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Healthy Schools Trivia Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Schools Trivia Game

Healthy Schools Trivia Game

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Healthy Schools Trivia Game

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  1. Healthy Schools Trivia Game Revised October 2011

  2. Healthy Eating 100 Question True or False Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  3. True Healthy Eating100 Answer BACK

  4. Healthy Eating200 Question True or False Water is the best way to quench your thirst.

  5. Healthy Eating200 Answer True BACK

  6. Healthy Eating300 Question Snacks are a great way to refuel your body. Name 2 healthy snacks.

  7. Healthy Eating300 Answer Fruit or vegetables Low fat yogurt Low fat cheese and crackers Whole grain cereals Low fat milk BACK

  8. Healthy Eating400 Question What is Canada’s Food Guide recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables for your age?

  9. Healthy Eating400 Answer BACK

  10. Healthy Eating 500 Question True or False Almost all pre-packaged foods are required to have a Nutrition Facts Table.

  11. Healthy Eating500 Answer True BACK

  12. Physical Activity 100 Question True or False Some physical activity is better than none and more is better.

  13. Physical Activity100 Answer True BACK

  14. Physical Activity 200 Question Examples of physical activities are: Walking to school, playing in the park Watching TV, playing a computer game Going for a car ride

  15. Physical Activity200 Answer a) Walking to school, playing in the park BACK

  16. Physical Activity 300 Question Moderate physical activities will cause you to: Sweat a little and breathe harder Sweat a lot and be “out of breath” No change

  17. Physical Activity300 Answer a) Sweat a little and breathe harder BACK

  18. Physical Activity 400 Question Fill in the blank: Children and youth need at least ___ minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

  19. Physical Activity400 Answer 60 minutes BACK

  20. Physical Activity 500 Question Fill in the blank: Recreational screen time (e.g. watching TV, playing computer games) should be limited to no more than ___ hours per day.

  21. Physical Activity500 Answer 2 hours BACK

  22. Tobacco 100 Question How many chemicals are inhaled when someone smokes?

  23. Tobacco 100 Answer 4,000 chemicals BACK

  24. Tobacco 200 Question What percentage of Durham Region youth do not smoke?

  25. Tobacco200 Answer 87% BACK

  26. Tobacco 300 Question During a “litter clean-up day”, what is collected the most?

  27. Tobacco300 Answer Cigarette butts BACK

  28. Tobacco 400 Question Yes or No When you walk through a group of smokers are you smoking?

  29. Tobacco 400 Answer Yes. You are inhaling second-hand smoke. BACK

  30. Tobacco 500 Question Name 3 places where you are protected from second-hand smoke.

  31. Tobacco 500 Answer School playground Inside the school When getting a ride to school (e.g. car, bus, etc.) On the soccer field BACK

  32. Sun Safety100 Question Wearing all of the following will give you more protection from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation except: Baseball cap Wide-brim hat, long sleeve shirt/pants Sunglasses Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30

  33. Sun Safety100 Answer a) Baseball cap BACK

  34. Sun Safety200 Question True or False The sun’s rays are the strongest and the most harmful to your skin from 11 AM to 4 PM.

  35. Sun Safety200 Answer True BACK

  36. Sun Safety300 Question True or False If your shadow is taller than you are, it’s time to find some shade.

  37. Sun Safety300 Answer False BACK

  38. Sun Safety 400 Question True or False Sun protection is only needed when the UV Index is 3 or greater.

  39. Sun Safety400 Answer False BACK

  40. Sun Safety 500 Question You can get a sunburn in: Winter Spring Summer Fall All of the above

  41. Sun Safety500 Answer e) All of the above BACK

  42. Healthy Schools 100 Question What is a HAT?

  43. Healthy Schools100 Answer Health Action Team BACK

  44. Healthy Schools 200 Question What are some healthy ways to raise money for your school? Name 2 ways.

  45. Healthy Schools200 Answer Dance-a-thon Walk-a-thon Healthy snack sales Magazine sales School calendars Flower bulb & plant sales BACK

  46. Healthy Schools 300 Question How can you make your school a healthy school? Name 2 ways.

  47. Healthy Schools300 Answer Join a Healthy School Team or Health Action Team Be a peer leader with clubs like: Peers Running Organized Play Stations (PROPS) Promote healthy eating & physical activity in your school Be a good role model Be an Eco-school Join your Student Council Start a school garden BACK

  48. Healthy Schools 400 Question True or False An example of a Healthy Physical Environment in school is making the playground a bully-free zone.

  49. Healthy Schools400 Answer True BACK