our plans for becoming an nhs foundation trust n.
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Our plans for becoming an NHS foundation trust PowerPoint Presentation
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Our plans for becoming an NHS foundation trust

Our plans for becoming an NHS foundation trust

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Our plans for becoming an NHS foundation trust

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  1. Our plans for becoming an NHS foundation trust INVOLVE Caroline O’NeillFoundation Trust Communications Manager 11 September 2008

  2. Becoming an NHS foundation trust • Vision, values and priorities • What is an NHS foundation trust? • Why become an NHS foundation trust • Overview of governance arrangements • Consultation • Your involvement

  3. Our Trust • Five London boroughs • Population of one million • Almost 22,000 service users • About 2,700 staff • Annual budget is £170 million

  4. Our priorities • To deliver safe, effective and responsive services: • Recovery and social inclusion • Quality of care • Services based on standards and evidence • To improve our care environment through our estates strategy including the Springfield regeneration programme • To maintain healthy finances • To become a foundation trust

  5. What is a foundation trust? • New type of NHS organisation • Remains part of the NHS • Run and accountable at local level • Regulated by Monitor • Inspected like other NHS organisations

  6. Why become a foundation trust? • The change of accountability has the potential to transform for the better the way we relate and respond to service users and carers.  It is a shift to more of a service culture, where people have a much greater say in the treatment and support they receive. • Having a large membership enables us to stay in touch with local communities - increasing knowledge and understanding of mental heath, reducing stigma and discrimination and building coalitions to press for positive change. • The breadth and range of interests in our Members' Council should lead to richer debate about our strategies and plans and to more rounded decisions.

  7. Why become a foundation trust? • The process of becoming an FT will test and further strengthen our management, business and governance capacity and capabilities to make sure we are fit for purpose and fit to care. • There are some limited additional financial flexibilities which will help us in an increasingly competitive healthcare market. • The vast majority of NHS services will soon be delivered by FTs, and this will be the organisational model that the public and other stakeholders will increasingly come to recognise and understand. 

  8. Engaging the community ………

  9. New governance arrangements • Membership • Members’ Council • Board of Directors • A Constitution which sets out these arrangements

  10. Proposed governance structure Members Council 21 Public council members (elected) 5 Staff council members (elected) 13 Partner council members (appointed) Public members Board of Directors Chair Members’ Council and Board of Directors Staff members

  11. Why become a member? • Help shape the future of Trust services • Help us become more accountable and better at listening to local people • Elect members to our Members’ Council • Stand for election as a council member representing Sutton • Receive regular information

  12. Fill in membership form Public member Merton Vote in election for council members or Stand for election as a council member Merton representative on Members’ Council

  13. The council member’s role • Represent the interests of members • Support the Board in setting future plans • Advise on service improvements and meeting local need Approve appointment of Chief Executive • Appoint Chair and Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) • Agree NEDs’ remuneration

  14. Members’ Council - proposed structure

  15. Members’ Council - proposed structure

  16. The role of the Board of Directors • Day to day running of the Trust • Setting strategic direction • Monitoring and managing performance • Reporting to members via Members’ Council • Leadership and promoting the Trust

  17. Benefits to the local community • Greater say in the future of local services • Services more accountable to local people • Greater potential for service investment • Raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma

  18. Application timetable

  19. What are we consulting on? 23 June – 10 October 2008 • Our vision and purpose • Our future priorities • Our governance arrangements

  20. We would like you to ……. • Respond to our consultation • Join us as a member • Help us recruit members

  21. How do you respond? Send to: Foundation Trust Office Trust headquarters Springfield Hospital call us at: Free phone 0800 085 2597 email us: website: