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Budget Narratives

Budget Narratives. Helpful hints & tips. Helpful Hints. Look at last year’s APPROVED budget narrative FTE should describe Amount of time (.3 FTE or 6 hrs) Salary & Benefits cost of individual Duties of individual. Helpful Hints. Technology

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Budget Narratives

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  1. Budget Narratives Helpful hints & tips

  2. Helpful Hints • Look at last year’s APPROVED budget narrative • FTE should describe • Amount of time (.3 FTE or 6 hrs) • Salary & Benefits cost of individual • Duties of individual

  3. Helpful Hints • Technology • How is this supplemental to the basic level of service for ALL schools • Substitutes – Don’t forget!

  4. What we need to know in Budget Narrative(SPDCs) • List each school separately • Position or Category funded under that school • FTE, Supplies, Professional Development • Description of position or category • Is it supplemental??? • Associated costs

  5. Examples • NAME OF SCHOOLReading Specialist: Because XXXXXXXXX needs to support their low performing students in achieving proficiency on the State academic achievement standards, they have a reading specialist who oversees the Title program and supports the classroom teachers. •The reading specialist supervises and plans instruction for her Title assistants who do push-ins as well as pullouts•She works with classroom teachers in order to develop flexible groups based on students’ needs for appropriate research-based interventions. •She oversees and participates in the collection of data to determine the success of the interventions and is the lead person in the whole RTI process, which includes meeting regularly with Title assistants and teachers to determine how students are progressing to ensure all students receive the most affective accelerated instruction.•She and the principal lead the work and collaboration around the school improvement plan, this year through Indistar.1272 0111 Teacher - Title I - .78FTE $39,4151272 02xx Fixed Costs $13,6691272 02xx Benefits $12,078

  6. Title Assistants:In order to support all of the at risk students at XXXXXXXXXXXXX who are not at benchmark and in order for them to show growth during the academic school year, multiple assistants are needed to.. •provide research-based interventions as directed and planned by the specialist•administer benchmark and progress monitoring assessments •do reading pullouts under the supervision of the specialist •do push-ins for grades 6-8 for math support under the supervision of the classroom math teacher in order for those students to have equal access to the math content 1272 0112 Teaching Assistant - Title I - .47 FTE $7,2221272 02xx Fixed Costs $2,504 1272 02xx Benefits $7,2591272 0112 Teaching Assistant - Title I - .47 FTE $7,4411272 02xx Fixed Costs $2,5801272 02xx Benefits $7,259

  7. Use SPDCs in Set Asides • DISTRICT SET ASIDE: $75,299FEDERAL PROGRAMS TITLE I ADMINISTRATOR .5 FTE The administrator provides leadership that ensures compliance with federal regulations and promotes effective intervention programs for students across the district within the 8 school-wide Title buildings. The administrator is also responsible for overseeing the Title I program’s priorities, activities, and plans with general program leadership to ensure program efficiency, accountability, and concordance with division targets and improvement plans. .5 FTE Federal Programs Title I Administrator: Salary and Benefits Total Cost: $75,299 2190-0113: $50,158 salary; 2190-0220: $25,141 benefits

  8. Use SPDCs in Set Asides Parent/Family Involvment School Set Asides – $5168SCHOOL NAME A– $2584In order to increase student learning in reading, there will be two Family Literacy Nights: the Annual Build-A-Book Night and a Book Fair/Ice-Cream Social. The Build-A-Book activity provides students multiple opportunities for creative and academic expression by reinforcing early literacy skills through reading and writing. During the Book Fair/Ice-Cream Social, parents and students will be able to visit the book fair and participate in a variety of reading activities throughout the evening.•Food: $384•Incentives: (i.e. bookmarks, posters): $200•Books: $400•Klutz Book Making Materials: $1200•Misc. materials: (i.e. paper plates, napkins, utensils): $400*ALL EXPENSES OUT OF 3300-04XXSCHOOL NAME B- $2584In order to increase student learning in reading, we will be having two family literacy nights, one in the spring and one in the fall where parents and students will come to participate in a variety of reading activities by rotating through stations in the commons. There will also be a session for parents to learn strategies for helping their students. In addition, we will be providing a meal and snacks. Also, each student will receive a free picture or chapter book. •Food: 500•Incentives like bookmarks, poster, etc: 600•Books: 600•Miscellaneous materials like display boards and markers: 384*EXPENSES OUT OF 3300-04XX•Printing and binding for activity books: 500*EXPENSES OUT OF 3300-0355

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  10. Title I-A Coordinators Conversation November 13, 2013

  11. Agenda • Topics from the field • Field Test Waiver (Jon Wiens) • ESEA Monitoring Findings Data • What areas rise to the top? • ODE’s proposed response • Odyssey Trainings for 2014 • Announcements from ODE

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