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  1. Logistics

  2. Learning Objectives • To be familiar with the terms of logistics. • To be able to discuss the modes of transportation. • To be able to talk about different means of packing and their respective advantages.

  3. 1 Part I Active Listening 2 Part II Fun Break 3 Part III Additional Listening 4 Part IV Viewing & Speaking Contents

  4. Dialogue 1 Active Listening Can Our Goods Be Delivered Earlier? Words and Expressions

  5. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to a dialogue and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). ( ) F 1. Mr. Lee wants his goods shipped early because his customers have an urgent demand of the goods. 2. Mr. Lee will make a large profit if the goods arrive in December. 3. Mr. Lee is an old customer of the shipping company. 4. Miss Wilkins promised Mr. Lee to ship the goods earlier but refused to note the date in the contract. ( ) F ( ) T ( ) F

  6. Active Listening Exercise 1 ( ) T 5. It can be judged from this conversation that Miss Wilkins is a responsible clerk. 6. Miss Wilkins guarantees that if the Letter of Credit reaches the shipping company one month before the date of shipment, the goods will be delivered on time. 7. The shipping company wants to disappoint a customer at last, especially an old customer. 8. It can be inferred that although Mr. Lee agreed to have his goods shipped on Nov. 3rd, he still hopes to have an earlier shipping date. ( ) T ( ) F ( ) T

  7. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions: Listen to the dialogue again and fill in the blanks. Mr. Lee handles (1) . In order not to lose money, he wants his goods to be delivered in (2) . Miss Wilkins, who works in the shipping company, tells him the ships are (3) . The earliest possible shipping date would be (4) . Reluctant to give up, Mr. Lee insists that an early shipment is really important for him, and he asks Miss Wilkins to (5) . Luckily, there is a client who has (6) and the shipping date is (7) . Mr. Lee accepts this offer and asks Miss Wilkins to write this down in the (8) . The problem of shipping time is settled satisfactorily. ________________ Christmas gifts ___________ October ______________ fully booked _____________________ the end of November _________________ ______________ give his orders some priority ___________________ canceled his order ________________ November 3rd ____________ contract

  8. Dialogue 2 Active Listening The Package Is Very Nice Words and Expressions

  9. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to a dialogue and choose the best answer to each question you hear. A. Because the Import and Export Company can’t meet her standard of packing. B. Because she has different items of goods to be packed. C. Because the goods are too fragile. D. Because the goods are too large in size. A. Outer packing. B. Inner packing. C. Outer packing and inner packing. D. Airtight packing. 1 √ 2 √

  10. Active Listening Exercise 1 A. The outer packing should be strong enough for transportation. B. The materials for inner packing are various. C. The inner packing must be attractive and helpful to the sales. D. The outer packing should be attractive and helpful to the sales. A. In the Import and Export Company. B. At Mr. Kennedy’s office. C. At Miss Wilson’s office. D. On the phone. A. The two speakers are chatting about an attractive package. B. Mr. Kennedy wants to satisfy his client. C. Miss Wilson is attracted by the packing of some goods. D. The speakers are discussing the packing of Miss Wilson’s goods. 3 √ 4 √ 5 √

  11. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions: Listen to the dialogue again and match the items in Column A with the corresponding packaging modes Miss Wilson chose in Column B. A Items of Goods B Modes of Packing 1. ( ) D 2. ( ) A 3. ( ) B 4. ( ) C

  12. Passage Active Listening What Is Logistics? Words and Expressions

  13. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to a passage and choose the best answer to complete each statement. Logistics __________. A. is a new invention B. appeared during the time of industrial revolution C. appeared with the emergence of civilization D. is a newborn baby According to this passage, modern logistics doesn’t cover __________. A. transport B. packaging C. warehousing D. production The chickens are caught in the farm at _________. A. eleven a.m. B. eleven p.m. C. noon D. twilight 1 √ 2 √ 3 √

  14. Active Listening Exercise 1 After being frozen, the chickens are _________. A. stored up in warehouses B. consumed immediately C. distributed to each individual chain store D. trucked to each individual chain store It can be learned from the passage ________. A. logistics is an easy job B. logistics plays an important role in an industrial context C. the McDonald’s consumes some 400 chickens each day D. the soya bean flakes McDonald’s uses are usually imported from China 4 √ 5 √

  15. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions:Listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks to complete the logistics process in McDonald’s. In the chicken processing factories, they are (2) , dressed and (3) . In the chicken farm, the chickens are caught. The chickens are put onto (1) . ________ killed __________ trucks ________ frozen The chickens are stored up in (4) . The chickens are delivered to various (5) . ____________ warehouses _____________ chain stores

  16. Fun Break Directions:Read the following packaging digest and discuss with your partner the humor in each warning. Bizarre Package Warning 1. On the bottom of a cola bottle: Do not open here. 2. On a Harry Potter wizard’s broom: This broom does not actually fly. 3. On a knife sharpener: Caution: knives are sharp. 4. On shin pads for cyclists: Shin guards cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover. 5. On a take-away coffee cup: Caution: Hot beverages are hot. 6. On a muffin packet: Remove wrapper, open mouth, insert muffin, eat. 7. On a bottle of rum: Open bottle before drinking. 8. In a microwave oven manual: Do not use for drying pets.

  17. Additional Listening Space Management — A Method Helps Promote Sales of Supermarket Products Words and Expressions

  18. Tapescript Additional Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Read the following packaging digest and discuss with your partner the humor in each warning. 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( ) T F T F T

  19. Additional Listening Exercise 2 Directions: Listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks. Let’s have a look at what we know about supermarkets and (1) when they walk down the aisles and take the articles they think they need from the shelves. Now here’s (2) of one supermarket aisle and two rows of shelves. Here’s the entrance at the top left-hand corner. Now products placed at the beginning of aisles don’t sell well. In tests, secret fixed cameras have filmed (3) around a store over a seven-day period. When the film (4) , it clearly shows that we walk straight past these areas (5) the center of an aisle. When we finally stop at the center of an aisle, we pause and take stock, (6) along the length of it. ____________________ the way people behave ____________ a diagram ____________________ shoppers’ movements ______________ is speeded up _______________ on our way to _________ _________ casting our eyes

  20. Additional Listening Exercise 2 Directions: Listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks. Now products displayed here sell well and do even better if they are placed at eye level so that the customer’s eyes (7) instantly. But the prime positions in the store are the ends of the aisles. Now these stand out and (8) . For this reason many new products are launched in these positions. Also, the end of an aisle may be used for (9) , which are frequently found waiting for us as we turn the corner of an aisle. Well, now, eventually of course, we have to pay. Any spot where a supermarket can be sure we are going to stand still and concentrate for more than a few seconds is good for sales. That’s why the shelves at the checkout (10) for manufacturers of chocolates. ________________ hit upon them __________________ grab our attention _______________________ promoting special offers ________________________ have long been a favorite

  21. Viewing & Speaking

  22. Viewing & Speaking Activity 1 Words and Expressions

  23. Tapescript Viewing & Speaking Activity 1 Directions: Listen to the dialogue about delivery and discuss with your partner the modes of transportation and distinguish their respective features. For instance, cargo transportation includes air cargo transportation. It’s the fastest among all modes of transportation, but it’s the most expensive as well.

  24. Viewing & Speaking Activity 2 Words and Expressions

  25. Videoscript Viewing & Speaking Activity 2 Directions: Watch a video and talk about inner packing, its nature, material, etc. with your partner according to what you have learned in this unit. The following pictures are examples of inner packing.