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Basic Tips Understanding Before Roof Replacement PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Tips Understanding Before Roof Replacement

Basic Tips Understanding Before Roof Replacement

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Basic Tips Understanding Before Roof Replacement

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  2. Roof plays a central role in protecting the house and everything inside of it. A roof is more than just the hat that makes a home appears finished. It protects the homeowners from the scorching sun, the rain droplets and the snowy winters. The roof should be strong enough to endure all 4 seasons. With time, due to general wear tear, it might be required to repair the roof or partially reroof the house. If the roof is older, has damaged shingles in multiple areas or has other recurring problems, then roof replacement is required. Replacing a roof is a big task as it is. 1. Expensive 2. Time-consuming The basic step for the replacement of roof is: Get it inspected by a reputed roofing company to find out if a partial or full roof replacement is required. 2

  3. 1.) Look Around to find out the best roofer Few roofers don’t worry about customer satisfaction. As replacing a roof is a one- time decade’s job. This is not a repetitive business at one place only. And many homeowners make mistake by selecting the roofer based on: >> The price which is not everything This is natural inclination to find the lowest price. Though price plays a major role, the most important decision should be value and return on investment. WHILE HIRING CONTRACTORS, HOMEOWNERS NEED TO BE CAREFUL: Read customer reviews on the website or on independent platforms. Get references from the neighbours who are trustworthy. Research online about the quality of services offered. 3

  4. 2.) Remove old roofing shingles The new roofing materials have replaced the older roofing materials. There are wide varieties of roofing material options available such as asphalt shingles, metal, slate and tile. Roof shingles are one of the preferred options in the house renovation as they come in many shapes and colours. They are durable & affordable, have a long service life and are strong against any weather condition. To get the right roof for the house, consult roofer for the best possible option. 3.) Hire a licensed and quality roofing contractor When choosing a roofing contractor, conduct due diligence. Ensure prospective roofers are licensed, qualified and carry insurance. It is safe to hire professional roofing contractors because they have experience and knowledge of the appropriate 4

  5. materials. This will ensure proper installation, materials to use, safety procedures and timely completion of work. 4.) Get every detail in writing It is important to get everything in writing for future references. The roofing contract involves a tremendous amount of liability and money depending on the size and style of the roof. Three documents are important while contracting the project: 1. Require building permit for a roofing project This ensures the contractor follows the building code. And, if permission is not received then the roof warranty is likely to be void. 2. Make sure all the details are specified in a contract Always make a written contract that includes all agreed-to details, products and project of the cost. 5

  6. 3. Ensure that the project is under insurance cover The contractor should provide the letter specifying the insurance details. This ensures that the project is covered under the roofer’s worker’s compensation and liability plan. Replacing a roof is a major investment. Stay as informed as possible and verify each choice carefully before making any decision. Be happy with the results in the end as a new roof should last for at least about 20 to 30 years. Author Details Email : Website: 6