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Interiors of Victorian Houses

Interiors of Victorian Houses. By: Anya Schalekamp and Brenda Lenneman. The Hubbard House: The Parlor. A lot of the fabrics in the parlor were imported from Italy. In fact, they spent $24,000 just alone on fabrics in this room.

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Interiors of Victorian Houses

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  1. Interiors of Victorian Houses By: Anya Schalekamp and Brenda Lenneman

  2. The Hubbard House: The Parlor • A lot of the fabrics in the parlor were imported from Italy. In fact, they spent $24,000 just alone on fabrics in this room. • Large windows with curtains covering them were considered a status symbol. On the top of this window was a small stained glass window, but back then it would have been covered to symbolize wealth.

  3. More of the Parlor • Another example of showing status was having a worn out Persian Rug in your home. It symbolized status because they’re very expensive and showed signs of being wealthy over a long period of time. • In the center of the room there is a light fixture, and placed underneath usually is a table with two small chairs facing opposite directions. This is common in most Victorian Houses.

  4. The Fireplace Many marble fireplaces in Victorian homes came from plantations in the South after the Civil War. Many times there are fireplaces located throughout the house, mainly used for heating in the winter months. Fireplaces like these made the room stand out and added character to make it much more elegant.

  5. The Library • The library in many Victorian houses was used as the recreation room. • The yellow chair in the corner was often referred to as the “mans chair.” This is because of the large arm rests and when reclined it is very spacious. • Many Victorian homes had curtains made of Velvet inclosing the rooms from the cold.

  6. Tiffany Shade • The Tiffany Shade was placed above the dining table in the dining room, and is valued at about $55,000. • It was placed about 2 feet above the table, so that when sitting at the table people would not have a glare in their face while having a conversation. Children and adults both could sit at the table comfortably as a result of the way the lamp was placed. • The hot water heater located by the window helped keep humidity out of the room in the warm summer months. • Often times underneath the table, was a buzzer for the lady of the house to tap when she needed the servants assistance.

  7. The Kitchen • Leading to the kitchen were usually cabinets filled with the families best china. One cabinet held the families good china, while the other held the normal china. Only one was usually locked and the only person who held the key for it was the lady of the house. • The large oven served many purposes in Victorian houses. Food was baked in it, water was warmed on it and it heated the room. • On the other side of this room, was a small cupboard that in different drawers held the flour and sugar.

  8. Guest Suite • Sleigh beds were very common in Victorian homes. • This room was very spacious and had it’s own bathroom and fireplace. To help the elderly, the bed was most often placed next to the bathroom. • The wallpaper in this room was handmade and many times imported from different countries.

  9. The Bulter House • One of the first things someone would notice when they walk into a Victorian house is the Stairwell. Most stairwells led to the master bedrooms and guest rooms. • Light Fixtures and windows often line the Stairwells giving them a soft, elegant glow while entering. • Upon entering most Victorian houses, there is a piano located next to the Stairwell. Pianos are often made of Indian Rosewood.

  10. The Parlor • In this parlor, like most other parlors it has a large Persian rug covering the floor. Since many Victorian houses had hard wood floors, Persian rugs were very common. • There is also a fireplace on the other side of the wall. Many fireplaces had photographs or paintings on top of the mantel.

  11. The Clements Suite • This room is a good example of a romantic Victorian Suite. This Oak Curved Victorian bed shows much style and that the bedding is very elegant. Lace covering the head of the bed was very common back then, it gave the room more of a romantic feeling. • The whirlpool in the corner adds to the romance of this room.

  12. The Butler Suite • In this room, the Iron Canopy bed is in the center of the room to draw attention to the elegance it gives off. As you can see this is the main focus of the room, as it is placed under the light fixture. • A Fireplace is also located in this room, along with it’s own personal bathroom. • The long, yellow curtains flow well with the white fabric placed over the bed.

  13. Conclusion • In conclusion, many Victorian houses symbolize great wealth and elegance. Fireplaces and worn out Persian rugs symbolize status in these homes. Many Victorian homes also have a big grand stairwell when you walk in, leading to the bedrooms upstairs. Victorian homes represent an era of romance and style.

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