to losing weight is to change your lifestyle right? And you have also learned my two favorite ways to stay motivated until you achieve your weight loss transformation, but now I know you are anxious to put into practice a new lifestyle that allows you to build the body you want and start living a life with much more confidence, health, energy and love, so, how do you start? I think the best way to start losing weight through a new lifestyle is not trying to do all at once, but little by little, incorporating one or a few healthy habits into your daily routine, at the same time you eliminate a habit that is harming you and preventing you from getting the body you want, does it sound like a better deal? Well, it is. This way you will not feel overwhelmed with a lot of changes in your life and you will not feel tempted to return to your old habits, instead, you will have absolute control over your transformation, and believe me, although at first it may seem that this is the slower and more painful path, once you change one, two, or three habits and you gain momentum, the results start to appear faster than you ever dreamed. So, my main goal in writing this guide is that you start getting results as fast as possible, so now I will share with you 10 easy habits with which you can start creating your new lifestyle to lose weight. 1-Drink a lot of water every day Keeping your body hydrated is important to keep your metabolism working in optimal conditions, this is key to be able to lose weight. 2-Drink warm lemon water Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning really helps rehydrate your body and flush your digestive system. 3-Eat within 30 min of waking up Eating when you wake up actually turns your metabolism ON. 4-5 portioned meals instead of 3 big meals

  10. Eating every 3 hours allows you to keep your metabolism running constantly, burning fat without rest. 5-Move your body Do some jumping jacks, crunches, or pushups first thing in the morning. Moving your body helps wake up your metabolism for the day. 6-Spice up your food Adding hot peppers like cayenne to your foods, raises core body temperature and speeds up your metabolism. 7-Lift weights and build muscle to lose more weight Muscle burns calories all day long... so you will make your body works for you! 8-Lift first - do cardio after When you move from lifting to cardio, your body is still in its "fat burn zone", so you burn more body fat doing cardio post-workout. 9-Breathe with your stomache Breathing deeply brings more oxygen into your body and brain, allowing your metabolism to perform more efficiently. 10Snack attack Make sure to always have healthy snacks with you on the go, always have fuel on hand to keep your metabolism running. Resources to make your weight loss journey easier. During my weight loss journey, I discovered some amazing tools that made my path easier, and allowed me to improve my results at the same time. So today I want to share with you some tools and resources so that you can also begin to lose weight consistently in a easier way. You can be sure that both of the resources I will mention below will mark a before and after in your life, since I only like to recommend resources of which I have benefited myself and I have verified their quality and results. These resources helped me, and they will help you too, so here they are.

  11. Healthy Smoothies To Speed Up Your Fat Loss Mechanism And Your Results: It's amazing what I was able to achieve just by drinking these simple smoothies. Seriously, not only can you burn fat consistently for weeks and months until you reach the fit body you dream, but you will also improve your health and become the best version of yourself in years. Take Amanda for example, she is a single mom that used this same smoothies to lose more than 70 pounds! And trust me, everyone can do the same no matter what goal they have. You can learn more about her story (and get the smoothies recipes) when clicking the link below. Click here to find out Amanda’s story and get the smoothies recipes now. A Simple Plan To Finally Succeed With Keto: Personally, I have seen many friends try to lose weight with the keto diet and fail in the attempt, but why? Well, most of them try to do it after learning only a handful of recipes, they believe that they already have all the information to lose weight, and they start up. But there is something missing, actually they don’t have a real plan to achieve real and lasting results, and that’s the reason why they fail. A goal without a plan is just a dream, so if you really want to transform your body and your life with the keto diet, you must have a plan that helps you achieve your goal. Click here to get your keto plan and reach your goal as soon as possible.

  12. So, this is the end (for now) my dear friend, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to readmy guide, I hope you have now a clear path to create the body and the life you desire, that was my main goal in writing this guide. I know you will achieve your weight loss goal very soon, and of course, I will help you at every step from now on throught my emails, see you in the imbox ?. Heather Johnson. Online coach.