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Indian Marble Wholesalers PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Marble Wholesalers

Indian Marble Wholesalers

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Indian Marble Wholesalers

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  1. Trends in 2016: Marble Countertops are ruling the interiors

  2. Oh yes… Indian marble countertops are featuring in the most eloquent interiors you will ever come across. From gracing the kitchens to making it big in the luxury bathrooms, Indian white marbles are everywhere. Here are top trends in Indian marble countertop market, and how they are changing the course of interior designing.

  3. In 2016, there are more colours than you can imagine Indian marble slabs have been synonymous with pristine white beauty. It is that time of the business where natural stones are blended and synthetically crafted to meet customer needs, and marble manufacturers too are not far behind. In 2016, you can explore the world of whites and buff beige. If you have a fetish of wild hues, and don; wish to compromise on the marble finish, try varieties in green blue, pink and black spectrum. Indian marble Wholesalers & Indian Marble Suppliers are currently offering never-seen shades and veining.

  4. Superior heat efficiency Marbles are heat resistant and hence can cause a certain rise in the indoor temperature. If you are worried about inflated energy bills, get heat-efficient marble surfaces that are specifically treated with coatings that keep the energy levels optimum. From flooring options to lining them at the fireplace, you can get higher efficiency without compromising on the cost.

  5. Blend it like canvas Indian marble tiles can be blended with other natural and recycled stone building materials. When it comes to restoring older marble structures and countertops, Indian quartzite tiles, slates stone, gneiss, limestone, travertine and granite are used. Synthetically recycled marble chips are also topping the charts as an economical alternative in restoration activities across the world. Apart from the restoration part, composite Indian marble tiles are used in countertop designing where lot of cutting and scratching happens. The granite part takes the chopping bruise and marble remains as beautiful as ever before!

  6. Light weight, but heavy duty applications Customers always complained about the heaviness of the Indian marble slabs used in countertop construction. In 2016, the new varieties feature a technologically advanced set of countertop designs that make marble slabs seem lighter by 10-20%. There is no reduction in the standard thickness of the countertop slabs, but the finishing of the sides and the edge ensures that the same dimension of marble slab can withstand 200% more force than its previous versions.

  7. Kitchen countertops with water-resistance Indian marble slabs are porous in nature, which means there is always a risk of fluids seeping into the inner layers of the stone structure. The new sealing technology ensures that no matter how dense the fluid is, the marble won’t absorb any of it. Kitchen countertops made of Indian marble slabs in 2016 are not only pretty in appearance, but also durable when it comes to handling spills like oil, ketchup, curry, grease, vinegar, and even nail polish.

  8. The purpose of installing marbles is multi-fold. When it comes to creating a superior finish and relatively lower footfall, despite the rise of quartizites and granite countertops, there is something you just can’t miss about marble.

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