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What Do I Do Now? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now?

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What Do I Do Now?

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  1. What Do I Do Now? Starting Your EMS July 27, 2007

  2. Agenda • Select Fenceline • Management Support • Selecting and Training Your Team • Communicating/Training the EMS • Redirecting • Assistance

  3. Select Fenceline • The Fenceline is the Geographic Boundary or Operational Boundary of the EMS • Can Be by Facility, Department, Operation, or Organization • Most Recommend StartingSmall with a Fenceline that Has Environmental Issues Already (WWTP, Maintenance Shop, Landfill)

  4. Management Support • The Number One Reason an EMS Fails is Lack of Management Support • Get Management Support at the Very Beginning In Writing (you will refer to it OFTEN). Include Time Table for Implementation and Staff Requirements • Memo to Department Directors from City Manager • Council Resolution • Distribute Support Memo Widely • Secure Management SupportThroughout Your Fenceline…Don’t Forget Middle Managers

  5. Management Support • Difficulty in Getting Support? • Call an EMS Practitioner to Talk About Management Concerns • Funding? • Benefits? • Belief It is Just a Paperwork Exercise? • EMS Isn’t Applicableto Cities • Tons of Assistance Available in “Selling” the Benefits of EMS

  6. EMS Champion • The EMS Champion or Environmental Management Representative (EMR) Should be Selected to Lead the EMS • Responsible for the Day-to-Day Implementation of the EMS Program and Meeting Time Lines • Key Considerations • Must Have the Time and Desire • Important Traits: Team Builder, Organizer, and Proficient Speaker • Environmental Background is a Plus • Senior Management Should Designate the EMR in Writing and Provide a Direct Conduit for Progress Reports

  7. EMS Champion • Specific Responsibilities • Select, Train, and Schedule EMS Core Team • Write EMS Procedures • Develop Templates • Communicate Progress and Identify Deficiencies • Develop Training Program • Select and Train Audit Team • Assist with Environmental Compliance • Conduct Management Review • External and Internal Communication of the EMS

  8. EMS Champion • Send the EMR to Training • Recommend ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training • EMS ImplementationTraining • EnvironmentalComplianceBootcamp • Facilitator Training

  9. Select and Train the EMS Core Team • Core Team Members Are Responsible for Guiding and Directing the EMS • Select/Volunteer a Team (less than 20 people) and Provide EMS Training (1 - 2 Days) • Core Team Should Include the Environmental Champions and the Naysayers • Core Team Should be Cross Functional • EMS Core Team Members Should Have EMS in their Performance Plan

  10. EMS Core Team • Schedule Regular Meetings Every Month and KEEP ATTENDANCE RECORDS • Keep Meeting Minutes and Distribute • Use Each Meeting to Also Conduct Training for Next EMS Piece • Get Commitment for Core Team Members for At Least the Term of Implementation • Have City Manager Write Each Member a Letter of Support

  11. Communication of the EMS • Start Engaging Staff of the EMS at the Beginning of Implementation • Emails, Bulletins, Paycheck Notes, Posters • Adopt an Environmental Policy and Use it for Employee Support • Develop an EMS Training Course and Ask HR to Deliver During New Employee Orientation

  12. Communication of the EMS • Develop an Environmental Awards Program Recognizing Employees for Their Effort • Consider an Environmental Logo/Logo Contest • Buy Trinkets (Pens/Paper/Hats) for Dissemination • Send Good News Bullets To Management Frequently • Consider Council Briefings on Progress

  13. EMS Training • Determine the Appropriate Level of Training for Staff by Job Description/Title • EMR Needs Immediate and Upfront Training • EMS Core Team Needs Detailed Training and Must Understand EMS Terms • Training in Order of Importance • Facility Manager’s Need to Understand Objectives and Targets and Significant Environmental Aspects • Management Needs to Understand EMS Commitments • General Staff Should Have EMS Awareness Training Each Year

  14. Redirect • Set Your Target and Timeline for EMS Implementation • Use Templates and Examples from Other Organizations • Tailor Documents and Approaches to Meet Your Organization • If Something Isn’t Working, Stop, Reassess Goal, and Redirect. • During EMS Implementation, You Will Constantly Evaluate and Redirect Your Course

  15. Top Three Lessons Learned • Don’t Give Up…It’s Worth It in the End • Ask For Help • Call TCEQ, EPA, or Another City • Great website • • Always Remember the EMS is About Environmental Improvements, Not the Documents

  16. Contact Information Laura Fiffick 214 670 5942