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Coir Products & Doormats, Rubber Mats, Yoga Mat & Products - Ehg 360 PowerPoint Presentation
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Coir Products & Doormats, Rubber Mats, Yoga Mat & Products - Ehg 360

Coir Products & Doormats, Rubber Mats, Yoga Mat & Products - Ehg 360

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Coir Products & Doormats, Rubber Mats, Yoga Mat & Products - Ehg 360

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  1. Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd Coir Products, Doormats & Yoga Products Exporters

  2. About Us EHG 360 is a leading exporter of wholesale coconut coir products used for environmental, gardening, and home purposes. Our customers trust and depend on us to offer high quality products. Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, partnering with us helps protect the planet and nourish the future.

  3. Entrance Matting Manufacturers Leading trader in all natural products Ehg-360 has a wide range of entrance Matting Products and scraper mats. All with unique designs, patterns and textures, these entrance mats allow for excellent traction protecting the floor and it’s covering. It is also serves as excellent underfoot stepper making it anti slip. This protect from slipping. Check out the site for more options of these entrance matting’s. Decorate your homewith eye pleasing door mats.Contact Entrance Matting Manufacturers for the organic reliable and durable quality entrance mattings which can be used in offices, kitchen, garages, or restaurants.

  4. Rubber Mat Manufacturer Perfect at places where there is a high intensity of footfalls, rubber mats serves to protect both, those who walk on them as well as the floors. Find out more about these rubber mats and their range from the Get to know about their cushion absorbing shock quality. This shock absorber works wonders for those standing for long periods of time as it gives relief to the muscles. Contact the Rubber Mat Manufacturer for some amazing deals on these rubber mats. Also avail of their delivery options to get your stock of these rubber mats.

  5. Stair Tread Manufacturers Climbing the stair can be a little tricky if the stairs are made up of smooth tiles. In such cases even a wet spot on the stairs can lead to slipping. Using stair tread mats can lessen the chances of slipping and tripping. They serve like an underfoot stepper which gives one a better foot hold. Visit the website to check out these superior and sturdier quality ground mats which are there to keep your feet on while you are climbing up or down. Connect with Stair Tread Manufacturers to get your stock of stair treads.

  6. Yoga products wholesale offers you an assortment of yoga items and yoga embellishments ideal and helpful when you are dedicatedly following your health routine. The yoga mats are comprised of natural materials like coir which is harvested from the husk of the coconut. Using coir yoga accessories is an amazing decision to make when you are doing your asanas. Click on to mats which are non toxic and safe when contrasted with the synthetic mats. Associate with Yoga Products Wholesaler to know more about the variety of yoga accessories on the rack and also of the delivery options.

  7. Wholesale yoga mats suppliers Ehg-360 offers two types of yoga mats. One is the non slip yoga mat and the other is cotton yoga mats. The non slip yoga mat is non toxic. It is 6P-free and latex free PVC. These new ranges of eco friendly yoga mats have to be aired for three days before using it. Cotton yoga mats are made of sustainable material and are 100% organic; ideal to use when doing your exercises. Click on website to know more of these awesome yoga mats. Connect with Wholesale yoga mats supplier to get your ready stock immediately.

  8. Cork Yoga Mat Manufacturer Cork yoga mat is ideal for doing your exercises and yoga asanas. These cork mats aid your well being as they are made from natural, recyclable material which is biodegradable. Therefore, they are more suited to do your exercise than those synthetic one which are not organic. Go to the website to know more about cork yoga mat. As Cork Yoga Mat Manufacturer will guide you on such cork mats and its natural cushioning effect. These mats are antibacterial makes these cork yoga mats a perfect yoga accessory to be used when doing your pranayams.

  9. Eco friendly yoga mat manufacturer Ever wondered why eco friendly yoga mats have become so popular these days? With the global awareness spreading and increasing towards 'Care for your Planet' many are turning towards natural organic items or products which are made from sustainable material. Ehg-360 is the Eco friendly yoga mat manufacturer who offers two types of mats for those who do yoga regularly. One is the non slip type and the other is cotton mats. Both are made from natural materials. Go to the website www.ehg- to know more about the products and great a great deal on them.

  10. Yoga product manufacturers The world is turning to ‘green’ products which are all those items that have been manufactured using recyclable components. is one enterprise which dedicatedly uses material and promotes sustainable products. Popular for their yoga accessories, their yoga mats specifically are in demand. Visit the website to check out an assortment of yoga embellishments helpful aid when following your health system. The yoga mats are made up of coir, a natural material harvested from the husk of the coconut. Utilize these mats with regards to doing your asanas. Associate with Yoga Product Manufacturer for great deal on this product.

  11. Yoga mat bag manufacturer Make it easy on your shoulder to carry your yoga mats and other exercise accessories. Made from 100% organic eco-friendly cotton fabric, the yoga mat bag is large enough a lot of things. It is also robust and well built so that one can stack in it heavy yoga mats. Go to the website to get more information about theses bags. Connect with the Yoga mat bag manufacturer and get your product at your doorstep. Relax and take it easy, there is always a better way of transporting your yoga mats when going for the yoga practice.

  12. Door mat manufacturers in India Ehg-360 has a variety of doormats to enhance the look of your home and make it look attractive. Click on the website to check out the perfect one that matches your style as well as your residence and give it the warmth you require. These door mats are made of coir, a natural product and husk harvested from coconut. Anti moisture these door mats are useful and durable. Keep the dirt and grime away from your foyer area and your homes. Get in touch with Door mat manufacturers in India to get your best deal.

  13. Our Products  Coir Products  Coir Pith and Fiber  Coir Growing Media  Coir Pith Blocks  Coco Chips  Coco Peat Briquettes  Coir Grow Bags  Buffered Coir Substrate  Coir Disc Pellets And Cubes

  14. Our Products – cont.  Coir Planters  Coir Weed Control Mulch Mats  Coco Pole (Sticks)  Seed Starter Coco Pots  Coir Nursery Pots  Hanging Baskets  Coir Liners  Coir Grow Mats  Soil Erosion Control  Coir Geotextiles  Coir Logs  Coir Blanket Rolls

  15. Our Products – cont.  Door Mats  Coir Doormats  Non Slip Coir Doormat  Tufted Coir Doormat  Handwoven Coir Door Mat  Rubber Wrought Iron Doormat  Coco Brush Door Mats  Coco Non Brush Panama Mats

  16. Our Products – cont.  Rubber Floor Mats  Perforated Drainage Mats  Entrance Scraper Mats  Interlocking Mats  Stair Treads  Boot Trays  Mat Rolls  Stable And Grass Mats

  17. Our Products – cont.  Yoga and Meditation  Yoga Mats  Cotton Yoga Mats  Non Slip Yoga Mats  Yoga Props and Accessories  Foam Blocks  Zafu Cushion  Yoga Bolsters  Yoga Straps  Yoga Mat Bags

  18. Contact Us Company : Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd Contact Person : Suresh Kanthaswamy Contact Number : +91 8056688335 Contact Email : Website url : Address : No.33, Palaniammal Layout, Venkatesa Colony, Near Iyyappan Temple, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India Pincode : 642001