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iPhone Saga - How To Find Best iPhone Repair Parts PowerPoint Presentation
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iPhone Saga - How To Find Best iPhone Repair Parts

iPhone Saga - How To Find Best iPhone Repair Parts

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iPhone Saga - How To Find Best iPhone Repair Parts

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  1. Professional Cell Phone Parts & Accessories Wholesale Suppliers CellPhoneSpares is a leading wholesale supplier for mobile phone parts for replacement or repair around the world. Join our social networking site. Website: Email:

  2. iPhone iPhone Saga Saga - - How iPhone iPhone repair How To repair parts To Find Find Best parts Best “ “Every minute, average 395 iPhones are sold on the planet.” ” “Facebook Messenger is the 2nd most popular iPhone app of all time.” For 2015-2025, a market of iPhone repair parts wholesaler is getting fiercely competitive., receive tons of requests for varied pieces and parts of iPhones from vendors small and big. Every day, we at Although running an iPhone repairing shop is potentially profitable, it demands sufficient research and insights. As a retailer or even as an individual, if you purchase iPhone inventory from a genine wholesaler, profit margin goes up to 2-8% per sale. Authorized Apple Reseller: Website: Email:

  3. Apple, originating company iOS related devices, i.e. iPhones, iPads etc. have put forth strict requirements in order to approve authorized reseller of its products. You can assess if a particular wholesaler has fulfilled these conditions or not by checking authentication logo, like below, on their website or storefront. Thus, partnering up with truthful or directly connected to Apple company wholesaler is recommended over less trusted vendors. Terms to become Apple phones parts reseller:  Minimum of three references of persons related to Apple Industry  Qualified to get $25,000 credit from an authorized Apple Distributor.  At least two years experience in business, preferably in electronics retail sector  Should make purchases of $100,000/annum to maintain a Reseller account.  A vendor has to provide detailed sales support for Apple products.  Brick and mortar store requirement, internet websites alone are not valid. Website: Email:

  4. Refurbished iPhones Alike smartphone shop, if you are individual : Frequently, you will come across used and new devices when shopping for iPhone parts. Although most people ignore looking into repaired iPhones, this is really an option to consider. Certain refurbished iPhone parts and whole devices come with a warranty of specific time period. Few of them are renovated by first source company itself, that is by Apple. Class of users simply throw out damaged tools without assessing useful life or without bothering about significant cost of iPhones. Resellers completely replace two to three injured parts of these iPhones, iPads that you can buy at overly low prices, with the same look, feel, guarantee and features of a brand new smartphone. Participate in Trade Shows to Source from Legitimate Distributors It is good that you can compare prices for same iPhone part on many websites to gauge right tariff. Yet, more effective way to network with iPhone parts suppliers and wholesalers is to attend industry-specific trade shows. It allows iPhone repairer to meet personally, clarify doubts regarding wholesale import conditions and build rapport by face-to-face discussion. Then you can gradually single out perfect wholesaler from future experiences of small purchases. Website: Email:

  5. Caution Majority of people hankering after merit iPhone parts make the mistake to persuade B2B marketplaces available online and especially those which are easily searchable. Let me clarify that a large number of iPhone or other types of cell phone repair experts have found themselves scammed out of hundreds of dollars by trying to import poor quality, cheap rate parts from bogus websites. To go 100% safe, you can contact Apple center in the nearby area and fulfill a volumetric requirement of iPhone parts. On the flip side of the coin, it is not necessarily an economic option. Sourcing bulk iPhone parts from the first party would cost 2x higher. It adversely affects return on investment of your business. Cheaper yet less risky option maybe to footstep into a shop of a local wholesaler in the state, if not available in the city as opposed to picking internet seller. Website: Email:

  6. Cellphonespares Ltd. has been long time iPhone and related parts reseller. A huge number of businesses from many countries are already maintaining a consistent track record of success by importing rich quality iPhone parts from Cell Phone Spares online store. Website: Email:

  7. Whether you are seeking to buy wholesale iPhone screens or planning for iPhone battery wholesale import for different models, Cellphonespares keeps exaggerated stock in place to assure that repairers get timely delivery, and at a competitive rate. If your requirement is something unique like you want to fix digital signals and for that need iPhone digitizer i.e. LCD attached glass piece, is considered one of the best wholesale iPhone digitizer suppliers in China. With Website: Email:

  8. little shipping charge added, we serve branded and guaranteed iPhone parts overseas as well. If an order consists of parts in bulk, you get benefits of extravagant discounts lucrative for your business. Mobile Parts List At, we keep the wide range of parts, few are enlisted below.  Replacement Screen for ALL iPhone MODELS with LCD & Touch Panel Black  Battery Door Adhesive 10pcs/lot  Plastic Sensor Bracket 10pcs/lot  iPhone X Side Keys (White/Black)  Vibrating Motor  1960 mAh Li-ion Battery  Loud Speaker  Y 0.6mm Tri-point Screwdriver  10 in 1 Repair Opening Tools Screwdriver Kit Set Because each cell phone part has unique complications or specifications, terms for guarantee and replacement vary from part to part. Website: Email:

  9. BuyBack Program Over the years, if you have incurred sizable mobile parts that are of no use for you, a sheer number of mobile parts wholesalers do accept these out-of-date stocks. They re-work on recycled parts and get them back in action, sellable status. You can ask your wholesaler if this is their forte and if yes, you can save ample amount of coins. Send obsolete inventory and win more discounts to push up your business agility. Wrap Up Good luck with your hunt for finding an honest seller. Just check twice that your partner is ready to stand behind should any issues occur before you have released payment. You ought to do homework, raise your voice on phone-email and take a few minutes to think over response you received. Even if it seems little riskier, my recommendation is to walk away to knock the doors of a more reputable vendor, the world is a big place. About CellPhoneSpares  From motherboards to LCD screens to phone back covers, has everything you need to get your phone back in great shape. With a full line of repair parts for almost all brands including  iPhone parts  Samsung parts & accessories Website: Email:

  10.  Xiaomi phone parts  Huawei phone parts  Lenovo phone parts  LG phone parts  Motorola phone parts  Acer phone parts  and many others. World of technology is not stagnant, and neither we are. Mobile technologies have been changed over the years. In conclusion, if you want to take advantage of the extravagant discounts to grow your CellPhoneSpares is an ideal smartphone parts supplier. mobile repair business, CellPhoneSpares have been assisting a number of cell repairing units to get required accessories in time and for required model and brand. Website: Email:

  11. Briefly, those who buy from us are spread across dispersed geographic regions including in  USA  UK  Russia  India  Canada  Australia  and few European mobile repair service providers as well. Website: Email: