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Cima E1 Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Cima E1 Exam Questions

Cima E1 Exam Questions

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Cima E1 Exam Questions

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  8. QuestionNo 1: A certificate of deposit is best described as: A. A debt instrument which offers a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time and with a fixed redemption value. B. A negotiable instrument which provides evidence of a fixed term deposit with a bank. C. A document which sets out a commitment to deposit a sum of money at a specified point in time. D. A certificate which shows ownership of part of the share capital of a company. Answer: B

  9. QuestionNo 2: A company is considering offering its customers an early settlement discount. The company currently receives payments from customers on average 65 days after the invoice date. The company is considering offering a 2% early settlement discount for payment within 30 days of the invoice date. The effective annual interest rate of the early settlement discount using compound interest methodology and assuming a 365 day year is: A. 22.94% B. 20.86% C. 23.45% D. 27.85% Answer: C

  10. QuestionNo 3: The material yield variance for August is: A. $200 Adverse B. $1,740 Adverse C. $200 Favourable D. $1,740 Favourable Answer: C

  11. QuestionNo 4: The correct definition of a bill of exchange is: A. A negotiable instrument which provides evidence of a fixed-term deposit with a bank B. A document setting out a commitment to pay a sum of money at a specified point in time C. A debt obligation with a long term maturity usually issued by companies and governments D. A legal document showing the right to receive interest and capital repayment Answer: B

  12. QuestionNo 5: A company has a money cost of capital of 9%. The rate of inflation is 3%. The company’s real cost of capital is nearest to: A. 6.0% B. 12.0% C. 12.3% D. 5.8% Answer: D

  13. QuestionNo 6: The details of four short term investments are as follows: Investment A pays interest of 1.7% every 3 months Investment B pays interest of 3.4% every 6 months Investment C pays interest of 5.4% every 9 months Investment D pays interest of 7.0% every 12 months The investment that gives the highest effective annual rate of interest, assuming that the interest is reinvested, is: A. Investment A B. Investment B C. Investment C D. Investment D Answer: C

  14. QuestionNo 7: A decision maker who makes decisions using the expected value criterion would be classified as: A. Risk averse B. Risk seeking C. Risk neutral D. Risk spreading Answer: C

  15. QuestionNo 8: A company’s management is considering investing in a project with an expected life of 4 years. It has a positive net present value of $180,000 when cash flows are discounted at 8% per annum. The project’s cash flows include a cash outflow of $100,000 for each of the four years. No tax is payable on projects of this type. The percentage increase in the annual cash outflow that would cause the company’s management to reject the project from a financial perspective is, to the nearest 0.1%: A. 54.3% B. 45.0% C. 55.6% D. 184.0% Answer: A

  16. QuestionNo 9: The economic order quantity (EOQ) for this model of calculator will be: A. 2,438 units B. 771 units C. 67 units D. 2,060 units Answer: D

  17. QuestionNo 10: FP has decided not to use the EOQ and has decided to order 2,600 calculators each time an order is placed. The total ordering and holding costs per annum will be: A. $5,240 B. $19,800 C. $208,014 D. $3,420 Answer: B

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