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American Revolution Timeline PowerPoint Presentation
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American Revolution Timeline

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American Revolution Timeline
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American Revolution Timeline

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  1. American Revolution Timeline Date:4/19/1775 Event: Battle of Lexington Am Leader: John Parker Br. Leader: John Pitcairn Activity: First shots of the Am Revolution. British win and advance to Concord. Date: 5/10/1775 Event: Battle of Ticonderoga Am Leader: Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen Br. Leader: William De LaPlace Activity: Allen in the Green Mtn Boys defeated the British. Date: 4/19/1775 Event: Battle of Concord Am Leader: James Barrett Br. Leader: John Pitcairn and Francis Smith Activity: First battle of the American Revolution. MA militia force British .

  2. American Revolution Timeline Date: 8/27/1776 Event: Battle of Long Island Am Leader: Gen. Washington Br. Leader: Gen. Howe Activity: Washington was forced to retreat from Manhattan to NJ. Date: 6/16/1775 Event: Bunker Hill (Breed’s) Am Leader: Wm Prescott, Joseph Warren Br. Leader: Gen. Howe Activity: British advancement was stopped twice, but captured hill on third advance. Colonists ran out of ammunition. Date: 12/25/1776 Event: Battle of Trenton Am Leader: Washington Br. Leader: Johann Rall Activity: Washington crossed the DE River and surprised the British and Hessians.

  3. American Revolution Timeline Date: Winter 1777-1778 Event: Valley Forge Am Leader: NA Br. Leader: NA Activity: Washington’s troops settled at Valley Forge, PA for the winter. Date: 9/11/1777 Event: Battle of Brandywine Am Leader: Washington Br. Leader: Howe Activity: Washington is defeated and manage to escape. Date: 9/19 and 10/7/1777 Event: Battles of Saratoga Am Leader: Arnold, Gates, Morgan, and Lincoln Br. Leader: Burgoyne Activity: Americans force Burgoyne to surrender-turning point of the war.

  4. American Revolution Timeline Date: 9/28-9/19/1781 Event: Battle of Yorktown Am Leader: Washington Br. Leader: Cornwallis Activity: French navy and Am and French soldiers on land surround Cornwallis and force surrender. Last major battle of the war. Date: 1/17/1781 Event: Battle of Cowpens Am Leader: Daniel Morgan Br. Leader: Banastre Tarleton Activity: Gen Morgan defeats Col. Banastre.. Date: 9/3/1783 Event: Treaty of Paris 1783 Am Leader: NA Br. Leader: NA Activity: Officially ended the war and recognized the U.S. an independent country.