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P h o n i c s i n r e c e p t i on PowerPoint Presentation
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P h o n i c s i n r e c e p t i on

P h o n i c s i n r e c e p t i on

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P h o n i c s i n r e c e p t i on

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  1. Phonicsinreception We start by learning letter sounds not letter names. Then the children can blend those sounds together to make words… c a t

  2. Phonicsinreception The first group of sounds we learn are single letter sounds, from the alphabet. We learn them in this order…

  3. Phonicsinreception We will have learnt all of those sounds by the middle of term 2. After that, we learn some sounds that have more than 1 letter- digraphs….

  4. Phonicsinreception Don’t worry! All of this is in your child’s reading diary for you to look at when you need to!

  5. Phonicsinreception High Frequency Words Not all words can be read using phonics, so we also teach high frequency words alongside. Words such as… I the you me was

  6. Phonicsinreception Learning High Frequency Words We will teach the class high frequency words with phonics, and during 1:1 reading. We will write in their reading diary which words to focus on that week.

  7. Phonicsinreception How can you help your child at home? Whiteboard Magnetic letters Word cards Look at our blog websites

  8. Phonicsinreception REMEMBER All children learn as different paces! Read little and often with them, and carry on reading TO them – you are their best role model!

  9. Phonicsinreception Websites: Youtube – there are lots of good phonics songs and animations to search for. I will put good websites up on our blog.